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My Biggest Mistakes Are Before I Take A Sit! My Biggest Mistakes Are Before I Take A Sit! After playing on PokerStars for close to a year now I've pin pointed the mistak ... Go To Blog
  • game 75 6484 runners out in 5706-   By TJ Vancover. Sep 21 @ 08:37
  • Studying is annoying NoS_I_Am1. I read your Blog ''Is Pok ... By fREELOAD35. Sep 20 @ 08:29
  • game 74 6467 runners out in 5309 By TJ Vancover. Sep 20 @ 04:19
  • My First Final Table Hi all. Just wanted to say how much I a ... By RFH1974. Sep 20 @ 08:30


game 75

By: TJ Vancover @ 20:37 / Posted In: GAME ON
6484 runners out in 5706-  
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Studying is annoying

By: fREELOAD35 @ 20:29 / Posted In: fREELOAD
NoS_I_Am1. I read your Blog ''Is Poker Online Rigged''. That thought had been looming on my mind for a long time & not just when I was going through tilt. In the past ...
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game 74

By: TJ Vancover @ 16:19 / Posted In: GAME ON
6467 runners out in 5309
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My First Final Table

By: RFH1974 @ 08:30 / Posted In: Still A United Kingdom
Hi all. Just wanted to say how much I am loving PokerStars at the minute. I played in the Big Stacks 500K play money tournament and finished in 5th place! I was so happy w...
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Match Report - WCOOP Protégé Event 22

By: Rob Sharona @ 02:21 / Posted In: Rob Sharona's Road to Vegas
Hi everyone, Just a quick update really, but my #22 tournament was a great success! I placed about 580th in what is effectively Sunday Millions tournament. This is massive...
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A Week of Tournaments!

By: Andromeda284 @ 22:14 / Posted In: The Princess of Poker
Before I go on to talk about my Tournament experiences so far, I just want to take a minute to thank everyone who has been reading my blog entries and has taken the time t...
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Think like a big fish

By: fREELOAD35 @ 18:20 / Posted In: fREELOAD
I was playing a Hold'em Tourny and things were looking up. I felt threatened cause I was moved & a villan B4 me had 3 stars, but all was good eventually. I started wit...
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Came back from the dead PSO'r buddies.

By: adikumar2010 @ 12:24 / Posted In: Deadly Game of Poker
Yesterday I was going to the same poker game where I won $300 day before yesterday. When I woke up yesterday I didn't feel like playing poker that day because there is a p...
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My last poker session before a break

By: adikumar2010 @ 11:59 / Posted In: Deadly Game of Poker
Day before yesterday I went to my regular poker place I ended up being 1 of the 2 winners at the table with $300 profit. It was 100NL. Those player who were losing were ti...
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Getting Banned from Poker Rooms

By: adikumar2010 @ 11:19 / Posted In: Deadly Game of Poker
I have been banned from two live poker card rooms where I used to play $1/$1. Now only one 100NL place is left which is new and rest are 200NL or higher which are bigger f...
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£100 UKIPT London satellite

By: mcedger @ 04:08 / Posted In: eat, sleep, breathe poker
hi guys and gals, I just played the £100 ukipt satellite this evening and it was a really fun game, especially seeing as it was essentially a freeroll because i used a £10...
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My Biggest Mistakes Are Before I Take A Sit!

By: NoS_I_Am1 @ 18:14 / Posted In: Everything Poker
After playing on PokerStars for close to a year now I've pin pointed the mistakes that I make in poker. Surprisingly these mistakes are made away from the tables. Hopefull...
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WCOOP - Week 1 Round Up

By: royalraise85 @ 12:45 / Posted In: @TheRoyalRaiser
Check out the PokerSchoolOnline WCOOP promotion. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF ONLINE POKER 2014 - WEEK 1 ROUND-UP IN NUMBERS $23,502,975 Total prize money awarded to date through...
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the stats, the stats, the stats and the quiz's.

By: gelove @ 11:56 / Posted In: poker learns gelove
I like the stats-feature, i really do. but theres a lot off thiings i dont understand the meaning off. this wiould be a because off me being norwegian and that i struggle ...
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By: 22meandu @ 11:18 / Posted In: wayne kilgour
Having unbelievable problems getting my point across when it comes to slow playing the Premiere Division Leauge. Because the score hit you take [ when outed early if you a...
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Along time between posts

By: Dany Boy NZ @ 05:04 / Posted In: Grinding out of the microstakes
Hi all, its been 13 months since i posted last, i think my last post was about me finally reaching a four figure bankroll and over the last year i have tryed to build it u...
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I knock out a PSO Team Member

By: Sailor Moe @ 20:55 / Posted In: Sailor Moe
The hand played itself.    
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School Pass Tickets -> WCOOP Superfreebuy vs. School Pass Event 9x$3.30

I have noticed with the School Pass tickets you can register for either these School Pass Events or the Superfreebuy 100xtickets to the $215tourney. It seems to me the reg...
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I try to stay strong but I burst at the bubble

By: KEAKI KING @ 16:44 / Posted In: Mentally strong
I have lately been focusing on my mental game as I have found this is my biggest demon. This demon always seems to arise very close to the end of the bubble regardless of ...
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Mr Predictable

By: Mbao88 @ 13:23 / Posted In: Zed Poker
Hello everyone. My name is Nambao, one of few Africans playing on pokerstars. I live in Zambia, often considered 'The Real Africa', but in case any readers were wondering ...
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School of poker

By: RoyalBendas @ 11:51 / Posted In: RoyalBendas thoughts
Hi. I write this because of my great dissapointment about this game. When I knew nothing but recognising the strongest hands, I played much better then now when I passed B...
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I knocked out a PSO Team Member

By: mcedger @ 00:12 / Posted In: eat, sleep, breathe poker
Hi guys and gals, just a quick mini blog entry for some points mongering lol. I was down to the last 2 tables in event number 10 of the 2014 PSO back2school series with ba...
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game 73

By: TJ Vancover @ 20:54 / Posted In: GAME ON
6371 runners out in 2556
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game 72

By: TJ Vancover @ 00:01 / Posted In: GAME ON
6045 runners out in 5133
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Goals ~ but Sometimes it's about the Journey!

By: Andromeda284 @ 23:00 / Posted In: The Princess of Poker
Whilst sitting comfortably in the board room with a cup of tea, waiting for the weekly leadership meeting to begin, my mind wandered away from finance (oops!) and over to ...
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