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The Fate in Ones Life

By: dukeofbc @ 17:43 (EDT) / Posted In: Russians
This is my story. The story of failure, not being a man. Failing to separate fact from fiction. You see everyone without a dream we are all nothing, & without a plan h...
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how espn changed my life

By: kceracera @ 14:26 (EDT) / Posted In: kceracera
i was a licensed hemp farmer living on an isolated property( 80 acres) in nth qld (australia) when late one night i happened to stumble across ESPN showing this game calle...
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The Fish

By: dukeofbc @ 14:52 (EDT) / Posted In: Russians
I have been wanting to write about this for sometimetime. At times i may sound cruel & harsh but fact is when i sit at a table i want every body's last dime, but somet...
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PokerStars News - July 4th

By: PSO Admin @ 08:35 (EDT) / Posted In: PSO Admin
WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST JULY 4th 12,500,000 Approximate number of Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments played in the last 12 months. June 24 marked the first anniversary of Full Ti...
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By: royalraise85 @ 08:12 (EDT) / Posted In: @TheRoyalRaiser
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Learn and Earn: Gifts for Grab!

By: Manny Tikoy @ 07:05 (EDT) / Posted In: All Hands Up
Freeroll. Win a Ticket. Win a Prize. Every poker player or every human being for that matter wants to have gifts. I hope PokerSchool Online (PSO) will come up with more bu...
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Badugi League - Round Three

By: royalraise85 @ 11:29 (EDT) / Posted In: @TheRoyalRaiser
Here's highlights of round three of Raiser's Badugi League. Watch the highlights to see who's going take away maximum points and get one step closer to winning a PokerStar...
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hand replay

By: 55piast @ 03:05 (EDT) / Posted In: hand replay
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Good News Bad News

By: Cabadanac @ 14:37 (EDT) / Posted In: Cab's Poker Plays
Hello Friends, Just finished 2nd Neymar Jr. It's an interesting tourney. Given the 11 step qualification to get a ticket I find it amazing how many unattended hands there ...
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Back to Silverstar!

By: dashowkiller @ 18:44 (EDT) / Posted In: The Disciplined Degenerate
Before I begin, just a shout out to all my fellow Canadians reading this by saying Happy Canada Day! Just waiting for the night sky to come in so I can watch the annual fi...
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By: royalraise85 @ 05:50 (EDT) / Posted In: @TheRoyalRaiser
The 11th MicroMillions championship will take place from July 16-26 on PokerStars. The popular micro stakes tournament series will feature $5 million in guaranteed prize m...
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July 1 Getting ready to leave for BC.

By: Zaboomafu @ 23:30 (EDT) / Posted In: July's Poker and other adventures !
First day is a good day to rack up my VPP's as I will be near my laptop and monitors. I am trying to get back to SilverStar Statues as well as doing a host of other fun st...
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DON'T CHASE LOSSES. Don't lose .... focus.

By: Cabadanac @ 21:17 (EDT) / Posted In: Cab's Poker Plays
Sigh, Please commence playing those tiny sympathy violins. For all my supposed skills at poker (OPR 6 stars, ITM 50%) sometimes you hit a cold streak which if you don't ca...
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Off to Vegas! #maineventhype

By: PSO-xflixx @ 03:56 (EDT) / Posted In: xflixx' Poker Blog
Hey PSO'ers just dropping a little note that I will be on WSOP leave now for the next 3 weeks, so the bad news is there won't be any streams or trainings from me during th...
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Poker Bug: Winner’s Pennant

By: Manny Tikoy @ 22:10 (EDT) / Posted In: All Hands Up
General School: PokerSchoolOnline Length of Stay: About 3 weeks League: PokerSchool Open Skill League No. of Tournaments: 16 In the Money: 9* Final Table: 0 Tournaments Wo...
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By: Manny Tikoy @ 12:44 (EDT) / Posted In: All Hands Up
I didn’t know poker until I saw it on a TV program some 4 years ago. All I know is it is some sort of a card game but it didn’t interest me until I saw another program fea...
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cant download software

ive been trying to down load the pokerstars software since 3 oclock yesterday but still after an error code of -2/-83 i deceided to uninstall everything and start again no...
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PokerStars News - June 26th

By: PSO Admin @ 06:20 (EDT) / Posted In: PSO Admin
WEEKLY NEWS DIGEST – JUNE 26 50,000,000 Number of views that the PokerStars YouTube channel passed this week. Since 2009, the channel has streamed a variety of PokerStars ...
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Appreciation of a Art.

By: Smurfblood @ 06:18 (EDT) / Posted In: I'm So Thankful for PSO!!!
I Just want to take the time too thank the PSO stars and staff who have brought together this awesome Set of Leauges and communitty of players. I've turned my game around ...
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Yet to put money on

By: nooner420 @ 00:42 (EDT) / Posted In: First
I still have yet to put money on my pokerstars account, but once I do I hope to build a decent sized bankroll. Currently reading some PSO (PokerSchoolOnline) courses and o...
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Getting rid of bad habits

By: Ghosty1969 @ 00:41 (EDT) / Posted In: A process in becoming a online pro
I now have come to the realizaion that i have to reboot my brain, and relearn all over again. This is just to start my online courses all over agian. I belive i have creat...
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By: dukeofbc @ 16:51 (EDT) / Posted In: Russians
I have kept track the last 3 days, 53 games of $7.00 Zoom 52 of them were for $14.00 & 1 game for $21.00 Lets see 3 to 1 odds against not bad. BUT 52 games x $7.00 = $...
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Scratch & Itch & Redraw & Match

By: dukeofbc @ 15:07 (EDT) / Posted In: Russians
Just wondering if anyone has hit the 200 FPP in the Scatch & Match? I have no idea how many times i have played this game & once & once only i hit 10 FPP, it j...
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I,ve been there

By: 73REX73 @ 06:20 (EDT) / Posted In: Imported PSO user blog
We all know anything can happen in poker and does, I have lost a hand when 98% favorite on the flop . I witnessed another such incident on the 5NL Zoom pool today where a ...
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The Myriad Forms of MTTs

By: Andromeda284 @ 10:47 (EDT) / Posted In: The Princess of Poker
Earlier this year, post-festivity season I made the decision to stop being a “jack of all trades” and focus on only one poker format: MTTs. Yet, when I made this decision,...
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