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Optimistic August - but BRM tightens its belt even more

By: robster59 @ 08:54 / Posted In: robster59's poker prattle
Online poker stats for August: Aug 1st : bankroll = $18.82 Aug 31st : bankroll = $57.18 PROFIT = $38.36 time = 57 hours hourly profit rate = 67c per hour -----------------...
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Fadyen's August Review

By: Fadyen @ 02:11 / Posted In: 2 High
Hey folks! As I sit here typing I must admit to you all that for the first time in some months I am on tilt. Serious, raging, keyboard smashing tilt! A vast contrast to ho...
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Summertiiiiiiiiime...and the poker's...sloppy!!!!

By: AfredR @ 00:17 / Posted In: And Now We Shall Grind!
Hey guys! Been a few months since I updated on how things were fairing. Well...it's been kind of a roller coaster...if the roller coaster went specifically downward. I bel...
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game 69

By: TJ Vancover @ 20:31 / Posted In: GAME ON
5739 runners out in 4817  
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game 68

By: TJ Vancover @ 22:35 / Posted In: GAME ON
6343 runners out in 22 good for   4.66  QQvsAK     Ace hit on river 
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By: mrTasa007 @ 15:44 / Posted In: MyPokerWorld
In monday,1 september,will be 4 years that j discovered poker,j didnt earn anything....smaill winnings on other sites,200-300 dolars per year,my studies crashed ,j am stil...
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The Calm before The Storm

By: JBCD71 @ 12:30 / Posted In: JBCD71
Hey everyone, Been playing some decent poker as of late and decided to try a Storm 6 Man Sit n Go satellite for a entry of $3.75 with top 2 players winning a Sunday Storm ...
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This is it! The last phase of my Protégé journey....

By: Rob Sharona @ 22:51 / Posted In: Rob Sharona's Road to Vegas
First and foremost, I would like to once again thank every single one of you that voted for me. Thanks to your clicks I am now Vanessa Selbst's protégé and I couldn't be h...
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My Dream is to PLAY against the BEST CARD PLAYERS IN THE WORLD

By: coughmixture @ 21:11 / Posted In: Coughmixture
I Know that I will achieve this goal one day. I will play them and beat them. I will become the worlds best Poker player. I will achieve this within the next 3-4 years. I ...
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What do you look for in a tourney?

By: TOO2COO @ 12:29 / Posted In: The Dogg House
For me there are several things I look for when I get ready to play a tourney BANKROLL; How much is the Buy-in? (you should never play an event that will hurt your bankrol...
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Entry No.1 - The Road Ahead

By: Acta3on @ 22:24 / Posted In: Acta3on on the road to...
Entry No.1 - The Road Ahead Hi guys! I’ve only been playing for a few weeks and only started to properly document my results in the last few days. I used to focus on 9 man...
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Go Big or Go Home

By: TheLangolier @ 18:33 / Posted In: TheLangolier's blog
Have you ever heard this phrase? Maybe you have but were unsure about exactly what it means. Go big or go home is a strategic approach to a poker tournament. The basic gis...
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Ready, steady, GO!

By: Fetish_mom @ 11:03 / Posted In: PLO - from plo10 to EPT
Hey guys, I decided to create a blog about my way to HS and my first EPT tourney. I start my carrer with $200 and I play plo10. I will be posting updates after every sessi...
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By: Rob Sharona @ 03:06 / Posted In: Rob Sharona's Road to Vegas
Just to let you all know, I am Vanessa Selbst's protege! Only went and won the vote! Thank you so much to anyone who voted for me. I'm still coming to terms with what a gr...
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Nearly there.. $2.70 Knockout

By: DjBlackeye @ 20:47 / Posted In: Dj Blackeye
Just a quick post tonight.....i had a good run in the 17.15 $2.70 Knockout $7.5K - managed to win a few hands early on and have a nice stack going into the money.....i had...
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Really enjoying poker and learning alot

By: IsoOwnYou @ 02:08 / Posted In: Making a Bankroll
Hey everyone, Since my earlier posts I have been watching The Big Game. I learnt about The Big Game in the cash game course. I'm really enjoying it, I love the table chat,...
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Bankroll Challenge of $1 - $5K (Week 13)

By: feno27 @ 19:49 / Posted In: $1 - $5K Challenge
Hi all, Here with Week 12 of my Bankroll Challenge, unfortunately due to personal reasons I had to take sometime out from the poker tables, which has prevented me from mak...
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The Poker Rap

By: Azaruna @ 15:55 / Posted In: Poker Jargen
Just after some feedback on my new song. I hope to record it in a studio with some of the pros involved in rapping a line or 2 and flim a professional video also staring s...
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First Session

By: Broad Meadow @ 14:24 / Posted In: Searching for Stuey Ungar
I played about 25 minutes of FLHE at .02/.04 today. I played 21 hands and came out $0.14 ahead. I've reread Lee Jones' Winning Low Limit Hold'em and the FLHE section of Ed...
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PokerStars Summer Daily Challenge YouTube Series

By: PSO-xflixx @ 12:12 / Posted In: xflixx' Poker Blog
Hey guys, it's been quite a while since my last blog and lots has been going on in the #grindingitup world. I haven't found the time yet to continue with both my #Coaching...
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game 67

By: TJ Vancover @ 22:32 / Posted In: GAME ON
7297 runners out in 918 good for 42 cents  
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A Heads-Up Story

By: darkmannc @ 19:58 / Posted In: A desktop PC and a chair
We all heard the story… a chip and a chair. But we believed it? Of course not, it wouldn’t be story if we believe it. We know, it’s technically possible, probably happened...
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The Beginning; A Public Apology

By: hoaxnwow @ 18:31 / Posted In: Scrub to Not So Scrub
To say I'm a newbie to poker would be an insult to newbies. Up until a few days ago, when I decided to give learning poker "a real crack", I was mostly the guy that was al...
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Back on the poker band-wagon

By: Broad Meadow @ 04:08 / Posted In: Searching for Stuey Ungar
I haven't played much poker for the last two years. In fact, aside from an impulsive $1.50 SnG last week I ahven't played any poker at all. The main reason is that I've be...
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By: 1bollywood1 @ 00:40 / Posted In: 1 day baby......
Back after a pause for few months . miss the series of pokerschool cause no tickets . tried to contact support and said they send me a mail but not delivered ????..... tho...
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