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FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL So I've been plaing poker on and off for about ten years and thought to myself, "why am i no better tha ... Go To Blog


Poker and me

By: godofpoker07 @ 18:16 (EDT) / Posted In: Poker and Me
I play mainly for fun, but we do have some tournaments around here that we play real money for, usually $20 per person with some rebuys for those who want it. I have won a...
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Unlucky Day - need advice

By: Spieler_Kost @ 17:43 (EDT) / Posted In: Genesis
Today was a very bad day. I had like 60$ when I started playing. I usually don't play big buy-in tournies, always micro and low ones. But still... I lost every single all-...
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By: royalraise85 @ 06:47 (EDT) / Posted In: @TheRoyalRaiser
EPT SEASON 12 GETS UNDER WAY WITH HUGE FESTIVAL IN SPAIN Season 12 of the European Poker Tour (EPT) kicks off in Barcelona with a wealth of tournaments and cash games, tak...
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Rose Bay Poker League

By: Tigion @ 23:12 (EDT) / Posted In: snap necks cash cheques
Rose Bay Poker League is a place where people can come together and learn how to play poker. Whether you are a sometimes for fun player or a hard core tournament grinder, ...
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First day of school!

By: dimiclaff @ 20:23 (EDT) / Posted In: Starting From Scratch
So I've been plaing poker on and off for about ten years and thought to myself, "why am i no better than i was ten years ago?", and then i realised that no one ever though...
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From Zoom back to Regular

By: mute07 @ 14:49 (EDT) / Posted In: My Poker View
It took me almost 7 months to finally make the decision but like some say, better late than never. I’ve been playing Zoom poker since last year mostly moving between NL2 a...
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The beginning of everything

By: Chuckwalla_m @ 11:47 (EDT) / Posted In: My family's history.
In the mid 90's me and my family lived in russia. My father was a gambler, but a good one so we lived good, very above the average. By the way all this was told by my moth...
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A Synergy of Ideas

By: TheLangolier @ 10:16 (EDT) / Posted In: TheLangolier's blog
Poker has a lot of different and varying ideas and concepts flying around and that can get very confusing for new players to the game. Especially when ideas seem to confli...
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Why Daniel Negreanu is the best?!

By: Spieler_Kost @ 02:18 (EDT) / Posted In: Genesis
I play poker long enough, but as you may know from my previous posts, when I started playing, there were no internet in my country, so no Youtube or things like that. Afte...
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Book advice has been working

By: Boyden123 @ 17:58 (EDT) / Posted In: Getting Better
Hey all! So I have been reading Power Hold'Em by Daniel Negreanu and it has definitely been paying off. I played in the freeroll depositers tourney yesterday and I finishe...
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where to begin.

By: ancullen @ 12:02 (EDT) / Posted In: higher stakes
so i have been playing poke for many years on various poker clients on and off. i never stake big on cash games and only ever play low level stake tournaments and freeroll...
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Game changes, money well spent(I think) and Hold'em Manager.

By: McNate420 @ 00:01 (EDT) / Posted In: Where the road started.
Well I just realised I have been depositing about $25 a week since joining pokerstars and although I didn't profit I still think it has been a great investment for a begin...
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Setting myself up for success

By: wsophock @ 20:19 (EDT) / Posted In: Grinding till I Live it
Starting bankroll: $106.82 Ending Bankroll: 106.00 Well I skipped blogging yesterday as most of it was spent cleaning my apartment and getting it ready for a friend who is...
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world series of poker

By: drew1418 @ 20:15 (EDT) / Posted In: pokernut
Looking forward to the world series of poker tourney in September. Be sure to sign up and take part!
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Motivation and Goal Setting Preparation

By: DevilsDate @ 16:57 (EDT) / Posted In: Devils Date with Poker
I think it is important at the outset of undertaking this exercise to explore and understand what I want out of poker. The question of what motivates me as a poker player ...
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All in Strategy

By: rokko_6969 @ 15:22 (EDT) / Posted In: All in strategy
Hi all, I realy need advice and a certain strategy for face all in's i'v in the most of cases dumped off when i goes or call's all in, whats the strategy, when go and when...
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Qualifying: the end is nearby

By: MisterCe @ 09:23 (EDT) / Posted In: PREMIER SKILL LEAGUE: PART 1 - GETTING IN
Since we're approaching the end of the month, it's time for an update. At this very moment I have 2147 points, giving me a 398th position. I'm not quite happy with that. B...
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Dreams come true?

By: Spieler_Kost @ 07:42 (EDT) / Posted In: Genesis
Yesterday when I was sleeping, I saw a strange dream. I was playing 9-man sit&go ($2 buy-in), on the very first hand I was dealt pocket 7s. I have read many times, tha...
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Nurturing Technique Versus Instinct

I started playing Poker as a way to get over a personal loss. Kinda ironic but it worked. My interest in the game was enriched by the various platforms on offer and I got ...
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First final table and books

By: McNate420 @ 00:12 (EDT) / Posted In: Where the road started.
Well I couldn't believe it but I managed a 4th place finish in an "Open League Tournament" on the 18/07/15. It was only a freeroll but still gave me a good confindent boos...
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Great Start to the day.. but just the start

By: wsophock @ 15:01 (EDT) / Posted In: Grinding till I Live it
Alright so this is the second day of me blogging on here. Started off the day today expecting to just play a couple of small games, decided to play a little more after a g...
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PokerStars News - July 26th

By: PSO Admin @ 10:06 (EDT) / Posted In: PSO Admin
250,000,000 Buy-in for the Sunday Titan, the new weekly big buy-in Play Money tournament on PokerStars. The guaranteed prizepool is five billion play chips, and the first ...
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The Start

By: wsophock @ 21:00 (EDT) / Posted In: Grinding till I Live it
Well here it goes. Looking to make the dream a reality. Starting Bankroll: $80.44 First Objective: Create a bankroll management system. Keep track of every game played. Ga...
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When the donkey takes the pot

By: tally49 @ 17:06 (EDT) / Posted In: Tally's rant
Thank God I love this game. There are times when a bad beat can be heart breaking. I had another example of this yesterday when I thought I had played a hand perfectly onl...
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Poker Stars Restaurant Menu

By: rez71 @ 16:58 (EDT) / Posted In: The Dreaded DC (Disconnect)
So I'm playing in the open league earlier and was thinking on something to eat for a snack. Then I started thinking about McDonalds, Burger King or Subway. Then I thought ...
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