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Ovalman's Micro grind

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I thought I'd share my latest HUD and give a little description on it. I've been using a HUD for just over a year and had major trouble understanding it when I first used one. Now I can't do without one.



I created this HUD in a few minutes as I played an MTT. HEM is very powerful software and there are hundreds of stats to choose from, it can be quite complicated on first use but now I'm quite comfortable about the software although I still have to ask for advice from time to time   I'll go through these stats 1 by 1 and give a short decription of each.

NAME. Is self explanitory, it's the players poker name. To protect the innocent I've hidden this player.

NUMBER OF HANDS This is the sample of hands to correlate all stats to. A higher number gives a more accurate reading.

VPiP Voluntary puts money in the pot. This is an important stat that tells me how often a player plays a hand. This brings me on to another great peice of software, Pokerstove.

When we put the 40% into Pokerstove we are shown a range of hands that our villain could have. We can tweak Pokerstove and add and rempve cards to get our 40%. If we know for instance villain is playing 33 and 22 (likely) we can add those 2 cards and remove K2s and A2s.

As we can see, 40% is a very wide range.

PFR Pre Flop Raise. This is how often he raises pre flop. Villain in this case is 3% which is very narrow. When we key in 3% into Pokerstove we are given AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, 99 and AKs only. Again we can tweak because villain could be raising AQs and limping 99 but we get a good indication of what his hand is. I must emphasize the number of hands we have on villain. More is always good but a sample of just 100 hands is usually accurate enough to get a feel of this player. We can always combine this stat with VPiP and rule out what hands he doesn't have. If he limps then we know he doesn't have AA,KK, QQ, JJ, TT or AKs. This is important because we can get a good range alone by just using these 2 stats.

3BET This is how often he re-raises a raiser. Villain has 0% but that is because he rarely raises in the first place. We need a bigger sample for this stat because 0% doesn't mean he never 3bets but just that he hasn't done it yet. If he does 3 bet I'm expecting a monster, AA or KK and possibly one of the other hands he raises pre flop. As we only get AA 1 in every 221 hands we can see we need a bigger sample to make this stat accurate.

 AGG This is how aggressive he is.2.7 is pretty decent TBH, he's aggressive on the flop, turn and river when he plays. From this stat I can glean he's betting when he hits something on the flop but not overly so. He's probably betting into draws but also checking when he misses completely.


A steal is a raise on the button, cut off or Small Blind when a player is first to enter a pot and no players have entered before him. Position is key in poker and some players know this (or think they know it.) Some players are habitual stealers, raising with junk hands just to steal the blinds so this stat tells me how often they do it. In this players case he never raises in the first place so has a 0% steal stat. If he did raise I'd be more concerened about his PFR stat and put his steal down as a monster but spome players play very tight and yet steal every chance they can get. We can defend our blinds a lot more in this case by 3 betting or calling more.

FOLD TO STEAL This applies to how often they defend their blinds. 50% in villains case so the junk he plays with pre we can also count in half of his higher range and we can see that he defends with a weaker range. We can pick stronger hands and represent stronger hands on certain flops.

CBET This is how often a player bets the flop after raising pre flop. 0% in villains case but his PFR is so low he has raised any pots pre flop and seen a flop. In villains case I would expect it to be very close to 100% because he's only raising pre flop with very strong hands anyway.

RAISE FIRST IN LIMPED POT This was a stat I had to ask for because I see it a lot. Very loose players like to see many flops but many of them bet first when it's their turn to act. It's sort of a steal attempt or an attempt to tell everyone they have something that's not really strong but they want to see how the hand turns out to the river. Players play many draws like this and middle pairs but some just do it to steal the pot. We can look for bet sizing tells in this case and play them off the hand or call to the river with with a stronger range.

There are some other stats in that HUD but with just a few numbers you can tell a lot about a player. In this case, villain likes to see a lot of flops and see how his hand pans out. He bets when strong/ semi strong and defnds his blinds a lot. I've coloured him blue which is my colour coding for loose passive pre flop. He'll chase and speculate a lot and overall is not a great player.

As an epilogue to this he got one over on me and I made a major mistake against him.

He gave a bet sizing tell on the flop because he usually bet stronger/ shove when he showed weaker. My mistake but I took a note on his bet sizing tells and will use it against him if we ever meet again.

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