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WBCOOP Best Blogger Prize

By: effsea @ 00:05 / 248 / Comment ( 10 )

Howdy All,

Five thousand dollars .... hiccup, now what would I do with that, well that is a very good question I would say ...

If I was lucky enough to win it, one of the first things l would do is play the Sunday Million five weeks in a row, now depending how l did, l just may do it again and again and again ... lol.

I like the way they are set up, my sort of game really, I'm a mtt type of player, I do know they run for a long time,it would be a long day but well worth it for sure, but I could handle that, I would have a issue though, If I made the final table, I'm really not a deal maker, I think I may just make a few peeps mad...lol.

But I guess if I had to make a deal I would, but I just would not be happy with it though, what place you finish with should be the the amount you get, thats my opinion on the matter, but I do understand there is more than one playing that game.

I also would, well sort of, throw out bank roll management out the window, please remember the 5k is free money, thats the way I see it, but still I would think very hard on how to use it,

I would play very agressive with it, a bully of sorts, not my normal way of playing, but having that kind of a roll I would have to go for it, chance of a life time I would think.

I for sure would be playing bigger buy in's, thats for sure, being my dream is to do this for a living, well I guess most of us think that way ... lol, do we not?

The other thing that comes to mind, I would put up $500 as prizes in my home game, now that would be a fun game for sure, our group puts up the bounty's now in the drunk tank 2, which is the name of the club, we usally have $15 to $25 a week in extra bounty's plus the buy in, but $500 would make it effin crasy for sure, really it's the peeps that make the club, not the money, it would just be cool to have that kind of prize, and yes give back to the peeps in the club.

Well now that l have turned that 5k into a much bigger bank roll......hiccup, The wife gets new.....just kidding they are great just the way they are,

But Really, I would have to think about staking, looking for good players that need a start, and at the same time make some cash, the one thing I'm good at, well I think I am.

Staking in my opinion is a great way to earn a dollar or two, if your smart about it, and pick the right people, but please remember also a fast way to lose it also, so be very careful picking your horse's, but at the same time, treat them good, they are your money makers remember.

The 5k would be a great starting roll, if poker is the only place you would have to use it, and thats the only place where I would use it, thats for sure, l do not mix my gambling and house money, two differet things if you ask me, really the safe way to handle the down swings in this great game we all love, one of the reasons I never have a bad beat, l don't lose what I can't afford to, so it doesn't really hurt that much, well sort all...hiccup

So far with the 5k, l have played a few Sunday Millions, I'm also making cash staking a few players, and yes, I had a hell of a home game, now what?

Vegas here I come again...hiccup,

OK all I need now while I'm in Vegas is to find the time to drink all the drinks Daniel and poker stars is buying me ...... yes it's hard being me ..... hiccup

Hey wait a minute, drinks are free if your gambling ... nevermind that then.

Ok back to gambling in Vegas and wearing all of the free clothing that stars has given me .. lol

Who knows, after me making all that cash in the Sunday Millions, they make me a poker stars pro, wow .... what I'm I going to do with all of that cash they are paying me?

Let me tell ya ... hiccup,

More online gaming ... yahoo, making more cash and getting horse's, well part of the plan...lol

So If this was to happen, poker would be a way of life, not just as a way to pass the time and have fun doing it, saying that I was a poker pro would be pretty cool if you asked me, but please don't get me wrong, I still love playing the way it is, it would be just cooler to be called a pro I think .. hiccup.

Also what would be great is meeting a bunch of pso peeps that I became friends with, now that would be fun l tell ya.

I have been to Vegas twice, but have to tell ya it's been years since I have been back, can't wait really.

I played this promo last year, and it was a blast, I'm hoping to play it again this year, and of course, win the 5k....hiccup, so I can put my dreams into reality, and just maybe a few others.

Hate to say it but, last year when I played it, my finishes were poor, hoping to do much better this year, l hope another year of playing online has made me a better player.

Well not to bore you to much, the past year I have gone threw some life changes, most I'm not happy with, one is to retire early, but I know I will have to still do something to keep me sane, well I pick poker, just hoping poker picks me...hiccup

So anyways back to the real question, what would I do if I won the 5 thousand?

Play poker hard, and try to make it grow, but have a ton of fun doing it, remember folks,

This is a game, a money maker we all hope, but still a game,

cheers all

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