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Grinding away with chip, chair.... and hopefully + ROI


Oct 2015 WSOP Circuit Monster Stack

By: JWK24 @ 00:07 (EDT) / 143 / Comment ( 5 )

I went to the Horseshoe in Hammond, IN to play in the WSOP Circuit Monster Stack tournament today.  I start out with 612 other players and draw table 25, seat 2.  It’s an interesting table as 3 of the players are travelling circuit regs and I’ve seen 3 others from playing in HPT and Circuit events in the area, so there shouldn’t be too many wildcards. 

I get involved in the first hand as I won the BB and when it folds to the SB, he raises and I decide to call in position with AJ against one of the circuit regs.  The flop is 3 low cards and when the opp checks, I fire out 150 (half pot).  He calls and the turn is a blank, so when he checks, I check behind.  The river is a king and he checks again.  With only ace high, I check behind and muck when he turns over KQ.

I’m back at it again in the third hand as I look down at 99 and call a raise into a 4 way pot to setmine.  The flop is AKQ, so needless to say, it’s an easy muck.

I finally get to rake a pot, as I get a raise and two calls in front of me and I look down at AA on the button and 3-bet to 700.  Everyone folds, so the first winning hand is in the book.

The rest of the first two levels are uneventful.  Win a couple on steals from late position, lose a couple where I miss the flop. 

I do however get to see that I’m reading the opp’s hands pretty well as I get a limp, 2 callers and a raise to 150 and a flat of the raise.  I call on the button with KTs and when it gets to the UTG player that open-limped (old guy that hadn’t played a hand yet), he all of a sudden limp/3-bets BIG.  The guy that raised to 150 called, so putting the old guy on AA/KK (most likely AA), my KTs is in the muck.  The flop is king high and UTG check/raises…. Now I’m 100% certain he’s got AA/KK and the other guy calls.  They bet/call the last two streets and the old guy had AA and seat 9 shows QQ.  Seat 9 calling the check/raise on the flop tells me he’s not folding a pair and will spew chips when he has one.  This hand also starts a table trend as QQ runs into AA FOUR times.

On level 3, 75/150, I get into a larger pot.  A loose opp raises to 375 and I call behind on the button with AJ and both blinds come along.  The flop is QJJ and the opp in seat 8 fires out a bet that I call and the blinds go away.  The turn is a blank and when the opp checks, I fire out 1200 and get called.  The river is another blank and when the opp checks, I know he’s got a queen and I need to come up with a bet sizing that he’s willing to call.  I decide on 2300 and after tanking for a second, the opp calls and shows KQ.  Winning this gets me up to 22300 from my 20k starting stack.

Stealing a couple pots gets me up to 23075 as the blinds go up to 100/200.  I get into another one soon after this level starts as I get a limp in front of me and look down at AA.  I raise to 700 and get flatted by the limper.  The flop is 9 high and when the opp checks, I fire out 800 and get called.  The turn is another blank and the opp mucks when I fire out 1600.  Winning this one gets me up to 25800.

I go card dead for the rest of the time until the first break (after level 6) and hit it with 24050.

As we get into 150/300/25, I get a hand in the BB where the cutoff shoves a bit less than 10bb at me (the guy that can't fold a pair and I find out is a loose cannon) and when I look down at TT, I’m snap-calling.  He shows AQ and when the board blanks, I’m up to 29200 chips and send one to the rail.

This level’s good to me again a few hands later after I lose a few chips.  I open AKh to 725 (the table std open), get 3-bet by the player on my left to 1700 (I found out when I got home has a WPT title and over $800k in official earnings) and that bet’s flatted by a loose player that is in seat 5.  I call and see a flop of KJ5 rainbow.  I check and the preflop 3-bettor makes it 2200.   Seat 5 goes away and I call.  The turn is the 3d and I check again.  The opp checks behind, so I’m fairly sure my TPTK is ahead.  The river is another blank and I lead out for 3400 as I wanted to size the bet so that it could be called and does.  I turn over my AK and he mucks QQ face up.  Taking down this pot gets me up to 39k chips.

The blinds go up to 200/400/50 and on my BB, it folds to the circuit reg in the SB and he shoves basically 10bb at me.  I look down at A2 spades and decide to take a shot to knock him out.  He’s a smarter player, so he can be shoving really wide there and turns over K5o.  The flop gives him a pair of 5’s, the turn is a blank, but he goes to the rail when we see the river ace.  This gets me up to 43k chips and takes out one of the best players at the table.

I give some back two hands later as I open QQ and get 3 callers (including the old guy that has not shown a hand without an ace all day).  The flop is 10 A 10 and I know that at least one opp has an ace and can easily have a 10 too, so I check fold when the old guy value bets the flop.

I now get into one where I call a raise to 1100 and two flats on the button with AdKh.  The flop is 457 all diamonds.  A new player to the table that is in the hand bets 1300 on the flop and I call with the nut flush draw.  The turn is the 6 of clubs and the guy bombs it.  I’m priced out, so I muck to the large turn bet, dropping me down to 39k chips.

The blinds now go up to 250/500/50 and I get a shorty with 8bb that shoves from MP.  I’m in the cutoff and raise to 10k to isolate with AKo.  The iso works and the opp flips over 99.  The king in the window sends another to the rail.  Too bad this wasn’t a bounty tourney or I’d be in great shape with 3 ko’s.

Now to start the roller coaster.  I raise a couple hands and have to muck when the board goes bad, then win a couple when everyone folds preflop.  I then get an open to 1300 and a flat from a new player to the table (no read on him yet).  I look down at KK and 3-bet to 4500 hoping that one of them calls and the other goes away.  They both fold and I’m back up to 43k chips.

The blinds now go up to 300/600/75 and on my BB it folds to the SB that open-limps.  Still without much for reads on him (he’s gotten involved twice but hasn’t showed anything), I decide to just see a flop with my T2o instead of raising.  The flop gives me bottom pair with a 2 and when he checks, I fire out a bet and take the pot down.  Later in the level, I take another down preflop when I open 99 and everyone folds.  This leaves me with 46k chips at the second break.

As we come back from break, the blinds are 400/800/100 and we get two new players at the table, including one with about 90k chips.  I soon find out how he got most likely the majority of them, as he’s playing almost every hand. 

He gets into it with the player on my left and bluff-shoves the flop… and gets snap-called, doubling the best player at the table.  He then proceeds to do the same thing to seat 8 when his check/shove on the flop with AJ (total air) gets called.  He then should have doubled a third guy, but he made the mistake of open-shoving the flop, which actually got the maniac to fold. 

Losing half his stack getting bluffs snapped puts the guy on monkey-tilt.  He then proceeds to raise or 3-bet the next 5 hands and people are folding to him postflop.  I’m just hoping to pick up a hand against him as we’ve got just about equal stacks (he’s got me covered by 1k).  He's going to punt them to someone, might as well be me that gets them.

He opens again (7th hand in a row where his first play was an open-raise or 3-bet) and it folds to me in the SB and I look down at bullets!  Needless to say, I’m 3-betting and size it at 6k and hoping he 4-bets because I’ll gladly shove on him (or call a shove from him).

He calls, and after seeing him check/shove bluff continually, my plan is to bet the flop and I’m calling when he shoves over me.  The flop is 367 rainbow and when he checks, I bet 8k.  Any raise pot-commits him and go figure, he shoves and gets snap-called.  What does he show this time…45s?!  UGH!  Right plan, right play, horrible timing!  I’m not drawing dead though, as the turn 6 gives me four outs… but the river is a brick, so instead of almost a 100k stack, I’m out.  Leave it to me to find the only time that the guy makes a hand with his junk.

Well, I’ve got a couple days to get it out of my system, as I’m going to play a main event satellite on Thursday at noon.

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