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Grinding away with chip, chair.... and hopefully + ROI


Harrah's Joliet Week 1

By: JWK24 @ 04:12 (EST) / 509 / Comment ( 5 )

Interesting evening.  I got to meet up with Dave (TheLangolier) and Dave (JD).  Great couple of guys!  Luckily none of us were are the same starting tables, so we didn't have to beat up on each other early. 

The top 3 each week are ITM but the other goal is to accumulate league points.  Getting league points is something like playing in the PSO leagues but using a different point system.  The first nine weeks, players accumulate points based on their finishes (top 6 count).  Players also can get bonus points for playing more than 6 weeks (5 pts for 7, 15 pts for 8, 25 pts for all 9).  I'm planning on playing in all nine of them, the only way that I wouldn't is if the weather's bad and I can't make it to the casino.
Instead of taking a shot and not worrying about league points in the first few tourneys, I decided that I wanted to try and get a decent finishing position in the ones with more entries (tonight had 71 entered) and then after I have multiple good finishes, then try to be much more aggressive in the later ones.  Of course, if I get hands, I'm playing them in the earlier tourneys, but I wouldn't take quite as many chances the first couple of weeks.  My thought process for this is that a better finish in a larger field should get me more league points and if I wanted to be more aggressive and go for a win, then I'd be able to do it in a later tourney with less in the field.  A number of people had said to me that the first week or two of the league normally get the most entries, then then ones after them they will drop off some.

When everyone got to their first table, Dave knew two of the players from the league/cash games he's played in, reads on them was some much appreciated advice.  His reads were 100% spot on too and actually one was KO'd by the other as the better player was beat by a looser player that rivered a flush.

The table started off as a limpfest, might have been the most passive table I've ever been at in my life.  I was in the BB the first hand with total trash and got to see a 6-way flop for free.  Missed everything, but that hand really set the table for me.  Two hands later, I'm on the button and get 66.  Four limps before me so I joined in, setmining, and the blinds both stayed.  Flop K 6 2 rainbow.   It checks around to me, so I make a value bet of 3BB (first bet over a min bet at the table), everyone folds and I take down my first pot.
I then go the next two orbits observing the play of the opps without cards.  I did get to see the next BB's for free, but missed and had someone each time make value bets with legit hands that were called down by other opps to showdown, so I got to see some of the hands.
The next hand that I played was AQ off from the hijack.  I made a standard early raise (3BB) and had three callers.  Flop 3 A J.  It was checked to me and I made a just under 1/2 pot value bet to protect against a broadway draw and everyone folded.
About 30 min went by before I got my next playable hand, which wasn't bad becauase the blinds were so low and there were no antes.  There had been a few std raises by now from people, but there were still many, many limpfests.  I'm in the SB and get black 66.... the exact type of hand that I'd want in a big limpfest, a small/mid pkt pair.  4 limpers, including UTG (a player that was loose passive preflop and then only if they hit a part of the flop... any part of the flop, they would then make smaller value bets or call real value bets) and the hijack (the looser opp that Dave told me about, loose stationy type preflop that would bet if he hits) .  Flop K 6 Q rainbow.  I know someone had to have hit a part of the flop, so I checked.  UTG bets 3BB and is called by the hijack.  UTG always checked if he missed, so I knew he had either the K, Q or both.  With it being a rainbow board and the hijack liked suited cards, put him on most likely Kx.  The turn was the fourth suit 3.  I led the turn for just under 1/2 pot because I thought that UTG would call and I didn't want him to check and let the hijack see the river for free if he was scared after the flop calls due to having a Q. UTG calls, the hijack mucks.  River was a blank (8) .  I led out for the same amount I bet on the turn, as I didn't want to bet more and have him go away.  He called and I took down a really good pot. 
A few hands after this was the first break (end of level 3) and I had over 7k chips.  Not many players were knocked out the first hour, as they hadn't even broken a table yet.  I know from the similar daily tourneys I've played in other casinos that the key hour to make it past is the 2nd, but I thought that 1 table would have been broken.

The second session started off ok for me.  They finally had broken the first table and the manager told the dealer that my table would be the next to go.  I decided to use my table image to my advantage here, as coming back from break, the antes started.  Time to steal a few blinds (and maybe a few limps too!).  About a 1/2 orbit in, I got Q 10 off on the button after one limp.  I put in a std raise (3BB + 1BB for the limper).  All fold, my pot.  The next time I was in the BB, the same two players from my set of 6's hand limped.  I had total trash, one of the tank's other prop hands, 5 9 off.  I thought that I could get away with one, so I made a std raise (3BB+2BB for the limpers) and took that one down without a fight preflop.

Unfortunately, a few hands after that one, the table broke.  I hope I get that same table again next week, but it doesn't break as quick. :-P   Table 3 seat 2 was really good to me.

The seat I drew was to go to table 7 seat 9.  That pick was my BIGGEST mistake of the night.  I get to the table just in time to see JD's 22 hand.  At least we got to see cards in a hand together.  As good as I was doing at the first table and at least getting some playable hands in playable positions, this table was the exact opposite.  Cold-decked doesn't even begin to describe what happens to me.  Between the move and the second break, all I could get was a walk in the BB and one smaller pot.  I was hoping that the break would change the cards some, as my stack had gone from about 9k or so, down to about 5k at the second break (got a 75 chip bonus from coloring out the 25's as I had 1 left at break).

I come back from break and the cards did change for a number of the players at the table, but not me.  I saw so many 2 5 off's that I don't care to see that hand again for a few months.  The interesting thing that happened was that my table now became the KO table.  Between the point where JD lost with 22 and when I got KO'd, my table had about or over 50% of the KO's.  Being able to muck every hand when QQ, KK, JJ, etc are flying around every hand isn't a bad thing, but the blinds/antes were starting to get up there and were eating away at my stack.  About 5000 chips don't last too long at 500/1k with 100.  I got two walks from the BB to help keep me going somewhat.  The first one I had A3 and the second one I had that hand again... 2 5 off.  SB said to me on the 25 hand that if I had a 5 I had him beat, so since it was already a walk anyway, gave him a laugh and showed it.
I was trying to find anything to shove for a double up, but for over 3 orbits I didn't see an ace, even one face card, suited cars nor pair... with the exception of A/rag after multiple all-in's.  I finally get J 10 off in the SB and push.  The BB was the table big stack, as he hit a 3-way all-in preflop hand with KK that turned into a set.   He had K 8 off and called.  The flop was J K 6.  Brick on the turn, brick on the river.  Out in 21st.

With the first table that I had, I was hoping for better, but now have at least a semi-read on a number of the players, so that if I see them again at my table, I can go from there.  Plus, I have a top 30% finish for the league points.   Hopefully next week will be better.

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