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Grinding away with chip, chair.... and hopefully + ROI


League Week 4

By: JWK24 @ 04:18 (EST) / 559 / Comment ( 6 )

Thirty three players showed up tonight to play week four.  This actually surprised me, as I thought that there may be a really low turnout due to the weather.  It normally takes me about 45 minutes to get there and it took me well over 2 hours.

I start off at table 3, seat 5 and think that I got a pretty bad draw.  Seat 1 is a pretty good player that was in on the finals chop from the last league.  Seat 2 is a tighter, sometimes passive opp.  Seat 3 is the tightest at the table.  Seat 4 is the winner from week 2 that likes to chip up or chip out.  Seat 6 is open.  Seat 7 plays loose passive preflop, but knows how to be aggressive post-flop.  Seat 8's an unknown.  Seat 9's open and seat 10 is a tight passive.

The first hand that I'm involved in is on seat 2's BB.  I make a standard open to 150 with AJs and it folds to seat 2, that calls.  The flop comes A 6 8.  When seat 2 checks to me, I bet 225 that after a minute, is called.  The turn is a 3 and now the opp leads for 300.  I figure him to have an ace, but think that he'd 3-bet me with AQ or especailly AK and I'm hoping that he didn't have ace/rag and hit the rag too.  I call the 300 and we get a 2 on the river.  The opp checks to me and I decide to check behind, since I do have showdown value but don't want to give him the opportunity to check/raise me if he's got 2 pair.  He flips over AJo and we chop the pot.

When it gets to my BB, there are five limps and when I look down at 8 10 off, I decide to see the flop for free.  The flop comes 10 7 3 with two spades.  When the SB checks to me, I lead out for 225, both for value and to see where I'm at.  Everyone mucks except for the SB, which being loose, could have about anything.  The turn is the 9 of hearts and the opp checks again.  With top pair and an open-ended straight draw, I bet 375.  The opp tanks for a minute and calls.  The river is the 2 of diamonds and the opp checks.  As I'm reaching for 600 to bet, as soon as I pick up the chips, even before I put them into the pot, the opp mucks.. so I take down a nice pot.

The very next hand, I look down at AJ, raise to 150 and take down another one. 

The blinds now go up to 50/100 and I'm involved in another one from mid position.  There is a limp from seat 4 and I look down at AK.  I raise to 400 and am called by seats 10 and 4.  The flop comes K 8 6 rainbow.  Seat 4 checks, I bet 600, they both muck and I take down another one.  This is the last hand that I'm involved in at this table, as the blinds go up which ends late-reg and we also get down to 30 left.  I draw table 6 seat 5 and move there.

I get to table 6 and hope to stay there, as they've been using this one as the final table for the league games.  I see a number of familiar faces too.  Seat 3 is definitely one to look out for as he is the league winner from two leagues ago, a seat to the WSOP ME (a good friend of Dave's that I played in the HPT event in St Louis with last fall with).  Seat 4 is another tourney reg that is a very smart player.  At least I have those two on my right.  Seat 6 is the player that was in seat 3 at my old table.  Seat 7 is a tighter player that I don't have much history being in hands with.  Seat 8 is a 100% total unknown (I find out she is about as tight/passive as you get as she check/calls with QQ and KK all the streets on boards without overcards?!  Doesn't understand value betting at all).  Seat 10 is the one with bet tells that took me out last week when I short-stack shoved 66 into her big blind QQ.  Seat 1 is a player that can play tight or loose, but DOES understand pot-odds (know this from some of his comments from prior weeks and tonight with a few hands he was involved in).  Seat 2 is another total unknown that I've never even seen before.

We start out at 100/200 and I'm pretty quiet this level, as I'm getting absolute trash for cards.  48, 39, 27, 59, 58, repeat.  We hit the first break and I'm at 4175 chips, a bit above the starting stack.

The second hour starts and the antes kick in.  The first level here, once again, I'm pretty quiet, as I'm getting the same cards that I got the last level of the first hour.  We do however lose seats 6 and 2 and to level out the tables, we get a short stack into seat 9. 

The blinds now go up to 200/400/50 and in my BB, it folds around to seat 3 that raises to 1k.  I look down at AQ and decide to flat when the SB folds.  The flop is three undercards (10 high) and since the button raised pre, I decided to check to the pre-flop raiser.  He checks behind.  I figured he would have c-bet a pair most of the time, so i'm ranging him on two overcards, just like me.  The turn is a Q and I lead out for 800, really hoping that with the bet size being a bit smaller than his preflop raise that he might check-raise me (if he did, I was 3-bet shoving).  He snap-calls.  The river is an A and I lead out for 1500.  The opp now goes into the tank.  I figured he'd snap-call with two pair or raise me with KJ.  I'm now putting him on a Q connector, like QJs.  After a couple minutes, he decides to muck and shows me a Q, so I return the favor and show him a Q.  At the next break we were talking about the hand and I find out that he had KQ and told him that I did have AQ.  That pot helps, as it gets me to an above average stack. 

The next hand ironically is the my next BB as the blinds go up to 300/600/75.  This time seat 3 limps and seat 4 does too (expected since he's getting great pot-odds if I check).  I look down at J3s and think for a bit about making a squeeze here, but decide to check and see the flop.  The flop is three low cards with a 3.  The SB checks and I lead out for 750.  Both opps muck and I take down another pot.  I end the second hour with 6300 in chips.

The third hour starts and the blinds are now up to 500/1k/100 and all the short stacks need to shove, if they haven't already.  The first hand I'm involved in, I raise to 2500 and take one down preflop.  Three hands later, I raise to 2500 again with AKs and the new player that is moved into seat 10 (solid league/tourney reg that is the big stack at the table) shoves on me.  It folds to me and into the tank I go.  I'm priced in, but with all the history that the two of us have, I don't even remotely think it's a light shove, probably QQ+ and with that range, I'm flipping or crushed.  After a couple min, I decide to muck.  That was not an easy decision and may have been a -EV fold, but I think I made the right play.

The next hand I'm involved in is from the SB after seat 4 busts.  It folds to seat 3 that is now really short and he shoves.  I look down at QQ and decide that I don't want the BB hanging around in case they have an ace or K, so I decide to re-shove.  The BB gets out of the way and the opp flips over two undercards.  I get a Q on the flop, so I win another pot and take out one of the best players at the table.

I then start picking up a bunch of trash again, including 27o a couple more times, 58, 94, etc, etc, so I'm out of the hands easily while others are busting.  The other table busts someone, so they move over to my table and we redraw for seats at the final table.  I move to seat 9 and end up right between the two biggest stacks at the table. 

We start off and I'm back to being card dead and fold the first orbit.   I then pick up pocket 10's and make a raise to 2500 and take a pot down preflop.  Seat 6 busts, so we're down to 9 left. 

When it gets to me in the CO, the blinds are now up to 600/1200/200 and I get my first decision.  Seats 1 and 2 that are in the blinds are basically blinded out and really should be playing ATC, especially seat 2 that only has 100 chips behind.  I look down at A4o but notice that the big stack in seat 10 is already reaching for chips.... and lots of them.  I know that shoving here is definitely a +chip EV play, but is it really a +tourneyEV?  If he's got a real hand, he's most likely taking them out and me too if I shove.  I've got seat 2 covered, but don't have seat 1 covered, so if we both go out, I get the lower spot due to having less chips.  Also, seats 3-5 are really short too.  While I want to get a top 4 to get ITM for today, I also need to look at the big picture.  Each spot that I can ladder climb is worth more and more league points and right now I'm sitting just outside the top 10.  Being in the top 10 after the 9 weeks would get me directly into the finals, which is a huge plus as you don't have to worry about getting coolered in the semis.  I decide that the since it's the bigstack, that I know to be a very solid player, reaching for a bunch of chips, I'm going to muck and sit this hand out.  The bigstack bets 10k, is called by both players and flips over QQ.  However, the SB has an ace that hits TWO PAIR.  Seat 2 is eliminated getting us to 8 left.

I'm back to being card dead and looking for something to shove with.  When I'm in the SB, it folds around to me, which should be the perfect scenario for me to shove.  That is, until I look down and see of all things, the tank hand (27o).  I decide to let it go and try my luck next orbit.  

I fold all the way to when I'm UTG (all bottom 10% hands) and I look down at KJ.  Well, that definitely qualifies for a shove and I do so.  I'm called by seats 4 and the 2nd big stack in seat 8.  The flop is K 8 3 rainbow and both opps check.  Who knows, maybe my K is good.  The turn is a J and when seat 4 checks, seat 8 bets 2400.  Seat 4 mucks and seat 8 flips over J 10.  One very badly needed pot for me.

As the blinds go past me, they go up to 1k/2k/300 in my SB.  The next big hand is when I'm in the CO with an easy decision... mucking another tank hand.  Seat 4 has limped and seat 10 limps behind.  Seat 1 shoves (only a few chips more) and is called by seats 3, 4 (all-in for less) and 10.  On the flop, seat 3 shoves and seat 10 gets out of the way.  Seat 3 lucks into 2 pair with 37?  This takes two more players out, so there are now 6 left. 

I'm still looking for any spot to get my chips into, but I'm not finding much.  The blinds now go up to 2k/4k/400 and seat 5 gets eliminated putting us on the money bubble with 5 left.  I'm the shortest stack followed by seats 6 and 3.  Seat 6 is the first to shove from the SB and wins a set of blinds/antes (couldn't do anything with 38o).  It gets to my BB and whether I like it or not, I'm playing this one.  Seat 10 decides to isolate me and raises to 10k.  The others get out of the way and since I'm pretty sure he's got a real hand, I'm at least hoping for 2 live cards.  He turns over AJo and I flip over 79o.  The first card I see on the flop is a sight for sore eyes.... a seven!  However, the final card on the flop is a J, so now I'm behind again.  The turn is a 10, so I now have even more outs as I can win with a seven, eight or nine.  The river is a brick, so I'm out on the money bubble in 5th.

I'll post a comment later on Wed, when the new league standings come out, as this is definitely a keeper score for me and should move me up in the standings, maybe into the bottom of the top 10.  It'll also be very interesting to see how many that were just above me missed tonight, because if they did, when the bonus points get added in, I'll pass them since I'm planning on playing every week.     



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