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After failing year 2011, Starting to grind 2012

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What to do against bad players??

Like all the time, u get those players,who will call you down with no matther what, like they want to show that they are a good bluff cachers.. But for what price? How can ...
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PokerSchool Open Skill League Online Freeroll-Deside to Play a good Poker!

Good Tournament to start learning and using pokerschool online strategy. Firstly and seriously tried to play it in 2012 January. So I realised its a good tournament, ofcour...
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Bett sizing is very important.(learn from my bad expierience)

Playing at Depositor Freroll. Qh 10h utg. So I decide to raise 3bet.  2 people call. One of them is a big stack,who likes to play almost every hand,so I assume he has...
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Playing at Pokerschool Online Freeroll,Deep.

Villain Called crazy all the time,so i decided to Raise big in order to isolate him, saw small stack after loosing last  hand,that this hand he wil shove. SO Utg with...
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