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Grinding away with chip, chair.... and hopefully + ROI


Harrah's League Week 9

By: JWK24 @ 02:27 (EST) / 541 / Comment ( 3 )

Thirty players showed up tonight and I started out at table 6 seat 5.  IMO, I got the worst table draw, as I thoroughly expect at least 5 from it to be in the finals, maybe even all 7.  The player to my left was tight/passive, but the two on his left were an aggressive player and to his left was #1 on the leaderboard.  The three on my right all have final tables from one of the prior league finals and one of them won the cash league last summer.  The way I look at it was that it was a good warm-up table for next week and since the top 4 pay each week, still have a shot at getting some cash.

I start off by mucking a couple total trash hands, then pick up 33 on the button and limp behind into a family pot.  The flop comes AKQ with two hearts, so needless to say, this one's an easy muck to the flop bets.

The next orbit, I pick up A7 on the button and this time it's folded to me.  I make a standard raise and win my first pot of the night.  The only other hand I'm involved in at the first blind level is from the BB with K7 when the small blind completes.  The flop comes A K 7.  He checks, I fire out a 1/2 pot bet and take it down when he mucks.

The blinds go up to 50/100 and the first hand I pick up AQ from UTG, make a std raise to 300 and take down another one preflop. 

Three hands later, on the button, I have two limps in front of me, look down at AA and make another std, this time to 500 due to the limpers.  The BB and one of the limpers call.  The flop is 2 5 8 rainbow and when it checks to me I bet 650 that is called by the limper.  The turn is a J and when checked to, I fire out 800.  The opp thinks about it for a sec and mucks.  That's it for this level, minus a couple of flops that I saw for free from the BB, missed horribly and mucked on the flop.

The blinds go up to 100/200 and here is the most interesting hand of the night for me.  The table is now up to 9 players due to another table collapsing.  It folds to me in the HJ and I look down at A3 diamonds.  I make a standard open-raise to 500 and am called by the button and the BB.  The flop comes A hearts, 10 hearts, 3 clubs.  The BB checks and I bet 800.  The button snap-calls and then the BB snap-SHOVES?! 

If I'm against one opp, they could have a big ace (AJ, AQ, AK), but two snap plays.... into the tank I go... and this one isn't an easy decision.  I'm ahead of anyone with a flush or straight draw and I'm ahead of a big A.  The only thing I'm behind is AT or a set.. and both are well within the opp's ranges having just called.  The BB had previously showed raising with AJ, so i didn't put him on a big A since he'd raised before with one... but is smart enough to try to be sneaky with one too.  The button seemed like a draw (later the BB told me he read the same thing), so if my read was right on him, I'm not worried about him.  My gut said I was behind the BB, so I finally decide to muck my cards.  Really good thing I did too.  The button flips over QJ hearts for a combo flush, straight , royal flush draw and the BB flips over AT for a bigger 2 pair.   The turn card is a low heart, so the button takes the lead in the hand.  However, the river is the case A, giving the BB a really big stack and a knockout.  I end the first hour with just under the starting stack, which all things considered, was pretty good. 

The second hour starts and the antes kick in.  The first level (100/200/25) is uneventful for me as I'm getting bottom 10% hand after bottom 10% hand, until about a minute to go in the level.  I look down at AQ and make a standard raise to 500 and have the table short-stack shove on me (third shove in the last orbit with the first two being pocket 10's and 67o).  It's an extra 675 to call, which I do.  Bad move number one, as the opp flips over AK.  The board runs out the lowball express, so I lose just under 1/2 my stack.

An orbit later, I'm in the BB and have the cutoff make a standard raise to 500.  I look down at A8 diamonds and with 4.5BB (soon to be 2BB) in front of me, I shove.  The opp calls and flips over 77, so we're off  to the races.  The flop comes 5 6 9 with two diamonds, which gives me 16 outs since they had the 7 of diamonds.  The turn is the 7 of spades and the river is the A of clubs.  Where's the pai gow table?!  I've got a straight with a pair of aces!  At least this gets me up to 5BB as the blinds are going up to 200/400/50.

We now combine down to two tables.  My table stays as Dave's table breaks.  As he's moving to the other table, he walks by and shows me his chips (almost 2 full trays, so he's gotta be the chip leader).  I asked him what bank he robbed!  

The next hand I'm in is from the BB.  The SB completes again (tight passive player, so a raise would start sounding alarms).  I look down at cowboys and shove my about 4BB in.  I thought that a shove here would look fishier than trying an awkward raise and sure wasn't limping them and letting him see an A.  The opp goes into the tank.  A few seconds later, he counts out the chips to call, looks at his remaining stack without them, thinks some more and says "It's yours.  If I had an extra 1k chips I'd have called " and shows pocket 7's.  I wish he'd have had the extra chips, as he'd have had 2 outs.  I do understand his point though, as he'd have been left with about 2BB if he called and lost.

The blinds go up again and are now up to 300/600/50.  With just under 3BB left, I'm looking for a spot to shove.  The first few hands are bottom 10% hands with others shoving too, so those aren't happening.  I then have it fold to me in the CO and look down at KQ spades.  That definitely qualifies in my book and shove.  The next few seconds make me know I'm in deep trouble.  The SB overshoves, which is not totally unexpected, since he'd want to try to isolate me.  However, the BB shoves behind him.  One may have Ax, but two overshoves is definitely not good.  The SB flips over AA and the BB flips over JJ.  The board runs out all low cards and only one spade, so I'm out in 17th. 

The week that I want to run good in though, is next week.  That's when the big $$ is on the line.  I'll be playing in the semi-finals at 3pm.  There could be up to 34 playing in it (depends on exactly how many that needed to show up tonight to qualify, actually did).  I'll update this tomorrow when I get the numbers.  The semis will play down to 10 people that will then transfer to the finals, that starts at 7pm.  I went the semis route last year and got into the finals, then the final table.  Hopefully I can duplicate that, but run a bit better in the finals.   However, it looks like Dave, due to his deep run tonight, may have been able to sneak into the top 10 and due to that, gets to go straight to the finals.        



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