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A GOOD DAY AT SCHOOL A GOOD DAY AT SCHOOL It all started with a PokerSchool Home Game, Really good players in these games and I got in a good dee ... Go To Blog


Pre-challenge prep!

By: Rubix93 @ 18:01 (EDT) / Posted In: $20 Bankroll Challenge
Hi! So I have played and studied poker for a while but have never attempted to build a bankroll using suitable bankroll management. I am going to start next week by deposi...
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Have a joke for you !!!

By: Nicobye @ 18:00 (EDT) / Posted In: Ups and Down
was multi-tabling, when this joke happened yes thats a misclick In frech we say : Vaut mieux en rire qu'en pleurer Better laugh than cry...
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Being a fish is hard work

By: sim177 @ 17:10 (EDT) / Posted In: sim177
Some people think just because they so used to gaining victories under there belts that it's ok to berate fellow members on Poker School Home Games. I am a fish so deal wi...
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Evaluate Gameplay Not Paychecks

By: thehorse7 @ 02:35 (EDT) / Posted In: Beggar & King
Most of the sports and games have specific metrics to measure the growth and progress of a player. However, in poker it is quite tricky, and you should not evaluate only y...
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By: caulker73 @ 20:48 (EDT) / Posted In: caulker73
18th April 15 I've just come out of a week long tilt. I had built my bankroll up to way higher than it had been and had started playing higher stake games and had had some...
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sit outs

By: Chante's Dad @ 19:01 (EDT) / Posted In: Chante's Dad
I seriously dislike players that win a few hands early and than proceed to sit out until they reach the money or final table, without really playing any poker at all
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Luck....a true variable in poker

By: BlindDog56 @ 08:56 (EDT) / Posted In: Blind Dog
Hello ALL, I would like to express my views on the Luck Factor: I acknowledge it, I accept it, I never criticize it. I acknowledge Luck as a real part of the game as much ...
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That's how we improve...

By: WeenieSVK @ 09:23 (EDT) / Posted In: Recreational Players Friendly Blog
Recently, I played 2.20$ 3K Gtd Zoom tournament. Everything was fine, I had average stack and bubble was close. And most importantly I played good poker. Until that hand.....
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From Freerolls to microstakes MTTs

By: ThomasSauve1 @ 23:59 (EDT) / Posted In: It started with freerolls
You dont need to make a deposit to start grinding MTTs. Im going to tell you how I built my bankroll without ever making a deposit. It all started with PSO. I read all the...
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You Know You're Playing 2NL When....

By: tyrantrex @ 21:42 (EDT) / Posted In: Missing the Mark
This happens.  
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Needed a Breather

By: pebbles-ange @ 15:03 (EDT) / Posted In: new year new starts
Hi guys, again I am really late posting this and thats because I had to take a break from playing and writing. A couple of weeks ago I started playing some spin and gos an...
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By: royalraise85 @ 10:36 (EDT) / Posted In: @TheRoyalRaiser
Hundreds of players will be heading to Monaco in just a few weeks after winning packages for flagship events at the Season 11 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand F...
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A Typical Rounders Moment

By: PSO-xflixx @ 01:27 (EDT) / Posted In: xflixx' Poker Blog
Hey PSO'ers, yesterday I got hosted by the PokerStars Twitch channel and was streaming a regular #grindingitup Zoom microstakes session when all of a sudden this hand came...
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not feeling good today

By: Nicobye @ 18:36 (EDT) / Posted In: Ups and Down
Hi everybody, today had been a really bad emotion day, my 12 years old cat died, we learned that my mother-in-law who is left with a heart working with only 10% of its str...
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Knocked out 1st hand

By: sim177 @ 14:53 (EDT) / Posted In: sim177
Busted out on the first hand with Q's against (2) AK hands. Worst move starting a tournament and will never be the last that's for sure. Against a re-raise was it a wrong ...
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One Buck Bounty - April 12th

By: royalraise85 @ 14:57 (EDT) / Posted In: @TheRoyalRaiser
Thanks to all who came out and played in today's One Buck Bounty tournament in my Home Game Club. Congrats to A-FISTFULL who won the $1 karma dollar and also to our overal...
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A good day at school.

By: SteveAAF @ 18:38 (EDT) / Posted In: Why so serious?
It all started with a PokerSchool Home Game, Really good players in these games and I got in a good deep run. Itm is only the top 5 but I'm one of them and was going for t...
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Is It A Bluff Or Not?

By: dukeofbc @ 12:19 (EDT) / Posted In: Russians
My .02 cents if you choose to use it & why? I am a big proponenent of new players to the game of playing solid cards to begin with. The advantage to this is if you are...
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HPT River City April 2015

I went to River City in St. Louis last week to play in a number of the HPT (Heartland Poker Tour) events. My week starts on Saturday in event 1B. We start with 15k chips, ...
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Maybe all-in preflop was a little bit ... hazardous

By: Nicobye @ 15:59 (EDT) / Posted In: Ups and Down
I'll say one thing COME ON MAN !!!!     the guy was playing 30 tables or so, and i tought he was playing loose, I was right ...
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PokerStars News - April 10th

By: PSO Admin @ 08:24 (EDT) / Posted In: PSO Admin
WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST – APRIL 10th £1,000,000 Guaranteed prize pool for the PokerStars-sponsored UK & Ireland Poker Tour Nottingham Main Event, which takes place next wee...
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By: saw-lau @ 19:45 (EDT) / Posted In: Saw-Lau's Poker Blog
OK, it's been a while, so let's do what I do with all MMOs and start again from Level 1. Home / Courses / Poker Basics / Learning to Play Poker Let's do this!  
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Thanks to pokerstars.com for cool promotions in India

By: vikas hasija @ 12:31 (EDT) / Posted In: THE INDIAN SHUFFLE
This post is basically to thanks pokerstars #initiative for promoting the game in India i feel good that the new players from India are going deep in some tournaments (eve...
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Just passed the MTT quiz & Sunday Storm special coming up!!!

By: HOLTZPKR @ 10:07 (EDT) / Posted In: HOLTZPKR
Just passed the online PSO MTT quiz and I am now looking forward to the Sunday Storm main event coming up on April 19th. The buy in is only $11 dollars with a guarantee ch...
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By: royalraise85 @ 07:07 (EDT) / Posted In: @TheRoyalRaiser
PokerStars has just announced the awesome news that poker pro and Twitch streamer extraordinaire, Jaime Staples, has become the latest ‘Friend of PokerStars’. Over the pas...
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