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Grinding away with chip, chair.... and hopefully + ROI


Tuesday League Week 2

By: JWK24 @ 03:23 (EDT) / 512 / Comment ( 2 )

49 players showed up tonight.  I draw table 7 seat 5 and quickly notice something.... I don't have prior reads on the overwhelming majority of the table, as I've only played with two players before (one is a very good player, another is a calling station).  Needless to say, I need to be spending a good bit of time picking up reads on the opps.

I get involved right from the start, as I pick up 55 the very first hand and when it folds to me, I make a standard opening raise to 150.  I get called by only one opp, seat 8, that I have extensive history with (Cowboy Larry from the previous leagues).  I know he's going to have something with equity against me.  The flop is Q 8 6 and I take my shot to win the pot and make a c-bet of 225, that is immediately called.  That call sounds off every alarm in the building, as the only way he's calling it is with a Q or a set.  The turn is an A and I check for pot control and he decides to check behind.  The river is another A and I check again.  He checks behind and turns over exactly what I thought he had, Qx.  I put him on the Q, as I'd expect him to make a small value bet on the turn if he had a set.

The rest of the level, I'm totally card dead, so I'm spending my time getting reads.  The read that sticks out is seat 4.  If he was playing on PokerStars, he'd be labeled 100% yellow (maniac).  He donks off his entire stack over two hands with absolute trash.  Once I get another decent finish in (to guarantee me worst case in the semis), I hope this guy shows up at my table, because I'll be calling down his overbets and shoves extremely light!  Another read that I picked up on was the player in seat 6, he's normally a cash game player and will play any suited connectors for any price, any time. 

The blinds go up to 50/100 and when it folds to me, I look down at AQo and make another standard raise to 300.  This time, seat 6 flats me, but seat 1 in the BB decides to 3-bet to 1200.  While my hand does have possibilities, I'm not calling here.  It's a good thing too, as seat 6 shoves and is snap-called by seat 1.  88 vs AK.  An A hits on the flop, so seat 1 doubles up.

The rest of the first hour, I'm back to getting reads, as I'm getting unplayable cards.  At the end of the hour, we're down to 30 and my table breaks and I move to table 5 seat 3.  I end the first hour with 2850, down from my 4k starting stack.

We come back from break and unlike last week, I end up on the button, instead of always moving to the BB.  This table is more interesting, as I have a number of known players at it.  There are three larger stacks, most to the left side of the table from me and I see that seat 2 is in about the same situation as me and is the player I'm watching the most, as he's the best opp at the table.

The first orbit, I'm somehow getting worse cards than I was at the other table, which is really saying something.  There is one very large hand that I'm out of as I muck my 38o.  Seat 4 and seat 9 are going at it (2 of the 3 largest stacks at the table).  There's a raise preflop to 1200 and the flop comes A 5 6.  Seat 4 leads out for 2k and is raised by seat 9 to 6500.  Seat 4 then shoves and is very quickly called by seat 9.  I was expecting to see a big A and a set... NO... seat 4 shows A9 and seat 9 shows 56s.  Open-raise to 6BB with 56s?! and shove as the shorter of the two stacks with A/rag?!  Needless to say, both of those moves are now in my notebook to be used against them on a future week.

The blinds go up to 200/400/50 and I look down at 77.  I raise to 1k (if I wasn't trying to ladder climb some, I'd have shoved) and everyone folds so I finally, 90 min into the tourney, take down my first pot.  Having to keep 7 of 9 scores, I need to get a few scores in that will guarantee me a top 40 finish, so that I'm guaranteed to get into the semis worst-case.  With over 1/2 the field left, I wanted to get at least into the top 20, so that I have two keeper scores and can then take more chances in +EV situations in future weeks.  Of course, if I get a better hand, I'm going with it, regardless of how many are left.

I then get saved on a hand by seat 2.  He open-shoves his shorter stack and I look down at a suited king.  If he didn't shove, I would have gladly shoved from the button.  Seat 4 calls with A4 clubs and beats seat 2's A9 when the flop is 9xx, all clubs.

Another table breaks, so we're down to 20 left and soon afterwards, I get a tap on the shoulder from the floor manager telling me that I'm moving to table 6, seat 7 to balance the tables out, as multiple people busted at the same time, so my old table had 10 and the other only had 8.  I get to table 6 and see a very familiar face in seat 9, some guy named Dave. 

The blinds go up to 300/600/75 and I'm looking for any situation with some equity to get my chips into.  I get my chance when seat 5 min-raises to 1200.  I have 1450 in front of me and look down at ATo.  It's the first ace I'd seen in over an hour, so I'M ALL IN!  I was NOT expecting what happened next.  Dave calls (trouble) and seat 4 calls (more trouble, as I know worst case, he's got a better A than me and could easily have a pair).  Seat 5 obviously now calls, so I'm all in, for a 4-way flop... not what I wanted.  I was hoping it would be a HU pot with just the min-raiser... so much for that idea.  The flop doesn't hit me at all (Q8x) and seat 4 shoves.  That's a huge problem!  Seat 5 calls and Dave mucks what I find out later to be AK, so he was ahead of me too.  Seat 4 turns over a set of 8's.  The river is a K, so I actually DO have outs to quadruple up going to the river.  Unfortunately, no jack on the river, so I'm out in 18th place.

Unlike the last league, with two top 20 finishes in the first two weeks, I should be well on my way to at least locking into the semis, instead of having to get a number of solid weeks late to get in.  That means that I can start playing more hands to go for a deep run and the weekly $$.  Dave ended up 5th tonight, so he helped his cause tremendously.  I'm not sure exactly where JD went out, but he was the first of the three of us out.   



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