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Grinding away with chip, chair.... and hopefully + ROI


HPT St. Louis Event 3 and 3/6 limit cash game

By: JWK24 @ 21:59 (EDT) / 84 / Comment ( 1 )

This one's going to be a little of good and bad, so let's start with the worst part, then end up on a good note.

I played in HPT event 3 today ($230 buy-in with 15k starting stack and 30 min levels).  I started at table 31 seat 3... which had to be the coldest table in the casino... literally.  There was an AC vent right above the table and it felt like we were stuck in a freezer!  At the first break, when I walked away from that table and went to the restroom, the rest of the casino had to be 25-30 degrees warmer!

My table was interesting with the seating assignments.  All the aggros were on one side of the table (seats 6-10).  All of the TAG's and two tight/passives on the other side of the table (1-5).  This setup really favored a number of the hands that I was dealt during the 3+ hours that I was in the tourney.  Over that time period, I was dealt FIFTEEN  small/mid pocket pairs (22-77).  When I was first to act, I made std raises with them, when others limped first, I limped behind hoping to setmine.  One of the aggros on the other side of the table (honestly, the worst player at the table) was a loose/passive preflop and involved in all 15 of them too.... and knew if I hit, I could count on him to bet, so that I could raise him.  Unfortunately for me, not a single one of the fifteen pkt pairs turned into a set... and on 12 of them, I saw all 5 cards on the board.

I did however, just after the first break (2 hrs in) finally win a hand.  I had QJ diamonds on the button and with 6 in the pot, limped behind to see the flop in position with the most aggressive players already being out of the hand.  The flop comes AKQ, all black.  It checked around to me, so I made an 800 bet and was shocked to see everyone fold to me.  With that many in the pot, someone had to have a low A or a K????? 

I did have AK once too, at 300/600/50.  The player to my right, that was in a number of pots, but was getting cards and not out of line, raised pre to 1500 that I flatted.  He'd limped a number of hands, but had always raised to 2.5BB whenever he hand a pkt pair (showed 3 of them earlier with the same bet type), so I put us in a race.  The flop comes Q83 rainbow and he made a 3/4 pot value bet that I mucked to.... I didn't show him my AK, but he did show me top set.  Thought he really overplayed it, as on the flop, he should have bet much less to give me drawing odds and get more chips out of me.  Glad that he didn't give me the price to see an A or K, because I'd have probably went bust there if I did due to my stack size.

When the blinds went up to 400/800/75, I went from just over 10BB to just under 10BB, so I was looking for a hand to shove.  I got to see a HU flop from the BB with 9To.  I could have shoved pre, but knew that the opp would call since it was one of the aggros.  The flop comes J98, so I have 2nd pair and an OESD... here's my shot, I shove my 6k+ into the pot.  The opp thinks about it, then calls... and flips over pocket 10's?!  With me as a short stack, having a pair better than 2nd on the board and an OESD too, not sure what he was thinking about, as I'd have called a short stack with that there in a heartbeat.   I missed my 10 outs and ended up in about 120th of 201.

Now for the good part.  Last night when I went over to sign up for today, I played 3/6 limit for a while.  I waited around for about 15 min, then they started a new table, a table that to me is now known as the fish bowl.  The player to my right was the second best at the table and a pretty good limit player.  The player to my left was the next best... the rest.... see 2 cards, play them and chase anything to the end, regardless of board texture, table dynamics, etc.  Just the kind of table that I want to be at.

The first hand I was involved in past the flop (saw a couple flops with suited connectors that missed prior to this) was with 9T of clubs.  I see an 8-way flop and get a 278 flop (one club).  One of the early position limpers bets, so I call behind and so do 5 others.  The turn is the 5 of clubs.  Now I've got a monster draw, flush and double gutter!  Same player bets and everyone calls.  The river is a jackpot card for me, J spades, giving me the nut straight.  Same guy leads, I raise and get 3-bet by a late position aggro!  Needless to say, when the initial bettor calls, I cap it, called by both and I win a great pot.

I then pick up QQ in the BB.  Six limps and I raise pre when it gets back to me that is called by all.  Flop:  Q 6 3.  I lead and get 5 callers.  Turn is a 4, I lead again and get 4 callers.  River is a 3 and I lead again.  This time, an older guy that had been aggressive, raises me.  Needless to say, I 3-bet and as he only has 3 chips left after my raise, he puts the rest in.  No way am I folding Q's full and if he does have quads... so be it, I'll say NH and go onto the next one.  He turns over 25o for a straight, to my full house.   Another great pot for me.

About five min later, I get AA.  Bet, 3 limps, I raise and called by all four.  The flop is A J 5.  All check to me, I bet and get 2 callers.  The turn is a rainbow 8.  They check to me, I bet and take that pot down.

The last hand I'll list is another perfect limit hand on the button about 30 min later.  It's another limpfest and I'll gladly get involved with QJ clubs into a 9-way pot.  The flop is Tcl, 9cl, Ah.  The SB leads and everyone calls.... I could have raised, but my last 2 raises were action killers, so I call behind with my monster draw.  The turn is the 8dia. I've now got the nut straight and still have the flush draw.  A bet and 3 calls before me, so I call behind again.   The river is a the K of hearts.  A different player now leads and is called.  I raise, get those two callers (one all-in) and take down another great pot.

If I could have hit another couple of the larger pots that I was involved in, I could have covered BOTH of the buy-in's for the tourneys just from this one limit game.  Still ended up with a very good profit for only playing about three hours and felted two opps!




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