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Why i Love the game of Poker Why i Love the game of Poker Hey everybody, Been brainstorming about why i love playing poker so much and get so much enjoymen ... Go To Blog


Hoping You're Here When I Return

By: DrEllenCait @ 23:34 / Posted In: Ode to a Buddy
I have perseverated about writing this blog, but the time has come. I came to PSO as a bridge teacher/author with a keen interest in learning how to play poker. The first ...
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By: claimedspark @ 17:44 / Posted In: Building bankroll from scratch
I've been playing on PS for over a year now . I joined PS in 2013 when I deposited about 20$ . Within months I'd around 1000$ . I did not manage my bankroll properly as I ...
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To Be or Not To Be: Day 3

By: KumarLuv @ 12:20 / Posted In: The Game is Afoot
Now my blog is a Jack of Spades. Thank you, wonderful readers. I wish you would talk to me more. Day 3 was a day of missed opportunities. Bubbled out some 7 STTs, and ende...
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When Aces turn to Mud

By: tally49 @ 06:46 / Posted In: Tally's rant
Playing a $2-20 tourny, 100 cap and 25 left. Pick up pkt aces and limp UTG hoping for a raise. Yes...so reraise 3 times the raise. I have a caller and flop QQA. Throw out ...
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Cash Game Pearls - Part 2

By: IsoOwnYou @ 04:35 / Posted In: Making a Bankroll
In this continuation of my first post I am going to continue to mine the ocean that is PokerSchoolOnline for pearls that I can take forward into my next round of cash game...
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Cash Game Pearls - Part I

By: IsoOwnYou @ 03:54 / Posted In: Making a Bankroll
Hey everyone pleased to be a part of this community. I've recently started playing poker on Pokerstars and In this blog I am going to share what I've learnt from studying ...
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To Be or Not To Be: Day 2

By: KumarLuv @ 17:17 / Posted In: The Game is Afoot
Day 2 was sure better than Day 1, taking my BR to $35.02. But still far away from what I need to win this challenge. Nothing too interesting happened during the day – othe...
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By: royalraise85 @ 15:33 / Posted In: The Royal Raiser.
The European Poker Tour, which is the world’s richest and most popular poker tour recently announced that it will introduce three new Player of the Year leader boards for ...
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Being a Good Poker Ambassador

By: JBCD71 @ 09:26 / Posted In: JBCD71
Hey fellow poker cummunity members, Here to write about how i wanna become a good poker ambassador and what it takes to be one in my opinion. First you have to have skill ...
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To Be or Not To Be: Day 1

By: KumarLuv @ 00:45 / Posted In: The Game is Afoot
Not a good start to the challenge. Ending the day 4 hours earlier than planned becuase: 1. Villains showing up on top of their range most of the time 2. Probability being ...
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To Be or Not To Be: A Challenge

By: KumarLuv @ 06:45 / Posted In: The Game is Afoot
I am starting this blog right on the day I start the "To be or not to be" challenge. You may have guessed from the name, this challenge will decide if I will continue play...
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By: SPNB7771 @ 05:59 / Posted In: I no nada?
I just scratched myself a monthly freeroll win! This was my second win in two weeks! I hope I can cash again. That would be cool!!!:) Happy days n happy plays!
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game 65

By: TJ Vancover @ 20:48 / Posted In: GAME ON
6864 runners out in 3299   floped a fulll house..............IT rivered a bigger full house    
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game 64

By: TJ Vancover @ 20:17 / Posted In: GAME ON
6336 runners out in 195  good for 1.00
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green checkmark

By: SPNB7771 @ 13:02 / Posted In: I no nada?
Whats up with the green checkmark next to my name in the open league standings? I've trying looking through the leage standing information and it doesn't mention anything a...
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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining...

It's amazing how annoyed you can be at coming 5th in an MTT with 203 entrants, but there I was, shouting and extremely unhappy. Why? Stupid donk call and bad beat ofc, but...
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greatest hand in history

By: daniel.bin69 @ 11:23 / Posted In: how i am going
i think i just witnessed the greatest hand in history sadly i wasnt apart of it but i saw it and it was the badest beat i think i have ever seen. i was play a satellite to...
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Build Bankroll from Freerolls !!

By: BettingHot @ 10:50 / Posted In: BettingHot Builder
Im gonna try to build my bankroll only from freerolls and i will put all the result right here even if they are bad i will play bankrollmob . PSO . WR2 , and others . 15.0...
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Pokerstars Protégé - Through to round 3!!

By: Rob Sharona @ 03:15 / Posted In: Rob Sharona's Road to Vegas
The legend that is Vanessa Selbst has picked me as one of her final two potential protégés! I'm obviously completely over the moon! I'm so close to winning a real 'dreams ...
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Omaha ha ha ha ha ha.....

By: fuzzmuff @ 01:57 / Posted In: Fuzzy Poker Play
Not blogged for a while but had to purge myself of this. After a few hours play on a day that consisted of cracked aces and kings on the main site, the trend continued in ...
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Triple Crown Interview Part 2

By: Profess Awe @ 01:18 / Posted In: Professional Recreational Poker
Second part of the interview transcript, for part 1 see here: http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/blogs/Profess+Awe/triple-crown-interview-part-1 Q. People say the micro / lo...
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Notes made easy ?

By: shoim @ 01:16 / Posted In: Notes taking - made easy ?
Hi all, My real name is Bogdan. This is my first blog ... ever. Before you start reading or closing here read this : All the actions except you composing the hand is one t...
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Live the live i love, love the live i live

By: mcedger @ 14:02 / Posted In: eat, sleep, breathe poker
Hi guys and gals, It has been a little while since i first posted in here but i did so because writing about my experiences in poker was definitely something i was interes...
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August 13 - First month

By: ViktorK.95 @ 13:49 / Posted In: PokerBlog
So, it's been a whole month since I made my $65 deposit on Pokerstars. At that time I was thinking that if I could make it a $1000 before Christmas, I would be more than p...
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players thoughs on my stats

By: rockyron59 @ 02:47 / Posted In: rockyron
2000 hands played and saw flop:- 107 times out of 333 while in small blind (32%) - 129 times out of 335 while in big blind (39%) - 295 times out of 1332 in other positions...
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