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Minideep and cash Minideep and cash I decided to go play in a $105 mini-deep stack tourney and some cash afterwards, so off to the casino I go. I ... Go To Blog


Trying out a new poker strategy

By: waikato08 @ 00:58 (EDT) / Posted In: Trying out a new poker strategy
I found that I was getting stuck in the same predictable pattern in betting and raising during a hand- both live and online. And if I could see how predictable I was, then...
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‘CROWNUPGUY’ Crowned World Champion

By: royalraise85 @ 10:51 (EDT) / Posted In: @TheRoyalRaiser
Fedor ‘CrownUpGuy’ Holz, from Vienna in Austria, was named 2014 World Champion of Online Poker in the early hours of Tuesday morning, winning $1.3 million. The 21-year-old...
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Learning how to play Poker

By: effsea @ 10:17 (EDT) / Posted In: effsea
Learning how to play poker Howdy Folks, not a big winner at all, but been playing for years and notice a few things along the way….hiccup ; ) So I thought I would pass it ...
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Rough month to say the least

By: mute07 @ 09:40 (EDT) / Posted In: My Poker View
I began the month playing regularly 5NL, building a bankroll to take my first shot at 10NL until the horror happened. I was getting bad sessions one after another; you com...
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Bog for a Big Bang ticket with banger situations

LOL / Donk / Lucky / Idiot / etc... the tipical words of the frustrated player, everybody been there... I try to list a couple of situations, which brings average players ...
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By: Harap Alb96 @ 17:39 (EDT) / Posted In: My Poker Life
Hello dear PSO members, 5 Days ago I said to myself I must stop playing live poker, I lost now like 200$ and I just think I won't get any profit out of it. But somehow I s...
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game 77

By: TJ Vancover @ 17:17 (EDT) / Posted In: GAME ON
7380 runners out in 2270    my last hand  
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Minideep and cash

I decided to go play in a $105 mini-deep stack tourney and some cash afterwards, so off to the casino I go. I sign up for the tourney and draw table 7, seat 7. There are 4...
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Time Travel

By: adikumar2010 @ 04:23 (EDT) / Posted In: Deadly Game of Poker
I had a dream that is very different and weird. I was able to time travel. So one day I got a machine which can take me back in time. I get into it and I fall asleep, when...
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AK just not enough.......

By: j420B @ 22:37 (EDT) / Posted In: Nearly but sooo far away
Well hi all, my first blog ever, I have been playing play money poker for 5 years, just odd days a week, never wanting to get jiggy with the cash (no bottle ). However 6 m...
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Time to make my return to blogg, tables and trainings!

By: Roslyn_akka @ 17:04 (EDT) / Posted In: Mother,Baby and Poker
Long time since been blogging, got tangled in "real" life Actually had months of work average +15h/day so my poker journey was on hold for a while. Now slowly getting back...
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Here comes the brain train-SEX SEX SEX

By: MANILA RE @ 12:41 (EDT) / Posted In: POKER POKER POKER
Now that I have your attention , If you have ever stumbled on a MANILA RE blog post you are most probably holding a pot of tea , a blanket got the phone off and have alrea...
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game 76

By: TJ Vancover @ 10:37 (EDT) / Posted In: GAME ON
6645 runners out in 4456  this is new    my last hand  
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Where Was I Going With All This Again...??? --- Time Tournments

By: dareshell @ 00:35 (EDT) / Posted In: The next & newest veteran amateur
I am the next newest veteran amateur newbie professional there is or should be, seems I know so much it seems I know nothing I Build up my stacks all the time but can't se...
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Fail Friday - Tilt and the darkside

By: binarydogs @ 19:12 (EDT) / Posted In: The 45er
So here we are at the very first Fail Friday hand review. After much deliberation (turns out there are a lot of potential candidates in my hand history), I've selected a p...
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A preflop spot from Live Training broken down

By: TheLangolier @ 16:36 (EDT) / Posted In: TheLangolier's blog
In my recent live training class called “Following Through”, we discussed 3-betting in a certain situation vs. a very unbalanced villain where calling was also a valid opt...
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Living the dream !

By: aaa_masti @ 14:05 (EDT) / Posted In: Poker Masti
So I'm sitting with a busted ass bankroll on a sunday morning, cant ask for a stake, because I feel ashamed that my last FIVE consecutive stakes went bust and I couldnt ta...
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Poker reading skills vs the football "gambler"!

By: 45oul @ 09:43 (EDT) / Posted In: 4soul
Somehow i understanded in my short live life that you cannot became rich from live poker in "your small" town...small places where you want to practice your ability readin...
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By: Ed-Donna @ 19:22 (EDT) / Posted In: A/Q ARE KINGS MAGNETS.
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From small acorns...

By: binarydogs @ 18:39 (EDT) / Posted In: The 45er
So I've been loitering around and reading some of the other blogs here and decided to finally bite the bullet and put virtual pen to paper. Currently I've got no grand tar...
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hud stats explained

By: MANILA RE @ 08:53 (EDT) / Posted In: POKER POKER POKER
http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/articles/Session-28-HUD-Heads-Up-Display-Usage My pestering may just be about to stop.There will hopefully be no more "Yeah I know what PF...
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Pokerstars here I come!

By: mytton @ 06:20 (EDT) / Posted In: Starting from Scratch
My big poker news is that I've been selected to represent Poker School Online at the Pokerstars player meetings next month! I get an expenses-paid trip to Pokerstars HQ on...
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just wanting some opinions

By: daniel.bin69 @ 23:57 (EDT) / Posted In: how i am going
so i am playing in a tournament today and just wanted to know if i made the right play or is there an argument for just calling and geting away on the flop. so we are rath...
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By: divabrae @ 12:54 (EDT) / Posted In: divabrae
Hi guys been going pretty well off late been playing lots of cash to get my VPP and reward lol . it all helps no matter how small i have just gone on the mother off all do...
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Back to Back final tables, so close yet so far

By: Dany Boy NZ @ 12:36 (EDT) / Posted In: Grinding out of the microstakes
My last post was about my 4th place finish in the Bigger $3.3 just last week, after being pretty happy with my 700 dollar cash i went back to work that week, dealt some bl...
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