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Grinding away with chip, chair.... and hopefully + ROI


2013 WSOP trip part 1

By: JWK24 @ 13:39 (EDT) / 416 / Comment ( 4 )

I begin my poker journey by playing the $50 morning daily tournament at Monte Carlo on Friday.  I start out with 4k chips and draw table 9 seat 1 (there are two tables and with the two re-entries, we end up with 21 players in it, paying the top 3.

I see how this tourney is going to go within the first orbit.  I get AK and whiff the flop along with  getting 44 on an A K Q flop while trying to set mine.  The entire table is extremely passive with many stations.  The blinds are going up and I now pick up AKs on the button and raise to 7BB due to the serial limpers that are already in the pot.  The flop comes Q J 3 and I have the player in the 5 seat make an opening bet of more than the size of the pot… this is a HUGE red flag, as the person was playing about a 90% VPIP and 2% PFR (she min raised once) and had NEVER made an opening bet on the flop.  Needless to say, when it gets to me, into the muck my AK and 1/4 of my stack. 

The next two blind levels, I go totally card dead (really wish 29 was a prop hand, because I’d have made a fortune with it).  It gets down to the FT bubble and I look down at just under 5BB, due to a recent blind increase, and see 88 from the cutoff and somehow can get first in vig as everyone else folded.  In go my chips.  It folds to the BB who now goes into the tank.  He was playing very loose passive and I know that he wanted to see the flop and that I should be way, way ahead of his range.  He eventually calls and turns over AQ.  No clue what he was thinking about because I’m snap-calling a short-stack shove in his position.  The flop comes Q 9 4, the turn is a 6 and the river is another 9, so I’m out in 11th.

Saturday morning starts and after a good breakfast, I’m off to the Rio to meet up with Sandtrap777.  He was playing the $1500 bracelet event 53 and was in the Amazon Room.  I was playing the $560 WSOP bounty event that also doubled as Carnivale of Poker event 265.  I drew table 96, seat 9 in the white section of the Pavilion Room.  However, I never even got to sit in that seat, as there was a sign that my table was switched to the black section of the Pavilion Room at table 152.  We get seated and the dealer draws to see who ends up the table bounty and it’s won by seat 3.  Being the bounty can be both good and bad, as while you are not able to win a bounty until some of the tables combine and there is another bounty that ends up at your table, everyone is trying to win the $500 bounty, so they’ll call you down light.  This was put to very good use by seat 3, as he made a raise and got a 3-bet shove and 4-bet re-shove on one of his early hands… which was a jackpot when you hold KK.  He tripled up and didn’t have to worry about anyone taking him out for the next 6 hours.

I start with 20k chips, but the blinds increase quickly, as this is a one-day tourney.  Most tourneys that start this deep stacked are two or three day tourneys.  You get playability early, but after the antes kick in, they blinds go up quickly.  I get an added bonus when seat 7 shows up, as it’s a face I recognize from playing in the daily tourneys in Vegas every year when I go.  I know he’s aggressive, but has spewed chips and exited most of the tourneys I’ve been in with him earlier than me.  I’d only seen him make a FT once and he made a bad mistake in that one, as he tried to rep the nut flush when I was holding it… oops! 

The first hand I get involved in (other than a check pre into a family pot then muck the flop to a large bet), I’m on the button and look down at two red aces.  I get a min-raise and three calls of the raise in front of me, so I definitely need to 3-bet.  I pick to make a pot-sized bet instead of just going 3X the previous bet, due to the number of callers.  Well, that attempt to isolate backfired as I get 5, yes FIVE, callers.  It’s great to get aces, but I was not wanting a 6-way flop with them.  The flop comes Q Q J.  This is a big problem as with this many opps, someone could easily have one of the other two queens.  I make a pot-sized c-bet when it gets back to me and my second pot bet gets 3 callers.  The turn is what should be a blank in a 6, but brings a spade flush draw.  While I’d have liked to bet, I check behind for pot control when it’s checked to me.  With 3 players calling both bets, there is absolutely no way I can be sure I’m ahead now, let alone if a spade comes on the river.  The river is the 2 of clubs, which is another blank.  When it’s checked to me, I check behind and go to showdown, as I do have showdown value and don’t want to risk being check/raised off of my hand.  When the cards are flipped over, somehow, nobody had a Q, so my aces hold and I take down a pot that gets me up to 26k chips.  Little did I know that would be the only hand that I won in the first two hour session as I end it with just over the starting stack at 21k.

The second two hour session starts and I’m back to being card dead.  On level 6, I pick up two small pairs and get to limp behind to try to set mine.  Unfortunately, both miss, so I have to give it up to large bets on the flop.  I then pick up AK from middle position and make a standard raise and get two callers, the button and the small blind.  The flop comes Q 5 2, which could have missed everyone.  When the SB checks, I decide to make a c-bet and made a big mistake, as I was more worried about the SB than the button and was watching the wrong player.  The button grabs a large stack of chips and makes a pot-sized re-raise that is called by the SB.  With this action, I obviously muck, but was disappointed I didn’t see his reaction to the flop since I was focused on studying the other player... my bad and a leak of 1500 chips.

The next big hand I’m involved in is the last hand of level 6 (the last hand that anyone that busts can re-enter).  Seat 1 had been itching to re-enter and was talking to the floor about it for the last 10 minutes.  I’m in the BB and he open-ships his last 8k chips, BLIND!  It folds to me and I look down at AK diamonds and snap-call, as I’m way ahead of the range of a player that is going in blind.  The opp turns over QJ (a much better hand than he could have had).  The first card I see on the flop is a K, which is great… until I see the other two cards are both queens.  UGH!  The rest of the board runs out low, so I lose just under 1/2 my stack and double up the guy that wanted to re-enter. 

Two orbits later, on my bb, I get three limpers and look down at A6s and about 8BB.  I check and decide to see if I can hit a part of the flop, as I know 2 of the limpers would most likely pay me off.  The flop is Tc 4h 7c and I check, fully ready to call any bet by one of them.  With most of them being stationy, they check behind.  The turn is the K of clubs.  I open-shove (any normal bet makes me pot committed) and get called by the initial open-limper that tables T7o for two pair.  Seat 8 says, I mucked a 10, so the opp only has 3 outs at most and unfortunately for me, the river brings the case 10, which knocks me out in a bit better than 150th place (the board is really slow to update until the number remaining gets much lower and it then updated to 130 left a couple min after I was eliminated.

That evening, I decide to go to Planet Hollywood and jump into a $1/$2 NL cash game.  I sit down with $200 and proceed to get three coolers that put me down $180 (yes, I topped up when I dropped to about $100).   The table was really, really fishy, so I said to myself that if the cards can turn, I can really take advantage of the 7 seat (I was in seat 9 on a 9 player table).  I also see that seat 3 loses a hand and looks to be heading toward tilt.  Fortunately for me, the cards turn and in a very big way. 

I first pick up JJ and make a 3-bet to $20 and get 3 callers.  The flop is J 8 3 and the fish in seat 7 snap-calls my c-bet.  The turn is an 8 and seat 7 now leads into me for $25 that I smooth call, hoping that seats 2 or 3 will stay too, but they muck.  The river is a 2 and seat 7 leads out for $35.  I’m absolutely raising, the key is how much to raise.  I had seen this player call bets all the way along for $45 or under, but at $50, he’ll only call if he has the nuts.  I decide to raise to $80 (a $45 raise), he tanks for a min, then calls and tables 22 so I win a very good pot. 

The next orbit, I pick up pocket 10’s and make an open over a limper to $11, the table norm.  I get 2 callers and see a 10 high flop.  They check to me and I make a c-bet of $20 that is called by the 1 seat.  The turn is a Q and when the opp checks, I make a $30 value bet.  The opp tanks, then folds and shows pocket 9’s.  Too bad that turn was an over card or I’d have probably stacked him. 

Two orbits later, I look down at KK and make the table standard open-raise to $7 and get four callers.  The flop comes A K 4 and I make a $20 c-bet and get called by seat 3.  The turn is a K!  The opp checks and I check behind, hoping that he’d then fire the river, so that I can raise him.  The river is a 10 and the opp leads for $35.  I’m thinking… how much will this guy call…. I decide to raise to $80.  He snap-calls and says “I win, straight.”  Needless to say, with him being on the verge of tilt already, the fireworks are going when I flip over my quad kings!  At least I will say this for him, he walked away and took an extended break (for over an hour) before coming back to the table, playing an orbit, and then leaves.

I thought that hand would have been my best hand of the night.  It would NOT be my best hand.  About 20 min later, I get pocket 10’s again.  I make a standard raise and get 3 callers.  The flop comes Jd 9d 8d.  Seat 1 opens for $20 that is called by seats 5 and 7.  Seat 5 was very loose and seat 7 being the table fish.  I call and see the turn, as my Td may be the highest diamond out there and I’m in position.  The turn is a total jackpot, 7d, giving me a straight flush.  Seat 1 leads out for $35 and is called by seat 7.  With a straight flush, I didn’t want to raise the turn, as I might end up losing seat 7, so I call.  The river is the A of spades (which could have easily hit seat 7’s A/rag’s that he’s known to play.  They both check to me, so I need to make a value bet and size it at $45 (what I know seat 7 would hopefully call).  Seat 1 goes right into the tank then calls.  Seat 7 actually mucks.  Seat 1 turns over the 5 of diamonds and I show the Td for a straight flush.

The last hand I’m involved in is one where I limp behind from the cutoff with 89s.  I totally miss the flop, but by now, the table is scared every time I’m in a pot and when it checks to me, I make a $20 c-bet that is called by only seat 7… jackpot.  The turn is a total blank and seat 7 checks.  Well, based on what I know about this player, they love calling with ATC if $45 or under, but he won’t call $50+ without the nuts (nobody else picked up on this, so they kept refilling him every single time I took chips from him).  Since I have absolutely nothing, I decide this one’s time for the $50 bet instead of $45.  He tanks for a second, then mucks.  I finish the night after playing for three hours up $330!   I’d have loved to stay for another couple hours, but I needed to get back to NY-NY so that I could get some sleep for the bracelet event the next day.

I'll pick back up with Saturday in my next blog tomorrow.

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