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Grinding away with chip, chair.... and hopefully + ROI


WSOP Circuit Mega Satellite

By: JWK24 @ 17:03 (EDT) / 1040 / Comment ( 7 )

One hundred nineteen played the satellite that awarded 14 seats to the $1675 Main Event. 

I get to table 48 seat 3 and don’t know anyone at the table.  However, I do recognize 4 other faces in the tourney that are at other tables from my league in Joliet. 

We start with 5k in chips and 30 minute levels and I see that the action at my table is going to be fast and furious from the beginning. 

The second hand of the tourney, I look down at AQ from the hijack and when it folds to me, I make the table standard raise to 125 (2.5BB+1BB for each limper).  I get called by the button and both of the blinds.  The flop comes Q high and I make a c-bet of 275 when it checks to me and I take down the pot when the others muck.  At least I didn’t have to wait long to win a hand.

The next orbit, I take one down with ATs preflop, when I raise over two limpers.  This sets me up for my first huge hand.  I open QJ of clubs from MP just as the blinds go up to 50/100 and get two callers, including one player from the button that has been playing very laggy.  The flop is T94 with the 10 of clubs.  The BB checks to me and I lead out for 675 and am called by the button.  The turn is the K of clubs, so I have the current nuts and have a royal/straight flush redraw!  I lead out for 1250 and the button shoves on me.  Needless to say, I’m snap-calling.  They turn over AKo and the river is a blank so I’m now up to 10k chips and have felted someone.  

The blinds go up to 100/200 and I’m at it again.  A laggy guy that follows the circuit around that is from NY raises to 500 on what looks to be a LP steal and I’m in the SB and look down at KK.  I repop him to 1500 and into the tank he goes.  A minute or so later, he’s complaining and mucks 99 face up. 

Two hands later, the same guy opens to 500 and I repop him to 1500 again.  This time, the player on my left (another circuit reg that said that he made the FT of the ME in Cincinnati) shoves.  Now the 500 guy is really annoyed and starts whining over and over.  He decides to muck and I snap-call.  The board runs out blanks, so my AA holds against the opp’s QQ.  I’m up to just under 15k chips now and the huge chip leader at my table.  I also have taken out the biggest competition at the table.

The very next hand, it folds to me and I look down at 99 and make a standard raise to 500.  Everyone at the table’s now scared of me, so I pick up another one preflop.  Well, if they’re going to be scared of me, then I’m going to exploit it.  I do lose the next hand after I raise and call a flop c-bet with AQ on a low board, so I end the first session at 15800 chips.

Hour three starts and I’m still out to exploit my table image.  I’m stealing left and right and get up to 18800, then I find out that my table is breaking.  Not what I wanted to see, as I had a perfect table dynamic here.  There are 60 left and I get transferred to table 69 seat 6.  When I get there, I see that seat 9 immediately welcomes me to the table.  I know Graham from the league and he’s a smart player with a large chip stack, more than me.

The first hand I pick up at this table is on his BB.  I look down at American Airlines and raise to 1k at 200/400/50 (std raise to 2.5BB).  Everyone mucks and I pick up my first pot at this table.  Little did I know it would be my last for the second two hour session, as I go totally card dead.  After four hours of play, I’m at 12200 chips and there are 38 players left.

We come back from break and I’m looking for any spot that I can find to start accumulating chips, as I’m going to need at least a double-up to last long enough to get the seat… but I’m getting a whole lot of garbage.  I’m now down to 10BB, so I’m in shove/fold mode.  With 37 left, I get my first opportunity.  I also make use of the theory that your first shove can be the lightest and I open-shove 78s when it folds to me.  Everyone mucks and I pick up a set of blinds and antes.

At 36 players left, we now balance the remaining 4 tables to all be 9 player tables and will play the rest of the tourney as 9-max tables instead of 10 at a table.  My next shove is one where there is an open-limp from the player in seat 9.  Remember what I always say in my HA’s… don’t open-limp, as it’s very exploitable.  This hand is a great example why limpers need to be punished.  I jam over him with ATo and it folds around to the limper (that only has 5BB).  He tanks for a minute and since he’s open-limping marginal hands, mucks, leaking off the extra BB to me.  I’m pretty sure I was ahead of him, but since I had a read that he’d limp/fold, I’m going to be coming over the top of him every time it then folds to me.

Seat 9 doubles thru seat 1 and then open-limps again.  When it folds to me, I jam 79o over him and pick up another pot preflop when the guy mucks.   I’m trying to find spots where I can open-shove and not where someone else has opened, as I want to maximize my fold equity.

We’re now down to 31 left, then 28 left.  At 27, another table breaks and we’re at a spot where over half of the remaining players get $1675 ME seats.  Before we hit break, I shove three more times but there aren’t many hands getting played, so the orbits are going quickly.  I hit the third break on the button with 23 players left and 7100 chips.

We come back from break and the blinds are now up to 1k/2k/200.  I shove again the first orbit, as I pick up A7o from UTG+1 and take down another one preflop. 

We lose two more, so now 2/3 of the remaining players get seats and I look down at KT diamonds and when it folds to me, I’M ALL IN!  I get called by seat 1 that is in the BB with AJ spades, so I’m behind, but have live cards.  I was behind, until I see a 10 in the window, but there is also two spades on the flop, so the opp has a number of outs.  The turn is a blank but the river is the 6 of spades giving him a flush, so I’m out in 21st.

While it would have been great to win a ME seat (have played in an HPT ME, not in a WSOP Circuit ME).  It’s an empty feeling having made it that far and not won the seat, but I can say that I took full advantage of every hand and situation that I had and there isn’t a single hand that sticks out to me where I second guessed my decision or that I’d have played it differently.  I made the best decision every chance I had to make one and that’s all that I can do.

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