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  • Why to blog? I haven't blogged in awhile and I thought to ... By baud2death. Jul 26 @ 12:40
  • D&D, any fans? I wanted to talk about something not exa ... By baud2death. Jul 26 @ 12:31
  • Patience This has to be my umpteenth post on this but w ... By baud2death. Jul 26 @ 12:25
  • MicroMillions − Day 9 The series started off so promising ... By PlasticPearl. Jul 26 @ 11:12


Why to blog?

By: baud2death @ 12:40 / Posted In: From Ace Rag to Riches
I haven't blogged in awhile and I thought to myself... Why am I not blogging, why should I blog and what do I get out of blogging? Why am i not blogging? I AM SOOOOOO BUSY...
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D&D, any fans?

By: baud2death @ 12:31 / Posted In: From Ace Rag to Riches
I wanted to talk about something not exactly connected to Poker but to open myself up a bit. I love Poker I also love Dungeons & Dragons I find the creativity of Dunge...
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By: baud2death @ 12:25 / Posted In: From Ace Rag to Riches
This has to be my umpteenth post on this but when I look at the occasions I have lost against the occasions I have done well, it comes down to that simple word - "Patience...
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MicroMillions - Day 9

By: PlasticPearl @ 11:12 / Posted In: Plastic Pearl
The series started off so promisingly, and in truth it's been a success. I'm not an experienced MTT player, and yet my big $400 score covers my buy ins for the rest so I s...
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Not enjoying my poker at moment especially zoom games need some advice on tactics
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MicroMillions - Days 6, 7 & 8 - Bubble trouble

By: PlasticPearl @ 11:55 / Posted In: Plastic Pearl
Summary from these three days below, then a bit of analysis and reflection on where I've gone wrong in a couple of spots. Any hands marked 'bubble trouble' are discussed f...
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Onwards and ever so slightly upwards...

So left last time with couple small cashes, repeating that this time. Played MM FL O8 and enjoyed that, had good early run and even got paid off on the wheel couple times,...
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All Set for Barcelona Spectacular

By: royalraise85 @ 16:21 / Posted In: The Royal Raiser.
It won’t all be about poker in Barcelona next month with a whole bunch of exciting free activities and competitions set to entertain players as part of the special celebra...
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im gona writte so many blogs and get all you guys and girls poker players to read soo many my blogs ;)

By: m_player525 @ 15:52 / Posted In: that poker play
first numero uno: my name is marko and im gona rock this blog and get you all great blog great blog suprises ect... -thats all for now.... PS: next blog gona rock your wor...
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Blocking bets on the turn

By: PlasticPearl @ 12:19 / Posted In: Plastic Pearl
Something a little bit different today from the MicroMillions (I'll do a 2 day blog tomorrow but nothing much has happened!). Really enjoying poker at the moment, as I'm p...
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pokerstars daily freeroll

By: jayaprakashj @ 09:33 / Posted In: finding fish
hi guys there should be a daily freerol worth $200 in private section with password protected , the password will be unlocked 5 miunutes before the tournament start here i...
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Blahh...Losers !!!

By: arlelajay @ 18:47 / Posted In: Tracking Statistic
Hi to all the readers...I'm writing this post coz of some "Losers" out there playing who does'nt know the meaning of the word " RESPECT " i know all of us experience a rea...
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MicroMillions - Day 5

By: PlasticPearl @ 16:43 / Posted In: Plastic Pearl
Had a massive score today which means I'm freerolling the rest of the series essentially. Here's the run down: #35 $5.50 NLHE 1R1A - Skipped this for some sleep, it's 3am ...
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advice needed

By: daniel.bin69 @ 02:37 / Posted In: how i am going
hey all i was playing in the 5.50 6max turbo last night and got knocked out with a hand i feel like i just got unlucky, but was wondering if i played it incorectly. so it ...
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I know I can bubble if I just try hard enough...

So last time I was gonna play the $3 Stud Hi/Lo MM event, I didn't as played a Satellite and just ran so bad I wasn't in the mood and also at the same time was running dee...
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2. Early Cash Success

By: avatar26711 @ 11:42 / Posted In: Attempt at Grinding the Micro's
Hi guys, Well that’s me back from a mostly enjoyable two weeks of poker. I have found a lot of success, proving to myself that I was more than capable of crushing 2 and 5n...
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MicroMillions - Day 3 & 4

By: PlasticPearl @ 11:21 / Posted In: Plastic Pearl
Heading into Day 5, I've played 32 out of 34 events (decided to give the 3am events a miss the past couple days to catch up on sleep). I was looking pretty strong after 24...
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game 57

By: TJ Vancover @ 21:06 / Posted In: GAME ON
7076 runners out 4229
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So Far So So....

Deposited $10, got $20 free, spun up to $60 from 8 Game and small cashes in MTTS. Quite pleased I got Final Tables on NLH, PLO, and Limit OHL. Only cashed in $1 and $4 tou...
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Is it possible to win a freeroll

By: moneykummar @ 02:04 / Posted In: 100k win
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdf4SmSCvoAMaori from New Zealand wins cash online in 100k freeroll what a buzz on final table Watch how i got saved on the river all in. A...
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Hollywood movie becoming reality!

By: Fragtoaster @ 23:22 / Posted In: Fragtoaster's grind
Hello again! Fragtoaster reporting, so today was the most important pokerday of my life. Woke up pretty early to hit the gym, to get the blood pumping for the night. Also ...
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MicroMillions - Day 2

By: PlasticPearl @ 16:43 / Posted In: Plastic Pearl
Day 1 brought 1 cash from 5, and 20 tournament leaderboard points. Day 2 was a bit of a grind and not of the overly successful kind. Event 6 - $2.20+R NLHE (2xTurbo) Finis...
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game 56

By: TJ Vancover @ 16:32 / Posted In: GAME ON
5897 runners out in 4176
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Me in a Hollywood movie

By: Fragtoaster @ 00:14 / Posted In: Fragtoaster's grind
Hey! Fragtoaster here, reporting a real story! (Can't really believe it) So this week I have been busy playing for a $3000 trip to Barcelona via a leaderboard system. It s...
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Day 1 Couldn't Have Been Any Worse

By: dashowkiller @ 14:44 / Posted In: The Disciplined Degenerate
I was so excited yesterday for the opening day of MicroMillions, but yesterday was also the day the poker gods decided to give me a large dose of bad-beats and coolers at ...
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