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My BR Challenge

By: SVanzella84 @ 17:05 (EDT) / Posted In: Bankroll Challenge
First off, I don't know how many people will actually take the time to read my blog, and ultimately it doesn't make much of a difference. But to those of you that have tak...
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UK Players Beta Test VIP Steps

By: royalraise85 @ 09:30 (EDT) / Posted In: @TheRoyalRaiser
PokerStars have invited players in the United Kingdom to participate in a test of 'VIP Steps'- a new way to take advantage of the VIP Club at PokerStars. As part of this b...
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The Dream Team

By: 73REX73 @ 04:18 (EDT) / Posted In: Imported PSO user blog
You may have noticed Pokerstars are running a promotion called The Dream Team, where Pokerstars players have the opportunity to win a million dollars . It would be great i...
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Open Skill League

By: godofpoker07 @ 20:47 (EDT) / Posted In: Poker and Me
Well after a few days of crappy finishes in OSL tourney, i have placed 65th and was sitting at 3k or so standings, I am hoping that finish will bring me closer to hitting ...
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Building a bankroll via the Open Skill League

By: BUTTCHIN0707 @ 12:02 (EDT) / Posted In: Chins Blog
I've always beleived that I genuinely can make money from this beautiful game, my only problem however is a lack of discipline in terms of BR management and a lack of emot...
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By: royalraise85 @ 06:40 (EDT) / Posted In: @TheRoyalRaiser
Football superstars Neymar Jr and Gerard Pique, joined over 1,500 people in Barcelona to compete in PokerStars’ European Poker Tour (EPT) in Barcelona, which has become on...
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Hows your attitude

By: thomas49 @ 20:48 (EDT) / Posted In: Thomas49
I found that i was tilting a fair amount when i got a bad beat, out drawn, cold decked or card dead especially if it happened several times in a row during a tournament; i...
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The Open Skill League

By: Bill Curran @ 11:36 (EDT) / Posted In: Bill Curran
Many people have questioned the continued validity of the Open Skill League. They say things like 'It doesn't teach you how to play Poker' and 'How are you supposed to lea...
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After one month on the regular tables…

By: mute07 @ 09:57 (EDT) / Posted In: My Poker View
The conclusion so far is still the same, I made the right choice. On the first session of the month I pushed my BR high enough to take a shot at NL5 and that’s where I’m s...
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By: MEGA (BG) @ 18:24 (EDT) / Posted In: How to become PRO Player
Im new player , near 2 mounths . My carrier didnt start so good how can i impruve my Tournament playng skills . I mean for tournament with much tables ... i always am chip...
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Back with results

By: derek5858 @ 18:24 (EDT) / Posted In: derek58 Poker Blog
Back! this time with results. Here is my last results from 18 to 23/8: My cash results, low volume unfortunately: Here is my tournament results which contains only spin n ...
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Beginnings, my friend, begginings

By: 4rijeke @ 08:42 (EDT) / Posted In: Pimp My Ace
I started playing poker by accident, at the urging of a friend. On second thought, I do not know where he got the idea for such a thing, given the fact that by then we did...
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Live League Play Experience

By: rez71 @ 15:51 (EDT) / Posted In: The Dreaded DC (Disconnect)
CAUTION: May contain Violence and a Bag of Chips were harmed in this production..... This was a few years ago and I recall it quite a bit when people online say, "Typical ...
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One More Live Tournament - Victory!

By: Christxof @ 20:32 (EDT) / Posted In: Christxof
Online, I've been having up-and-down profits. It started with the introduction of the new Sports Stars puzzle challenge. Trying to complete the JJ challenge, I lost $20 pl...
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Every Hand Should be a Learning Event.

By: MattRyder @ 18:12 (EDT) / Posted In: Beginner's Luck
I’ve been searching around for an idea to post, and finally came up with one. Unfortunately it took a few losses to get the thought-process going. Every hand should be a l...
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20 VPP Challenge

By: godofpoker07 @ 10:20 (EDT) / Posted In: Poker and Me
lol i accepted the 20 vpp challenge, gives me a week to complete and i am happy to say i am passed the halfways mark. This is a mini goal of sorts since i don't play much ...
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Transitioning to NOW

By: casy151 @ 07:31 (EDT) / Posted In: Clearer Thinking in Poker
What was doesn’t matter. Only what is. If every poker player could live by this little aphorism, then the standard of play would skyrocket. Our mind doesn’t like the prese...
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Bankroll Management - Part Do

By: IBNash @ 15:17 (EDT) / Posted In: Tilting done right
Continued from part 1.. I had always wanted to get some training and this seemed like a great opportunity to spend on poker training from my bankroll. Sadly I did not, I p...
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Bankroll Management - Part Ek

By: IBNash @ 15:15 (EDT) / Posted In: Tilting done right
I recently won $500 while not even logged in - the Jake Cody Challenge All-In Shootout. Thank you Stars. This new boost to my BR now allowed me to play $1 180-man tourname...
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By: royalraise85 @ 11:57 (EDT) / Posted In: @TheRoyalRaiser
PokerStars this week launched an exclusive new promotion in conjunction with its ambassadors, international football stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr and Ronaldo Nazário...
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175$ spinGo down the virtual drain

By: PhatReeves @ 06:36 (EDT) / Posted In: One blog one dream
Yup that's correct ! Can you imagine playing your usual favorite pokerstars games , then selecting a 7$ spin and go , but then after you've lost probably about 30$ on your...
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One day

By: PhatReeves @ 06:09 (EDT) / Posted In: One blog one dream
Everyday I wake up and I wish I was Phil Ivey. He is so smart and is my biggest icon . If everyone played poker like Phil Ivey everybody would be my icon ! Some people do ...
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Fun Time Playing 4 Spin & Go's 1$

By: derek5858 @ 22:32 (EDT) / Posted In: derek58 Poker Blog
Fun Time Playing 4 Spin & Go's 1$ ->  
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Some more updates and playing SB & BB in 2 NLHE 6-max zoom

By: WhiteDeath55 @ 22:17 (EDT) / Posted In: Diary Of Insomniac Fish
First things first, I am not trying to tell what is right or wrong. Just sharing my view of the nano 6-max zoom as I see it. Here first my BB won graph: And overview numbe...
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Blog introduction and current situation

By: grimzreaper @ 20:42 (EDT) / Posted In: grimZ's Mostly Live Adventures
Introduction - about me My name is grimZ. I am a casual poker player who's main objective is to be playing at a decent to high level while participating mostly in live loc...
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