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Multi-way pots and why you should avoid them

By: baud2death @ 15:19 / Posted In: From Ace Rag to Riches
We have all been there. We raise from middle position and before we know it, everyone around us is involved in the hand --- nightmare!! Poker is a game of odds and the mor...
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My Open League quest and The Big Bang quest

By: 0Magic14 @ 11:33 / Posted In: 0 to Hero
So I've played a few of the Open League games and I have to say that these games are sooooo easy to play against, yes they might get lucky and hit their one outer but you ...
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My First #grindingitup Twitch Livestream!

By: PSO-xflixx @ 10:41 / Posted In: xflixx' Poker Blog
Hey guys, yesterday I set up an account over at twitch to start streaming my #grindingitup sessions. My very first livestream started yesterday, I played some of my regula...
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Playing for others is fun

By: CELL26 @ 00:10 / Posted In: Success
I recently started selling shares in my stakes in the Shares and Staking forum and have run 2 stakes so far with a 3rd on is way at the moment.My first 2 stakes resulted i...
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week 2: on the climb with little play

By: Tizmouk @ 21:40 / Posted In: Time to Start the Grind
so with it being Easter work has been ridiculously busy, and therefore this has affected my play in a big way. Most noticeably is the distinct lack of time at the tables. ...
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2NL is where it begins

By: xTrey815 @ 18:04 / Posted In: On the new path. Cash Games
So this is my first blog post. I'll start by introducing myself, my name is Tom and i have been playing poker for about 3 years and started playing on stars for real money...
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loose passive /calling stations

By: thomas49 @ 23:25 / Posted In: Thomas49
In would like a pro to answer this one but i would like as much input as possible i get to play with these types of players allot. how would you? ajust your play for these...
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game 32

By: TJ Vancover @ 20:25 / Posted In: GAME ON
7687 runners out in 5999  
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Productive Break From Live Play

By: RockerguyAA @ 18:22 / Posted In: RockerguyAA's Blog
Last time I updated my blog I wrote about how I decided to take a break from playing $1/2 NL live for at least a week or two to work on my game. Work on theory and get bac...
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Position is Power... the mantra of a good poker player

By: baud2death @ 17:08 / Posted In: From Ace Rag to Riches
Some people (a lot of my opponents, thankfully) don't understand position. Position is talked about often and I thought I would put out some of the really basic points I h...
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My Poker career

By: 0Magic14 @ 16:03 / Posted In: 0 to Hero
This is my first blog and I am going to share you variance of ups and downs of my poker. I'll be posting up photo's of me playing in local monthly leagues were I am from t...
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Diving into staking!!

Well, how much you can I learn in one day! From first read, to first investment... I have been exploring staking... giving my money to someone else (who can hoepfully do b...
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Return to Live Tourneys - Experiences with Reading the Table (and tilt control)

By: Christxof @ 02:07 / Posted In: Christxof
To celebrate the one week break I get after the two exams I wrote last week, I took a trip this Thursday to my local casino again to play in one of their tourneys. As it w...
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By: Bones31271 @ 01:39 / Posted In: 25 cent 45 player sit and go
First game finished in 21st place had QA board had a Q, villian has 10-10 and gets runner runner for a flush Second game went out with QKc was low stack and first time see...
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Post #5: Update

By: Tyirl @ 23:29 / Posted In: Road To Somewhere
Time flies when you're busy even if you aren't having fun. I don't know where the past two months since my last post here have gone. I'm afraid that if I blink it will be ...
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By: TJ Vancover @ 17:37 / Posted In: GAME ON
   6337 runners   out in 2189             
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Wanting to Learn to be the best and Become the Best

By: JBCD71 @ 11:43 / Posted In: JBCD71
I am here to start learning and becoming one of the best poker players who are consistent . Wish me luck,hoping i can reach the top of the Poker Ranks in the Poker School ...
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cash play ....Holdem Nolimit

By: jretired @ 03:46 / Posted In: jretired
I'm a terrible cash game player.The appeal is I can play 10 hands or 100 hand sessions,and I've done so.What I'm trying lately is play 50-100 games of ZOOM ,hoping to hold...
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Pot Limit OMAHA - Event 27 :-)

YAY!!!! I am so pleased to have won Event 27 - Pot Limit Omaha in the PSO - Private League Home Game....!!! WOOOT!! Being a beginner, I must say I didn't really like the p...
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An Early Easter Egg

By: PSO-xflixx @ 17:20 / Posted In: xflixx' Poker Blog
Here's an early Easter egg for the #grindingitup gang: I tried to catch one of the golden SNGs by opening a set of 6-Max Hyperturbos and recorded the action. Happy Easter ...
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I'm a loser!

By: baud2death @ 15:13 / Posted In: From Ace Rag to Riches
We all have the feeling of "I'm a loser!!" once in awhile. We set ourselves goals, big or small and we don't keep to them. It can be something as small as "Don't chase wea...
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Looking at the bigger picture, A story behind a decision and Rewarding myself

By: $irUlrich @ 03:57 / Posted In: Adventures of $irUlrich
Bankroll Update: PS > 518 - 225(player transfer) = $293 FTP Sneaky Savings > $70 "If you set limits on the things that you can do, then No limit is not for you" - Ch...
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Set yourself a downswing goal

By: baud2death @ 10:06 / Posted In: From Ace Rag to Riches
One of the best pieces of advice anyone has ever given me and I have taken is to give yourself a downswing goal. We all have goals for "when I earn $100, I will move upto ...
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My experience in the Big Bang

By: baud2death @ 08:39 / Posted In: From Ace Rag to Riches
I played the Big Bang earlier this month and had a really good time. I whole heartedly recommend that anyone who wins a ticket finds the time to play and anyone that doesn...
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Illness, break and training a friend

By: JANE HONDA @ 21:06 / Posted In: JANE HONDA's blog
Hiyo all, so a lot has been going on. Unfortunately not much grinding. I still played every day, but just a little. I will have to put in the hours until the end of month ...
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