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Grinding away with chip, chair.... and hopefully + ROI


Patience and Perseverence

By: JWK24 @ 10:20 (EDT) / 767 / Comment ( 6 )

Many of the times when playing poker, we’re not going to have things go our way.  When this happens, all we can do is to persevere and hang in.

I start out by registering for the $200 HPT bounty event ($50/head).  I see how the day is going to go right away.  When I get to the table, I see that I got about as rotten of a draw as possible, as I have not one, but three HPT event winners, including two that have won main events… and the loosest of them is of course 2 to my left.  Knowing this, once the antes kick in, I’m not going to be able to steal much, as he’ll defend his blinds with about anything and will with two blanks if he gets chips.

The first orbit is a real clue as to what I’m going to get for cards as I see 28o twice, a couple big/little combinations and the rest were trash too.  Luckily for me, I’m avoiding all the fireworks.  The very first hand, the guy two to my left gets AA and doubles when an opp with KJo hits the second nuts with a 4-flush.  Two hands later, the opp in the 10 seat picks up AA and he gets paid too when KK decides to 4-bet shove.  Seat 10’s back at it again on the second orbit when he plays 67s into a family pot (I mucked T2o from UTG).  The flop is 5dKc8d, the turn is the Jd and the river is the 9d.  AJo with the Ad gets it in on the river, so he takes out another and has a massive pile of chips early.

The first hand I get involved in is opening KJs from MP and have to muck when I get 3 callers and totally whiff the flop.  I then play QTd from the button and miss again.
The rest of the first hour, I’m mucking more junk (28o is the hand of the day as I’m getting it at least once an orbit).  As the third level starts, I look down at JJ and open from UTG+1.  I get 3 callers and see a flop of 235.  I fire out a c-bet and only the BB calls.  The turn is the 10 of spades, so I fire out again.  The river is a 4 and the BB, that has already shown multiple times that they will play any ace, donk bets into me.  Well, knowing that he’ll play any ace, needless to say, my JJ is into the muck.

The blinds go up again and I play 89s from the SB into a family pot and KTs from the CO and both miss.  When it gets to my BB, I get another family pot and look down at Q7o.  I check and see a flop of Q7Q!  It checks around to the 7 seat, that fires out a 3/4 pot bet that is called by seat 1 and then by me in seat 4.  The turn is an A, which I’m loving as seat 1 is the guy that plays any A, let alone the guy that bet the flop.  I check again and seat 7 fires out a bet of 1500.  Seat 1 folds (didn’t like seeing this) and I smooth call.  As I was moving my bet out, I see him shake his head, so I know he’s got nothing and I probably won’t get any more chips out of him.  The river is a 3 and he’s already pulled his card capper off his cards, so instead of showing him the flopped full house, I bet small (about a third pot), just hoping he’d call with an A, but as he’d basically already told me… he instantly mucks.  At least this hand gets me above starting stack for the first time.

Before the end of the level, I open three more broadway combinations and also play 78s and miss with all of them, so I hit the break with 7k chips.

As we come back from break, late registration ends and there are 80 players left of the 133 that entered.  Unfortunately, the cards I’m seeing don’t change much as I continue getting the hand of the day, 28o and don’t find any playable spots at all.

As the blinds keep going up, I’m now transitioning from a resteal stack to a shove stack and find a spot to shove A7h and get snap called by AK out of the blind.  I flop two hearts and turn another one, so I double up.  Unfortunately, as I’m raking in the chips, the blinds go up again, so I’m right back down to a shove stack with 12bb.  The very next hand, I look down at AJ and… I’M ALL IN!  I get called by the BB and they flip over KQo.  I flop a J, but the river is the queen of clubs, so I’m out in 63rd.

Since I’m out of the bounty, I then decide to enter a $100 super-satellite to the main event.  I’m going to play a $375 main event satellite on Thursday anyway, so might as well try to save some $$.

I’m hoping that my run of cards and situations will change and one of the two does.  I’m still getting junk for cards, but I get a table dynamic that I just might be able to take advantage of as there is an extremely loose guy that wants to play every single hand in the 10 seat… so with me being in the 1 seat, he’s on my right.  I also notice that the 3 seat is on tilt from the bounty tourney and that seat 4 has history with seat 10 and wants to play every pot that he’s in… which is basically all of them, as the guy’s running about a 95VPIP!

I muck my junk the first orbit, but after seeing all of this, get 3 limps (including seat 10 where this is the first time he’d limped instead of raised and had shown down 3 realistic hands), figure that he’s got something marginal, so I decide to raise it up with QJh.  Everyone folds except for seat 10.  The flop is J/rag/rag and when he checks, I fire out and take down a pot.

The rest of the first hour, I’m basically mucking all the trash I’m getting, but getting a good laugh at the rest of the table going at each other. 

After the break, we find out that 7 players will be getting tickets and 8th will get $150 cash.  I’m just hanging within +/- 1k of a starting stack as I’m mucking more junk, but 3-bet seat 10 every so often and he’s now mucking to 3-bets… so I have a way to steal off him.

As we combine down to 2 tables, I pick up a suited J of hearts and decide to raise after seat 10 open-limped.  This time his monster stack calls, as while he’s playing basically every hand, he’s hitting everything!  The flop is Jxx with two hearts, which is great for me.  He checks to me and I fire out a bet that he calls.  The turn is another heart, so I know I’ve got him in deep trouble.  I get another bet out of him and we see another heart on the river… UGH!  The opp says “Well, my straight is no good” and open-mucks them face up.  If the river wasn’t a fourth heart, he’d have doubled me for sure.

I’m still getting trash for cards, but since I’m not able to play many hands and when I have, I’ve won the hands, a number of the people are scared to play pots with me… so even though I’ve got nothing for cards, I’ve got a great setup for stealing.

As we get down to 15 left, I’m looking for a spot to pick up chips and with a 16bb stack and find one.  Seat 10 is now raising every hand to 3X, just trying to pick up the dead $$ in the middle and winning pot after pot.  Since I’ve got a resteal stack and look down at KJs, ‘I’M ALL IN!” and pick up some chips when he folds his junk.  I do this twice more at this table, to pick up chips to keep up with the blind increases.

I then turn my attention to the other table, as there is a 4-way game of shove monkey going on and the original shover yells “WOW!” when the cards are flipped over as his KK is not only ahead, but not a single other player has an out against him somehow.  Needless to say, his KK holds and we’re now down to 11 as seat 10 takes out another at my table.

I’m just sitting back and watch seat 10 take out another, so I’m now off to table 22, which they’re using as the final table.  With 8 getting something and being 9th in chips, I need a double-up and quick.  On the last hand before break, the shortest guy at the table in seat 5 goes in and imagine this, is called by seat 3 (seat 10 from my old table).  He takes out another, so we’re down to 9 left.

As we get back from break, there are now 3 of us that are on shove stacks, so it’s now a big game of chicken as to who is going to shove first.  As I get down to 6bb due to another blind increase, I look down at A9s and “I’M ALL IN!”  I get called by seats 2 and 3 (knew seat 3 would call).  They check it down trying to get rid of me, but the flop is A79 and I get another 9 on the river, so I triple up!

Seat 6 now shoves and go figure, is called by seat 3 with ATC and we’re now ITM, as J2o turns a 2.

Here is where the real problem starts… seat 3 can’t help himself and there are two short stacks.  I’m back to getting trash, so I’m just folding and getting out of the way.  He doubles seat 1 three times, seat 8 twice and then seat 7.  UGH!!!  This now puts me back to being the short stack, so I’m going to have to play something.  Unfortunately for me, the next orbit, the best hand I see is 29o. 

Seat 7 is trying to leak off chips by seeing flops against seat 3, so since I’ve got nothing and he’s getting shorter, I’m hoping that they get them in, but seat 7 folds on basically every flop.  When he gets to 9bb left, he goes into ‘fold every hand mode’ which is not good for me as I’m down to 5bb now.  I’m still seeing total trash, 24o, 23o, 36o, 23o again… nothing at all and can’t even get a spot where I’d be up against only one opp.

On seat 3’s BB, I finally look down at the first face card I’ve seen in 25 minutes and it’s a suited queen, so “I’M ALL IN!”  I get called by all 3 opps behind me (which I expected) and totally miss the board, so I’m out in 8th for $150.

While I wanted the $375 ticket (had already planned to play the event anyway), cashing and getting a 50% ROI on a tourney where I did not see a single pocket pair nor single broadway ace… I think that I did just about as well as I could have possibly done.

I’ll be back at the tables today for event 4, a $150 buy-in that I finished fourth last time the HPT was here in, and again on Thursday in a main event mega satellite.


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