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Three Barrels of Bull- The Sole Read

24/7 annoying BLUFFER finds out he was my fruit picker all along
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******THE SOLE READ******   (Calling a bluff for your tournament life)


Learning to sole read is like trying to start an old bus thats been a paddock virgin for the past 20 years, Lately been on a quest to fire that part of my brain back up and its been working..

Back in the stone age the sole reading part of our brains had a full time job. It was nessecary a survival instinct. Since the rise of the free world we've never been safer so that part has gone into retirement.  

Getting a good soul read on someone in a poker tournament can be be diference between liSubmitfe or death in a tournament a wrong decision deep into a tournamnt can be a disastor. Remember poker players are good at lying but not all of them can act so pay very close attention to there agressiveness and hand ranges vs chip stacks, just drill drill drill, information and crossword puzzles, its fun when you get it.

I think was Danial (kid poker) Negranau who summed it up well when he said you have to try to get inside people heads and think what there thinking, Why the're thinking it,, Its sounds creepy but if your opponent is a player who excessively keeps clicking  the "im guna bluff you for tournament life When i dont have a hand button" sooner or later your guna have to make the call.

Also pay close attention to the action on every street of betting generally and in general when they are bluffing you, in my experience of being bluffed, it just doesnt feel right, its like you know there bluffing you but what can you do, you've gota wait for a good spot to set the reversal trap. Let him barrel you when you get pocket aces, just dont bet, act  your trying to make a draw until all his money is in the pot, then show him his pink slip or whatever slips bosses give to people when they fire them

Anyways click the link to see the hand, and my blog below explains my thought process along the way 

This is one of those hands that i felt like i could min-raise with from the button, but given the stack sizes and bluffy agressive nature of my oppenent to steal pots compulsively and always play back at me or shove everytime  i opened raised with a ligitament hand on the button i decided instead to limp and see how my opponnent reacted.  When  he just checked i could pretty much eliminate KX hands or AX hands from his range. He was just way too agressive to give me a free look at a flop otherwise...
When the flop came (K K 10)  i felt good about it like he didnt have any real peice of it.....As soon as he led out with a donk bet on the flop instead of checking to me it just felt really bluffy,... The Big blind folded and i called.
I felt like my Ace high was still the best hand there alot ... at this point i think its possable he has  some 10 hands there like 10 6 offsuit or 10 5 offsuit, so when i called his bet on the flop i thought he would most likely slow down and check the turn because my table image was very tight and crediible and he had to be considering what i had called with...

THE TURN, (Firing the second barrel)
..When he bets on the turn,    i think it less likely now that he has a 10 because i think he wouldve just checked the turn with the hands lin his range there ike 10 6 , 10 5 etc.... I felt like he was either semi-bluffing with either a straight draw with a hand like Q9 ,or  J9 ,  or that he had a hand with 2 clubs  like 9c 4c, and was chasing a flush draw.... He couldve easily played a hand like that passively preflop......

THE RIVER CARD  (The final bullet)
  When the river came and no obvious draws got there i was thinking please dont empty the clip because i dont wana talk myself into folding now, when he moved all in i had started to second guess myself,, why wouldnt he give up and just check the river if he missed his draw??   maybe he did have some kind of King rag offsuit and i was just the sucker that kept paying him off every street every street....., i had to run  it all through my head again,  His clearly fearless image,  how easily he could fire like that with nothing but air,  the zero pre-flop action, the gun blazing on the flop,  the bet sizing,  it just didnt add up, He was never trying to trap or induce us, He was trying to scare us out of a huge pot.

Making the call for my tournament life seemed crazy with ace High, but i had to proove to myself that i was reading it all right , I had to shut this guy down, show him whos boss, i mean i couldve been wrong there making that call sometimes but i had to prove it myself also that i was reading it right and, if i was wrong.....its was only a freeroll  right? lol, I mean how bad can it be really? lol
Annyways what i have learnt is that if you let people run over top of you they will continue to do so but if you make a stand and do it without them knowing your intention then they end up getting the good news, Oh by the way bluffer guy, you do realise you've been my fruit picker for the past 2 hours of this freeroll, i had to push collect but you can go now, come back next week  It makes me feel like the Robin Hood of poker, steal from the stealer so i dont have to do it so often lol great job man!  You can call me boss, See ya next week son, you can try for the big fruit. Good boy.

Thats it from me for now guys,Thank you for reading,  I hope youve enjoyed it , my first  Blog/ and  longest comment ever,  Play well, dont be shy to look people up if you think for sure they are barraling a bluff at you, you wont always be right but getting it wrong is also how we learn. Id recomend doing only on the micro stakes for now tho...when you tune it in, you'll be crushing them , feeling more confident, and have plenty of chips. ......PEACE 

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