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Having The MTT Edge (Colour Tagging)

By: High_Suit10 @ 19:29 (EDT) / 842 / Comment ( 3 )

Colour tagging is a very useful system to use in MTT's. The image at the bottom of the screen is screenshot of how i tag opponents during MTT's and how it can give you the edge and allow for deep runs. By understanding a players style you have a better idea of their hand ranges and tendencies which allows for more optimal play against them. My system is as followed:

Light Green: Weak/Fishy Player - These guys are going to be your main source of income during the early/middle stages of MTT's. They are easy to spot because they play too many marginal hands, like to limp in alot, cant be bluffed, defend too light and wont fold when they make a pair. These guys love broadway cards, small pairs and suited connectors. Dont be surprised to see them getting tangled in a 3bet pot with weak holdings. Just play ABC TAG against them and take notes on their tendencies. They sometimes adjust their preflop raise size in accordance to their hand strength so watch out for 3x+ raises.

Dark Green: ABC Player - These guys are what i call your average joe player and i see some of them at final tables. They play ABC poker which means they raise when they have it and fold when they dont. This means you can steal more pots from them when checked too but if they are giving you action you should re-evaluate the strength of your hand. They are easy pickings when playing heads-up and you generally will know when you are ahead.

Dark Blue: Short Stacker - This is a tag i use for cash games and zoom. If i see someone always topping up to a specefic amount that is less than the full ring buy in, i assume they are a short stack player. This means i wont mistake them for a fish and will assume they understand shortstack play and hand ranges and therefor will not be trying to isolate them light.

Light Blue: Calling Station - These guys are goldmines and if you are lucky to get one at your table you want to get them heads up in a pot. These guys will not fold a pair or flush draw and will call you down to the death with gutshots. You can really open up your value 3bet range against these guys. I have seen myself value betting 3 solid streets with 2ndpair and still being called down with worse. So with all that said you cant bluff these guys do not even try and if they check raise the river,  watch out.

Dark Red: Lag (Loose/Aggressive) - These guys are the ones to watch because they can do alot of damage, particularly when they pick up a real hand. Lag's tend to 3bet and light 3bet alot more preflop to take the initiative. During the Middle and End game, if u have a lag on your left you will likely have to tighten up your range for steal attempts because they will play back at you. If you decide to enter a pot with one, better to do so i position. If you flop well give the guy some rope and he will do the betting with for you. If you find a LAG is really opening up their 3bet range against you i would suggest opening up your 4bet range and dont be pushed around by them.

Light Red: Loose/Weak - I see alot more of these guys everyday. They play alot of pots but they prefer to limp in and play the pot very passive. They just want to see a flop and when they miss they fold. This makes them good opponents for isolating in position because they wont fight for pots when they miss. If you have a reshove stack it can be profitable to have these players at your table because they will not be able to call your steal shoves.

Gold: Tag (Tight/Aggressive) - If i am at a table covered in Gold tags i am not a happy man. TAG's are usually the better poker players because it is usually a winning style in any format. Sure there is an argument to be made they dont defend to steals as much but an experienced TAG will play back at you if you get out of line. MTT final tables are usually crawling with them and If you are playing cash games and u find yourself at a table with TAG's you should leave right away. I try to avoid them unless i have to. These are the guys i will mix my play up with alot more because i expect them to be able to hand read more effectively than the average player.

Orange: Crazy Player - One word comes to mind, Russian. These guys are nutters. They will play any two cards. They often take massive gambles early on in MTT's to build a big stack. They tend to open for crazy amounts and 3bet shove 40bb+ etc. It's better to avoid these guys. They play alot of pots but do not try to re-steal from them without strongholdings. Even if you are above their range they love to gamble and you need to pick your spots with them. Good Luck if you get one on your left. You aint getting an easy blind steal anytime soon so find other ways to keep afloat.

Purple: Regualr Player - I usually tag more of these guys in cash games but if you use the search feature and see a player is playing a mass number of MTT tables, then there is a shot he is a reg. They usually play TAG style poker and i wouldnt bother getting involved with them unless u have to as they understand the game well and you might find yourself getting outplayed.

Light Pink: Tight/Weak - These guys dont play too many hands but when they do they limp in or min 3bet/4bet and then min bet the flop. Just overall poor poker player every raise is either small or min. If you dont know the opponent is tight weak you can overplay hands against them.

Dark Pink: Suspected Nit - I love Nits it has to be said and i dont care where they are at my table. If they are on my right i know that if they open i can easily fold. If they are on my left i know i can steal and re-steal till the cows come home. If you find a Nit in the blinds keeping hammering on them until they fight back. They are dead money waiting to be stolen. And if they 3bet you, you know what to do.

White Timmed/Passive Player - These are guys you see that make some weird plays such as cold calling with monsters because they are out of position etc. They usually never 3bet AK preflop so its hard to know where you are in a hand unless you have the nuts. These guys underrep their hands and are very bad at value betting. They make great candidates for stealing and bluffing because they hate calling without the stones. River shoves will be the nuts.

Baby Blue: PSO Player - Just a simple tagging for all PSO players i know from the series. Helps me spot them out at the tables.



A good tagging system with effective note taking will allow you to play optimal poker against different players i know it has helped me.

Good Luck at the tables



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