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The Great HUD Debate

By: TheLangolier @ 18:44 (EST) / Posted In: TheLangolier's blog
In my next couple blogs I’d like to talk about stat tracking software and HUDs. For those unfamiliar with this term, HUD stands for “Heads Up Display”… essentially how it ...
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A Twist In My Study Program

By: DrEllenCait @ 14:30 (EST) / Posted In: Ode to a Buddy
A Twist in My Study Program February 28th, 2015 Between a wicked flu and writing a paper which I have been invited to present at a prestigious psychiatric conference, poke...
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almost finished this tour the force

By: OMGactionMAN @ 10:14 (EST) / Posted In: Che la diritta via era smarrita
Yesterday I haven't found the time for go run but for my oartical excuse I've work about 35hours in the last 3 days Ok in the last update I've promised that in this I upda...
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Poker: A Pink Perspective!

By: Andromeda284 @ 07:38 (EST) / Posted In: The Princess of Poker
If you are female, how can you not know? If you are a guy, then you probably have never noticed. If you are a gentleman however, then you know for sure. “What exactly?” Yo...
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Feb 2015 - Update

By: Dodgy007 @ 18:51 (EST) / Posted In: My Poker Life
After being out of the game since 2013 I loaded PokerStars with $20 once again for a Bankroll Grind. Goals for Feb 2015: 1) Double Bankroll to $40.00 - CHECK Ended the mon...
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sixth update

By: OMGactionMAN @ 20:18 (EST) / Posted In: Che la diritta via era smarrita
Ho god I don't find the time for create a title for the update As I was told in my last upadate I have a busy week now and already saturday and today I'm also still double...
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By: royalraise85 @ 10:42 (EST) / Posted In: @TheRoyalRaiser
Popular American poker professional Jason Somerville has joined Team PokerStars Pro, bringing his high-energy, intelligent and approachable brand of poker to the world’s l...
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PokerStars News - February 27th

By: PSO Admin @ 07:56 (EST) / Posted In: PSO Admin
Here's some of the more interesting numbers that caught our attention this week. $9,000,000 Guaranteed prize pool in the 9th Anniversary Sunday Million, which will take pl...
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The New #grindingitup Office

By: PSO-xflixx @ 15:10 (EST) / Posted In: xflixx' Poker Blog
Hey PSOers, time for a short end-of-month recap, here we go: This week was exciting as I finally moved into my first official office of my own and it's right in the center...
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By: royalraise85 @ 12:50 (EST) / Posted In: @TheRoyalRaiser
The PokerStars.com European Poker Tour (EPT) Malta Poker Festival is set to become the biggest event in the history of the Tour, with a record number of tournaments being ...
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Frustrating February

By: robster59 @ 11:42 (EST) / Posted In: robster59's poker prattle
FOR THE MONTH: Online poker stats for February: BR on 1st Feb: $62.51 BR on 26th Feb: $60.36 LOSS = $2.15 (37 hours) hourly profit rate = minus 6c per hour ------ 2015 TO ...
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fifth update

By: OMGactionMAN @ 16:16 (EST) / Posted In: Che la diritta via era smarrita
OK the bad bay is passed and so motivated.For the moment I respect my goals I go run every day and I update constantly this blog. Next day of will be 4march and for me wil...
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boos and cheers.

By: FireMedic815 @ 07:38 (EST) / Posted In: FireMedic815
I just wanted to thank everybody that participated in my mtt review. This is how we get better, so weather you booed or cheered I appreciate the feedback, I learned more t...
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Poker's Code of Conduct

By: gtwi @ 16:36 (EST) / Posted In: How my Game is Improving
Poker is a game in which we do get involved emotionally just a little to deeply sometimes. Whether it's playing a cash stakes games or even just a play money games. Winnin...
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tough days

By: QUEENBEE2525 @ 10:59 (EST) / Posted In: QUEENBEE2525
Start off by saying hello to everyone Took the past year and half off from online poker started back up on the 15th of this month. Started in on the open skill league my g...
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Random Funny Moments from the Tables

By: ren0ks @ 08:27 (EST) / Posted In: Why rebuying is bad
Not really feeling up to commenting on the latest poker gossip. Instead, I’ll share some random funny tidbit from my live poker experiences. Yes, every one of these happen...
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Bad period.

By: OMGactionMAN @ 18:53 (EST) / Posted In: Che la diritta via era smarrita
It is a particular period for me.I've started in January a training for became a pizza chef and the first time I've a little be fear to fail. When I started has been easy ...
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2 months $2K (2M2K) - Week 1

By: jamiefunds @ 11:23 (EST) / Posted In: Anyone can build a Bankroll???
Hi All, With week 1 complete we have had a mixed bag, mostly good I guess but my online isnt looking great so far. I decided to kick off the challenge with a live session ...
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Open Skill League

By: SLIMOO1 @ 03:45 (EST) / Posted In: 10 Years Later
I have bin playing OSL since half way threw the month. I just managed to get top 400 three times in a row now so i should be getting a Big Bang ticket next month. I only p...
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Third update

By: OMGactionMAN @ 17:59 (EST) / Posted In: Che la diritta via era smarrita
Tommorrow I 've the first day off from when I have open this blog.This weekend has been has been so difficult because Friday night me and my collegues went to hippodrome b...
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Good week !!

By: Nicobye @ 13:16 (EST) / Posted In: Ups and Down
My real Job is truck driver, last tuesday the road was closed due to heavy snowstorm and wind, I played 2 sessions of 16 tournaments, by batch of 4, i did good with winnin...
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Weekly Analysis - Week 4 - Bankroll Management Special

By: Underage98 @ 12:17 (EST) / Posted In: RunItUp - $15 to $1000 in a year
Hey! This week has been very busy! I think it's easily been my busiest week on Pokerstars so far. I have made large steps in improving my game, and have had some success o...
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Run bad can really get me down

By: SLIMOO1 @ 03:11 (EST) / Posted In: 10 Years Later
Just bin running bad last half of the week lost about10% of my bankrole on downswing , I get my hand in corectly most of the time but lose. I get nut flush draw plus two o...
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Big Bang $5,000 GTD - February Cards-up Final Table Review

By: CannonLee @ 00:11 (EST) / Posted In: CannonLee's Grind
Hi everyone, Here is the Big Bang Main Event $5,000 Guaranteed February final table with a cards up replay plus commentary! Watch as our very own High_Suit10 battles their...
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The Conservative Poker player mtt part3 The Score

By: SLIMOO1 @ 09:29 (EST) / Posted In: 10 Years Later
So im at work one day, its about lunch time and my boss comes around and said hey do you want to buy some 50/50 tickes. I have 5 bucks in my pocket that usually goes to bu...
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