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A dumb blog of a terrible player. What more do you need?
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I'll admit - after a great start to the year, I've been on a downstreak recently. I've lost about $20 in Zoom cash games (although I won some of it back), I went on tilt and lost all of that big Spin N Go win playing more Spin N Gos (although I do still have a $28 profit for the year, it's nothing compared to the $110 I was up by at first), and overall I don't feel as if I was playing my best. It might also have to do with the high-variance games I was playing. So I started staying away from the Hyper-Turbos I got addicted to, and went to slightly slower stuff.

And then I made a mistake a couple of days ago and decided to play a live tournament, despite how those regularly turn out for me.

The Grey Eagle Casino's 2015 schedule has changed slightly since I first started going. They still offer 3 tournaments daily, but Sunday no longer has a slower $100 tournament at noon, the morning tournaments are slightly more expensive, and there's no longer a free buffet brunch. But my one live cash has been at a morning tournament, so I thought there was still some value in them.

The morning tournaments are very fast for live tournaments; we start with 5000 chips for a $40 buy-in, with an additional 1000 chip dealer-add-on for $5 and 2000 chip prize-pool add-on for $10 after the rebuy period, which lasts 4 levels, and the levels are 15 minutes at 10-handed tables (they actually started at 11-handed tables, if you can believe it). The blinds also have slightly larger jumps than the noon and evening tournaments, too; antes come into play as early as level 5 (100/200/25) rather than 6 or 7. But the players actually tend to be worse, so I thought I would try my hand at some.

As usual, most people decide to late-enter this tournament. My table starts 4-handed, and I'm in seat 1, which sucks because it's virutally impossible to see seat 10 from this angle. I pick up one pot preflop when I raise JTs in the small blind, but that just keeps me at starting stack. I also won a small pot with Q4o from the big blind when I hit two pair, but I couldn't get more because of the 4 hearts on board. At one point I notice seat 4 slowplay the idiot-end of a 9-high straight (so he had 65o) on a board of 789QJ the whole way. He has a cast, so he's easily identifiable, and is easily one of the worst players at the table.

We finally get some more players. Seat 3 is an old guy in a Titlus hat, and seat 7 is a guy more interested in his headphone music than paying attention. He sees what happens on the board alright, but he refuses to take of his headphone to listen to the dealer yelling at him for not posting his full blinds, and has to have them ripped off THREE TIME in 1 minute before he finally got it. Headphones is also the most LAG at the table - everyone (including him) is a chronic limper, but he's the first one to actually raise; he did so three hands in a row, first a button minraise, then a cutoff 3x raise, and then a hijack 4.5x raise. He's going all over the board.

The blinds go up to 50/100, and we get an older woman joining in seat 9. First hand, the raised 4x utg, then followed that up with a small 300 c-bet on an AJx flop, and then folded to a checkraise. At the same time, she slowplayed KK by just calling a raise in the small blind with it, resulting in her giving up on an A-high flop. I can tell already she's not that great. At one point I saw her limp the button with T8s, and on a 97x board she bet three streets with the straight draw, which was a great move. Except that she admitted that she thought she had the entire straight.

At this point, the headphones guy reveals a bit of hand information. When seat 6 limped, headphones raised 5x with AA. 6 overplayed KJs at that point, and got busted from it. At this point I manage to steal a pot with an UTG raise with A3s, but otherwise I'm card dead.

The blinds go up, and I'm still card-dead for a while. I see the lady bust quickly to headhpones, who cracked her KK (played fast this time) with ATo, which flopped top two pair. Headphones is now a bigstack, and the lady goes to rebuy. With this, players are more hesitant to call raises than before, and I think I might be able to make some moves later. But first, I see the Cast in seat 4 limp utg, and seat 10 raises. Then Cast limp-raises! Depite this obviously being a huge hand, seat 10 4-bet shoved with A5s and got snapped off by QQ, giving cast some more chips.

At this point, seat 8 (in an Army Cap) has joined, and he limps in middle position. I look down at the button with KTo, the best hand I've seen all day, and I make a raise to 4x with it. I get everyone to fold and take down the pot. The very next hand, Army Cap limps AGAIN, and I look down at KK! I raise to 4x again, and this time Army Cap calls. I get an action flop: K67, two spades, giving me top set. I'm not letting him draw at a free card, so I bet slightly less than 1/2 pot, 650. I get called, and the turn is a 3 of spades. I have the K of spades, but I'm still vulnerable. After consideration, I decide to bet this turn, then check behind on the river if a non-spade comes up or the board doesn't pair. I bet 1300, but this time Army Cap folds, and I win a nice-sized pot. The last thing that happens is that the guy who overplayed A5s rebought directly into seat 2, on my left, and the first thing that he does is win a decet pot with JJ.

The blinds go up, and the rest of the table finally gets filled out, with a tight-ish Phillipino in seat 6, and a man with a horseshoe moustache in seat 9, who limped utg his first hand. Notable is seat 2, who overplayed A5s earlier, raised utg with A2s and called a shove with it, sucking out by hitting a 2 and busting seat 8, who had AJo. Seat 8 rebought and got put into the same seat. At the same time, Cast limped utg AGAIN, this time with Aces. But I'm card dead again, and go to break with 7125 chips, up over 1000. I make the add-on.

When the blinds go up again, I'm only at 30bb despite how well I'm playing. only a few things notable happened - the Cast limping the button with A8o, and seat 2 doing his stupid stuff again. He donk-overbet an A9T two-hearts flop with ATo, and gets called by a straight-flush draw that hits, crippling seat 2 again.

The blinds go up again, and I'm down to about 8000. At this point Horseshoe moustache busts when his 7s ran into 8s. And then it happens: seat 3 went all-in for his last 11 bb or so (blinds are 200/400 with a 50 ante). I look down in the small blind with ATs, and check both of them out; since we're short-handed at the moment, I think that calling here is a fine play, so I do and try to bust him. Seat 2, who was crippled, is frustrated because HE wanted to call with his J8s, which he said was his "first good hand," which literally makes me laugh. Then he makes the call anyway, and I'm up against J8s and AKs.

And the J8s makes a straight on the turn.

I manage to win the small side pot and bust seat 3 with a T on the flop, but I'm crippled to 4500 chips, or 11bb myself, so I'm in trouble. But as I lose this hand, I get moved to another table. Where I'm still in seat 1. Stranger yet, Cast and Headphones got moved to the same table in the same seats, as well. Interesting. At the same table, the woman who misplayed KK is directly to my left in seat 2, and short-stacked. Seat 6 is a different lady, and she's a huge fish, calling preflop raises for almost half of her short-stack and snap-folding the flop. Yet she doubled up with 97s, which sucked out against 77, crippling seat 2.

I also watch seat 9 limp with 110bb left before shoving the 9-high flop with middle pair, which got called and busted him.

At this point, the blinds go up to 300/600/50, leaving me at 6bb and in desperation mode. I then see headphones raise out of position, and because he's been playing so LAG, I figure my A6o is as good as I can do, so I go all-in with it. But then seat 2 called with her last 2.5bb with QQ, and Headphones (who I had no fold equity against, anyways) calls as well with his A9o.

I manage to hit a 6 on the flop and survive with the side-pot, but seat 2 hits a set on the turn and seals the deal, trippling her up and leaving me with 3.5bb (2150), crippling me further.

Two hands later, seat 9 limps with his short stack and I look down at TT. I have no choice, and it all goes in the middle. I get THREE callers: seat 2, Cast and Headphones all call, but the initial limper folds. I stand up, but the flop is 868, two spades. I don't have a spade, but it's a good flop for me. Two checks go around, and then Cast overbets, causing the others to fold. He then turns over KT of clubs, meaning he made an awful bluff into a dry side-pot and now I've dominated him! I fade the turn and river and I'm up to 10150 chips, which will only be 15bb after the break, but is much more playable.

Cast said that he completely forgot that I was all-in and was just trying to steal the pot. Doesn't excuse him for stupidity.

Blinds go up to 400/800 with a 100 ante. I'm card dead this entire level, but interesting things happen. Seat 3 limped with less than 5bb left with QTs, and doubled up through Cast when he hit his full-house. Raise-sizes tend to be big and extremely variable, being between 3-5x each. I also watch seat 8 call a 4x raise with a short stack with J9s, then fold the flop and show his hand when he missed. Most interestingly, Cast and Headphones get into a race, AQs vs 88. 88 holds up, and Cast is crippled to 200 chips, and he busts the next hand. Finally, a new guy doubled up with his 77 holding against 44.

As the blinds go up, I notice that seat 4 limped at one point and folded to a 4bb shove, when he had plenty to call with and more than 2:1 pot odds. I'm down to 6600 chips at this point due to how card-dead I was, and then it happens. Seat 10 limps his button, and because he's been playing so passively and weak, I think it's an okay spot to shove my Q4s; it's a bad hand, but he's likely to fold, and even if he doesn't it actually has an okay chance against his raise. So I shove.

Seat 2 snap-calls me with AKs. Seat 10 folds, and there's an A on the flop. I have a gutshot draw and a backdoor flush draw, but one diamond isn't enough, and I'm crippled to 1bb. I lose it 3 hands later when J9s runs into QQ from seat 6, and I'm out in 14th place.

It wasn't the best of runs - I'm not sure if there were some of these hands I shouldn't have played in the first place. Should I have called that shove with ATs? Or put my 6bb left in with A6o? Or that steal with Q4s? I'm not sure. But it's not looking good for me.

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