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Grinding away with chip, chair.... and hopefully + ROI


WSOP Circuit Event 2

By: JWK24 @ 16:38 (EDT) / 701 / Comment ( 5 )

I went to St. Louis to play in the WSOP Circuit event 2B and when I registered, I ended up at table 29, seat 4.  There were 813 entrants for the $365 buy-in event.

When I get to my table, I see right away that this was not a good seat draw.  Three of the others (seats 1,2,6) I recognize (don’t know their names, but recognize faces)… which means that they’ve recently made a Circuit FT, HPT FT or MSPT FT, so those three are definitely red flagged by me as very good players.  I also hear two of the dealers talking about seat 9, that they thought was the craziest player that played day 2A yesterday (played too many hands and busted).  At least he’s on the other side of the table from me and while he played the pots he was in aggressively, was not out of line today.  I then quickly find out about seat 5.  A young kid that to say he’s aggro, is a dis to the aggressive players.  This guy’s firing at everything and big.  I also soon learn that he’s not only aggro, he’s getting smacked by the deck… not the player you want on your left.

The button starts in seat 10 and the very first hand, I look down at AKo and when it folds to me, make a standard raise to 150.  I get 3-bet by seat 5 to 350 that is called by seat 9 (imagine that).  With a 10k starting stack, I’m plenty deep enough, so I call and see a T 8 4 flop.  Since I got 3-bet pre, I decide to check to the raiser and surprisingly, both check behind me.  I didn’t know how aggro in the long run seat 5 would be, but the check behind from seat 9, the guy that was crazy aggro yesterday is sounding off alarm bells to me, as it’s totally out of character.  The turn is a 5 and needless to say, I’m checking.  Now the fireworks start.  Seat 5 bets 1100 and is raised to 2500 by seat 9.  Easy fold for me.  Seat 5 calls and the river is a K.  Seat 5 checks and seat 9 bets 2700 and is check/jammed by seat 5.  Seat 9 mucks 45s face up and seat 5 shows a set of 8’s.

The rest of the first blind level is a wash for me.  Bad hand after bad hand, but I’m now getting a pretty good read on the table, as the rest of the bunch is going crazy.  Seat 5 busts not one, but two players and seat 6 (reg) felts another one. 

The blinds are only 25/50 and we’ve already knocked out 3 players.  WOW!  The key that I picked up on though, was that every time there was a showdown, all players had made hands and were hands well within the range of their table position.

The blinds now go up to 50/100 and about halfway thru the first orbit, I pick up 66 with two limpers in front of me.  I’m figuring seat 6 is going to raise, so I’m just calling behind, so that the pot isn’t bloated enough that I can’t call the raise to setmine.  Sure enough, seat 5 raises to 425 (thought it was a bit low for 3 limpers), but I’m plenty deep enough to setmine and see a 3-way flop with three overs.  Needless to say, another easy muck with three broadways on the flop.

That’s it for me on this level, as I get trash the rest of it.  However, seats 5 and 6 are at it again.  Seat 5 picks up two more KO’s and seat 6 gets another one too.  We’re only an hour in and seat 5 has already crossed 60k chips thanks to two full houses, two sets and a flush.

The blinds now go up to 75/150 and I pick up another hand that I want to see a flop with in AQs.  There’s a limper in front of me, so I raise to 600 and get two callers (the initial limper and seat 9).  The flop is K 5 3 and seat 2 donks into me.  Limp/call, then donkbet says marginal king or a small set to me, so I’m out of the hand.  Seat 9 continues and loses the pot with KQ to seat 2’s set of 3’s.  I lost the hand, but my read on the opp was correct.

The blinds now go up to 100/200 and the fireworks are going off now.  Seat 1 raises to 525, is 3-bet to 975 by seat 5 and is called.  The flop is 559.  Seat 1 checks to the raiser that bets 1100.  Seat 1 (circuit reg with a ring, so he’s a good player) check/shoves and is snap-called.  What do they turn over, seat 1 has 99 for a full house and seat 5 shows 55 for quads!  Needless to say, seat 1 thought he was golden on that flop and is shocked to be out of the tourney.

Seat 9 is now the one to be all-in, doubles, then the next hand KO’s a player, so that’s now 8 gone before the first break.  Three hands later, seat 5 gets another one when he flops middle set against bottom set and the hand after that, seat 6 turns a boat to get another KO when the opp in that hand rivered a flush and shoved a paired board.. OOPS!  That’s double digit knockouts and we haven’t even hit break yet.

I now look down at 55 and decide to limp behind one again, expecting a raise behind me.  I get a raise from seat 5, which still allows me to setmine, but what I didn’t expect was for seat 7 to 3-bet shove.  Well, when it folds to me, I’m expecting seat 5 to call and I don’t want to play for all of my chips with 55 in a 3-way pot, so into the muck my red 5’s go.  Seat 5 does call and his AK holds when he turns a K, so we’re now up to 11 knockouts and seat 5 has now crossed the 100k chip mark.

I now look down at 88 and make a standard opening raise to 500 and get 3-bet by seat 5 to 900.  Seat 9 calls, so even though I’m a bit light to setmine, with 2 opps (both throwing some chips around), I decide to call and see the flop.  The flop is 9 5 2 and since seat 5 raised, I checked my option.  He bets 625, which was lower than his preflop bet.  Seat 9 mucks, and I decide to call and my plan is to lead any non-threatening turn as his smaller bet says to me that he doesn’t have a 9.  The turn pairs the 9 and since I’m basically certain that he doesn’t have a 9, I lead out for 1850 and get snap-called.  The river is a Q.  The only way he’s ahead here is if he hit the Q and if I check to him, he’s going to shove on me, putting me in a really bad spot.  I decide to take the initiative and thin value bet 2k.  This bet surprises him and for the first time today he actually goes into the tank.  Everything else he’s done has been a snap play (fold, call or bet), but now he’s in the tank.  After a couple minutes, he decides to call.  I flip over my 88 and he flips over QT. 

The last hand before break, I’m involved in another one.  I open to 500 with AQs and get two callers.  The flop is JT8, all spades.  Unfortunately, mine are clubs, so being OOP, I check the flop and surprisingly get two checks behind.  The turn is another spade.  I check and get bet/call behind me, so into the muck my cards go.  The river is another spade and seat 9 wins with the Q of spades.

We end the first session with 12 knockouts and I’m down to 3k chips from my 10k starting stack and the worst part... haven’t even won a hand.  Over break, the dealers nickname my table, “The table of death!” as we’ve knocked the most players out.  Seat 6 has about 40k chips and seat 5 is now at about 130k, so needless to say, my chances for stealing a set of blinds is basically non-existant.

We come back from break at 100/200/25 and I’m looking for a place to shove.  Unfortunately, all I’m seeing is big/little and multiway raised pots.  The only remotely playable hand that I get is A6o, but with a 3-bet and call, I’m not that desperate yet.  While I’m mucking, the new player in seat 7, seat 5 and the new player in seat 3 all get KO’s, so the table is still living up to its name.

The blinds now go up to 150/300/25 and I now need to find a hand to go with and quick.  The first orbit, the best hand I see is Q2 from UTG, so it’s not happening.  I get my chance at the end of the second orbit.  I’m in the CO and look down at T9 of hearts and since I finally have a hand with some equity, “I’M ALL IN!”  Seat 5 does me a favor and 3-bets to isolate me.  Great!  I’m probably behind, but at least I’m up against only one hand and should have live cards.  He flips over KJo, so I’m only a 60-40 dog.  The flop is Q 5 3 rainbow.  Another Q on the turn and a 4 on the river, so I’m out in about 350th place.  Having this be the first live tourney that I ever played where I did not win a single hand (14+ years of them), is definitely NOT the way I wanted to finish.

I did make up some of the buy-in though, as I hit quad deuces on a deuces wild video poker machine and also a straight flush for a bonus payout playing pai gow.

Although I’m out, I’m not done with this tourney.  Time to switch hats, as PSO still has one left in it… QueenBee9979.  She’s hanging in and is able to win a couple key pots that allows her to make day 2.  There is one bust of note though, as Mr. 130k+ chips… does not even make it to the dinner break.  That’s crazy!  130k is plenty of chips to get ITM and to make a deep run.  When I bubbled this tourney two years ago, I never even had 30k in my stack at any given point in time during it.
There are a little over 100 left heading into day two and the money bubble is at 90 players.  Bee’s a little on the nervous side, but I know from the couple deep runs that I had last summer, it sure helps when you have a friend there railing you that you can also run hands and situations by, as Dave and Sailor Moe were doing the same for me. 

Early on day 2, QB gets a huge pot win, that allows her to become the big stack at her table and with this is able to easily get ITM.  She needed to pick one to play to have enough chips to get ITM and did a great job picking a spot with JJ and getting a set. 

The next spot that she gets into is a couple hours later.  The blinds are now getting huge and she’s a shorter stack and needs to find a place to shove.  She gets it in with JT hearts and gets called by a large stack with a suited Q.  Two hearts on the flop and another on the turn gets a badly needed double up right before a break.  She asks me if that was a good spot to go with and the hand from earlier in this blog, you know that I made the exact same play with T9 hearts in basically the same spot.

The tables are now getting taken out and the final table is getting closer.  When it gets down to 18 left, they redraw for seats and take a 30 minute break.  It was going to be an hour dinner break, but with it taking over an hour to get from 19 left to 18 left, the tournament director shortened the break to get the tourney back on track to finish.

With 13 left, QB looks down at 99 and “I’M ALL IN!”  The player to her left calls with AJ, so the race is on… for a second.  The board runs out JJ333, so she’s out in 13th place for just under a $3k payday.  She played great (wonder if she finally stopped shaking… lol).

I’m not sure when the next live tourney I’m going to play will be, but it will be sooner than later, as I need to get the bad taste left from this one out of my mouth and hopefully before the one I choose to play, I’ll get my prescription Blue Sharks to be wearing.  I am working on planning a trip to the WSOP for event 51, their new Monster Stack tourney, but want to play one or two before then.


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