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Grinding away with chip, chair.... and hopefully + ROI


League Week 7

By: JWK24 @ 03:36 (EDT) / 744 / Comment ( 5 )

There were 37 players in the league tonight, which was a pleasant surprise, as I had figured that the number would be less since this was week seven (some people normally quit playing after 6 weeks and qualifying for the semis).  I draw table 5, seat 4 and see that I got a pretty rough table draw.

Seat 1 is a decent, tighter player.  Seat 2 is a loose and normally passive.  Seat 3 is open.  Seat 5 is a tighter player.  Seat 6 is a week winner that is locked into the finals.  Seat 7 is a prior cash league winner.  Seats 8 and 9 are the table ATM’s.  They both are loose and can be both passive and aggro.  Seat 10 is a player in the top 10 currently.  Other than the two spots, it’s a pretty solid table that could pass for any weekly final table.

I start the night off at 25/50 blinds and the first couple hands are trash for me and easy mucks, but I see that the monster hands are flying.  The first hand had seat 6 limp AA and get an A on the flop… and got paid for it on every street. 

The third hand, I pick up AJ diamonds from UTG and make a standard opening raise to 150.  I get called by seat 9.  The flop comes three low cards with two diamonds.  If the opp has any part of the board, I’ve got two draws at 15 outs.  Since he’s known to like to call pre and bet post-flop, I decide I’m going to check to him and he bets 200.  While I know I’m behind, I’m actually the favorite in the hand as of now, so I call the 200.  The turn is a low blank and I decide to let him bet again.  Surprisingly, he bets another 200 and doesn't raise his bet.  Well, that definitely prices me in, so it’s an easy call.  The river is the K of clubs and since I know he’s got me beat, I check/fold to another 200 bet.

Two hands later in my SB, I get three limpers in front of me and look down at pocket queens.  I make a standard raise to 300 and get 3-bet to 500 by seat 5.  The limpers go away and when it comes back to me, I decide to call.  There are too many chips in the pot not to at least see the flop with a made premium hand, but alarm bells are going off telling me that I’m behind.  The flop comes A K 4.  Well, even the marginal hands that I could have been ahead of now have me crushed, so I check.  Seat 5 bets 500 and I muck my QQ, and have the opp flip over AA.  I’m glad that was a K on the flop instead of a Q or I’d have been busted in dead last, as I wouldn’t even consider laying down a set there.   Not even an orbit in and I’ve already lost 1/3 my stack.

The blinds now go up to 50/100 and the first orbit here is an easy one for me, as I get total garbage and muck all of them preflop.  Right before the blinds go up however, I’m UTG and look down at 77 and decide to open for 300 and get two callers.  The flop is a jackpot for me, A J 7.  I lead out for 600 and get one caller (seat 9).  The turn is a 5 and I lead out for 800.  Seat 9 mucks and I get back some of my chips.

The blinds go up on my BB, to 100/200, but I have trash in both blinds and muck.   However, on my button, I pick up AJ diamonds again and with it already being a family pot with 5 limpers, I decide to call behind and see the flop.  Three low black cards makes my decision here very easy to muck to a flop bet.

Two hands later, on seat 6’s button, there are two limps and I pick up KQ diamonds.  I decide to call and see a flop again.  The flop comes 9 5 3 with one diamond.  Everyone checks and we see a turn J.  It checks around to me and I decide to semi-bluff and bet 600.  Even if someone has a J, I possibly have 10 outs to beat them.  I get one caller, seat 8.  The river is one of my outs, a queen.  The opp checks to me and I decide to bet 800.  He snap-calls me and flips over AJ.  I turn over my KQ and pick up another pot.  I end the first hour with 5125 in chips, which is a good recovery from where I was at.

The second hour starts and here come the antes (100/200/25).  The first orbit is very uneventful.  I even muck when it’s folded to me in the SB (good thing too, as I had 48o and the BB had 66). 

The next orbit at the end of the level, I’m in the SB and have UTG (seat raise to 525 that is called by seat 2.  I look down at QQ and decide to 3-bet to 2100, a little less than half my stack.  The BB in seat 6 and seat 8 get out of the way, but seat 2 shoves.  My plan when I 3-bet was to call anyone that shoves since I have a premium made hand, so in go the rest of my chips into a HUGE pot.  I flip over my queens and seat 2 shows AJ?!  The worst hand I’d shown all night was top pair/second kicker and she 4-bet shoves with AJ?  Needless to say, I’m shocked to only see one overcard, which makes me a better than 70% favorite to have a large enough stack that I should be able to milk to another final table.  After the flop, I’m an even larger favorite, as the flop comes 4 J 8.  Unfortunately for me, the turn is an ace, so now I’ve got two outs and miss on the river, so I’m out in 30th.

Since I’m playing all 9 qualifying weeks, I get to drop my three worst scores.   I need one deeper run (guessing fifth or better) to lock me into the finals and I’ll gladly take a better than 70% chance to get a final table stack.  Going into tonight, I was listed in 15th, but really in eleventh due to the bonus points that I’ll get for playing all the weeks (1 point out of 9th).  It’ll be interesting to see where I’m at tomorrow when the update happens, as I know that at least one player ahead of me missed and the player a point ahead of me didn’t gain anything, as he went out before I did.  If I didn’t drop much, I’ve still got a really good shot at the top 10 and even if I did fall a number of places, something around a top 5 should get me in.  I'll put in a comment when the update comes out.

Dave did however keep our streak up with an 8th tonight.  He’s made the final table in every odd numbered week, I’ve made it every even numbered week.  Hopefully it’ll still hold next week and I can get my fourth final table.

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