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EPT Malta Story EPT Malta Story I am in Poker for years now. Recently I got a few-month break, but didn ... Go To Blog


Painful Poker

By: schlick97 @ 19:15 (EDT) / Posted In: Freerolls
Hey guys, listen to this hand, tell me if i screwed up, or played this okay. This is 15 minutes into the Big $2.20, $0.22 deep stack turbo satelite. I had a QJ in the BB a...
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How I was busted out of a tournament ( The bubble )

By: XHORXHI 780 @ 14:10 (EDT) / Posted In: Xhorxh Blog
The blind were 1600/3200/250 i had 26000 in chips and there were 45 players left / pays 40 . I was holding KJ off-s and i call the big blind. The big blind checks and the ...
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downswings & silly talk of self doubt one year success or quit

By: divabrae @ 04:02 (EDT) / Posted In: divabrae
hey guys still in my downswing not much gone right since my tournament win over 2 weeks ago i am hurting at moment trying to play through it and study harder to put things...
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sick hand

By: XHORXHI 780 @ 20:29 (EDT) / Posted In: Xhorxh Blog
I was in late position holding AsKh , making a 3b raise , the player before me calls. The flop cames 6h 7h Kk . the player before me raises 4 bets and i reraise 12 bets, h...
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Learning To Play for Profit

By: MLP4eva @ 14:34 (EDT) / Posted In: Turning the Tables
I have been along term losing player at the micro stakes for years. I have always enjoyed the gamble of poker but never really worked to give myself an edge at the table. ...
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Making time for poker is the real grind.....

By: pirateglenn @ 06:16 (EDT) / Posted In: pirateglenn
Good morning from the UK PSOers from the pirate with hopefully another insightful, pause for thought blog. I have come to realise that over the years I have been playing t...
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Ego blinds us when we’re winning - EPT Malta Story

By: MonoPolygamy @ 13:24 (EDT) / Posted In: Reficiamus
I am in Poker for years now. Recently I got a few-month break, but didn' stop to follow the News form a poker world. On one of the major Poker site I found an article from...
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Like Eating Ice Cream

By: bgalon @ 06:56 (EDT) / Posted In: Life in the Poker Lane
A couple of year ago they built an extreme sport centre in my town. It has a skate park, caving, high rope walk, bouldering section and 60 meters of climbing walls – from ...
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schlick97's worst beats :$

By: schlick97 @ 19:14 (EDT) / Posted In: Freerolls
Hey everyone, today we are going to discuss bad beats. Everyone has had that one situation where they have AA and get it in vs KK and their opponent rivers a king. Today I...
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How do you let go of pocket pairs?

By: tyrantrex @ 17:18 (EDT) / Posted In: Missing the Mark
Hey guys, So a few days ago, I was playing in the $.27 tourney and I was really deep. I came in 80th out of about 1200 runners. At the end, I failed to take into account t...
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Goal! (Step 2)

By: SteveAAF @ 16:10 (EDT) / Posted In: Why so serious?
When New Year's was upon us, my bankroll was 0.04 and there was a lot of talk via posts and blogs about making goals. So, like everyone else, I made mine too. Well today, ...
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Spin n Go - Holy Guacomole

By: Christxof @ 16:09 (EDT) / Posted In: Christxof
So this happened this morning: I still can't believe this. It's my 2nd biggest online win, and it was mostly luck that I got this. I dominated most of the game I played to...
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5NL Zoom, Day 11, March 22 - 2015

By: dirt eh @ 13:41 (EDT) / Posted In: Grinding with xflixx
It's been a long time since I've played 5nl. I forgot about all the unnecessary agression at this stake, I believe that pot control and defense starts to matter at 5nl now...
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Weekly Analysis - Week 8 - MicroMillions and Sunday $9 Million Gtd (Continued?)

By: Underage98 @ 19:54 (EDT) / Posted In: RunItUp - $15 to $1000 in a year
Hi! Today's update is going to be a lot less formal, will just be some information on what's happened this week. First and best of all was my $9 Million Sunday Anniversary...
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MTT Preparation

By: Andromeda284 @ 11:24 (EDT) / Posted In: The Princess of Poker
Whether it’s the regular weekly tournament, the occasional satellite or the prestigious Sunday Million, there should be some sort of preparation leading up to the event. T...
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How it all began

By: prdjani @ 07:46 (EDT) / Posted In: Pradip's Poker Jounrey
It all started with me visiting the beautiful country filled with beaches, palm trees and lots of fun filled activities. Went in the casino roylale had a game of Indian po...
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I quit!

By: Supp3rMario @ 15:58 (EDT) / Posted In: Supp3rMario
Not with poker tho, but with trying to put myself in front of everybody. It just takes too much time and energy, that i don't have. Right now I want to concentrate more on...
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Welcome to my form :)

By: VJSexy @ 05:53 (EDT) / Posted In: the coolness of pokerstars
I'd like this form to allow pokerstars players to share their, real life freeroll big wins. Tell us about the length, favorite or most important hand leading to your victo...
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weekly blog :) rabid dog

By: divabrae @ 18:02 (EDT) / Posted In: divabrae
Hi guys update on my poker journey i do not want my blog to be a moan about my luck i accept this is poker i enjoy writing the blog as it gets things of my chest and a way...
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PokerStars News - March 19th

By: PSO Admin @ 14:16 (EDT) / Posted In: PSO Admin
As MicroMillion 10 kicks-off today here's a quick look at some of the more interesting numbers that caught our eye this week. $5,000,000 Guaranteed prize pool for the Poke...
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5NL Zoom, Day 8, March 19 - 2015

By: dirt eh @ 14:13 (EDT) / Posted In: Grinding with xflixx
Getting dealt game over in 17 minutes at 5nl! Very frustrating when you're trying to move up! The BR is still high enough to continue. Current BR: $128.05 19/03/1015 10:21...
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Bankroll Grind stepping up !

By: Dodgy007 @ 03:06 (EDT) / Posted In: My Poker Life
Goals for March 2015: 1) Maintain ChromeStar - CHECK 2) Increase Bankroll to $150.00 - CHECK 3) Move up Stakes to 2c/5c 5NL - CHECK All the Goals for March hit today Pumpe...
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Random piece I read from SowersUNCC - Mike Sowers

By: sim177 @ 01:20 (EDT) / Posted In: sim177
Inner conflicts are the only thing that can hold you back from what you want to accomplish. If only I was aware of what I felt or how to conquer that pain in my life I con...
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#2 BankRoll Builder MyPoKerMaNia Strategy ($0 to $100k)- 18th March 2015 bY MakSuNnY

By: MakSuNnY @ 00:06 (EDT) / Posted In: Self Challenge $0 to $100,000
This is the Second video in this series. You can also check the following spreadsheet explaining Sit N Go Win Rate https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r9-JBRwxsBGMG8cH...
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#1 BankRoll Builder MyPoKerMaNia Strategy ($0 to $100k)- 18th March 2015

By: MakSuNnY @ 23:27 (EDT) / Posted In: Self Challenge $0 to $100,000
I know it sounds impossible especially for a beginner but if this is not possible then tell me why would any beginner want to be in a poker world where he is only left to ...
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