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Illness, break and training a friend

By: JANE HONDA @ 21:06 / Posted In: JANE HONDA's blog
Hiyo all, so a lot has been going on. Unfortunately not much grinding. I still played every day, but just a little. I will have to put in the hours until the end of month ...
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Bounce back

By: baud2death @ 08:59 / Posted In: From Ace Rag to Riches
So you just put your last $10 deposit in... it lasted you a good while but at the end of it, it is gone and you are stuck. You can play some freerolls and try and eek out ...
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Panama Trip Report Part 2

By: TheLangolier @ 04:48 / Posted In: TheLangolier's blog
Sorry it’s been a long time coming, life sometimes impedes, but here is the 2nd part of my Panama trip report… you can view Part 1 of my trip report HERE The next day, aft...
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Hangover Heads Up SNG

By: PSO-xflixx @ 20:57 / Posted In: xflixx' Poker Blog
In this week's brandnew episode see why I am suffering from a little bit of a hangover and how I try to adjust to that by dabbling with a Heads-Up Turbo SNG and some 10NL ...
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I knocked out a PSO Team Member

By: Bill Curran @ 00:59 / Posted In: Bill Curran
  Post number 2
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I Knocked out a PSO Team Member

By: Bill Curran @ 00:56 / Posted In: Bill Curran
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I knocked out a PSO Team Member Roland GTX

By: TOO2COO @ 00:52 / Posted In: The Dogg House
Not much to say on the hand it really played it self Was really hoping the BB also had an A and was coming along May the Felt stay soft, and the Chips Pile High Bri...
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week 1 review: i am in profit!

By: Tizmouk @ 23:57 / Posted In: Time to Start the Grind
Okay ladies and gents i am at the end of week 1 and i can gladly say that i have made a profit. In fact i increased my bank roll by 60%! This is a great start especially w...
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game 30

By: TJ Vancover @ 22:15 / Posted In: GAME ON
5694 runners   out in 763  54 cents    
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A Final Table story told in 8 hands - with me watching most of them.

Hi All This was the weirdest final table I have played and wanted to save these 8 hands that made it so easy. Well it was a pleasure folding my way into second, starting a...
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Game, Set and Selbst

By: royalraise85 @ 14:20 / Posted In: The Royal Raiser.
The world’s number one tennis player and PokerStars ambassador, Rafa Nadal has lost out to the world’s best female poker player, Vanessa Selbst in a heads-up poker game. N...
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PokerStars News April 13th

By: PSO Admin @ 14:13 / Posted In: PSO Admin
Here's a quick look at all the interesting numbers that caught the eye of the PokerStars Team this week. ₩$150,000,000 (US $142,200) Amount won by APPT Seoul victor Chane ...
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game 29

By: TJ Vancover @ 18:30 / Posted In: GAME ON
6625 runners out in 1068   42 cents    
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to all my fellow poker players

By: rocketrodcan @ 05:14 / Posted In: rocketrodcan Thank You
if your reading this than you probably take poker some what serious. so if you see me at the table rambling on its just me fanning the flames to make the good players tilt...
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Part 3 of the March Big Bang

By: TOO2COO @ 23:25 / Posted In: The Dogg House
We are on to part 3 of the March Big Bang as CannonLee and myself give our thoughts and commentary on the Final Table. You can see Part 1 here and Part 2 here if you misse...
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Chicken Shot at 200NL

By: PSO-xflixx @ 11:16 / Posted In: xflixx' Poker Blog
In today's brandnew episode I'm trying to show some balls shotting 200NL with just 1 stack from the #grindingitup bankroll. See how that turns out:
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C-bets, Hands and the origins of DiamondDingy

By: DiamondDingy @ 11:06 / Posted In: A noob's tale
Origins of DiamondDingy I discovered something that disappointed me the other day. DiamondDingy is not the name I thought it was. I hate misspelling words, so when I disco...
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Progress and lesson 2

By: rkleefstra @ 13:17 / Posted In: Being coached
Hi all, My first week on 10NL has been a challenging one. I had to adjust to the limits being 5 times as high as I was used to. Especially in the beginning that probably c...
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New Challenge: 2000 games, 200 buyins, 20 days

By: boldbets @ 01:40 / Posted In: Micro SNG Player
Haven't posted on here for a while. Obviously the last challenge didn't go well to say the least. I failed miserably and almost went busto So now I decided to rebuild my r...
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The differences are huge

Just to put this out here, I am not saying that these games are rigged... Just that the HANDS this happends to SHOULD be REPLAYED or the FINAL out come SHOULD be POSTED li...
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Hand Review, give it a go

By: baud2death @ 11:02 / Posted In: From Ace Rag to Riches
I mentioned this in a forum post and thought it was worth sticking up on my blog to see if it benefits anyone. I haven't used this method in awhile but am going to start a...
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This doesn't go with the blog but . . .

By: lotpi993 @ 10:05 / Posted In: Best Poker Hands and Bad Beats
Anyway got the new internet card and have seen a lot of people doing these bankroll challenges thru MTT's and low to mid cash games etc. That got me thinking about doing o...
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Suggestion for all Tournament players

By: baud2death @ 09:29 / Posted In: From Ace Rag to Riches
(these musing are based at micro cash levels, I appreciate higher levels could be a different story) Try cash Not to make money (although that is a good thing) but mainly ...
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Going well..

By: baud2death @ 08:51 / Posted In: From Ace Rag to Riches
Just an update on my grind. I am now upto about $66, its a bit of a slow burn since I haven't been able to put a lot of time in so far this week and have played the occasi...
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All of the cash is hiding... On the final table

By: baud2death @ 08:12 / Posted In: From Ace Rag to Riches
I placed ok in last nights Hot 55c scoring 36/7799 For my 50c buyin I scored $8.14, so a nice 1:16 win ratio. Being a turbo, aside from a nice quad-up shortly after late r...
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