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A quiet Thursday evening.

By: PapiW @ 22:07 (EDT) / 730 / Comment ( 0 )
Decided to play poker instead of do laundry. Tough decision I know :) That and I got a new toy that I've been trying to get set-up. First the toy, a wireless audio player for the stereo. It's made by SMC, and I picked it up on for $35. Basically, it's a UPNP Internet device that allows me to play internet radio stations and music from my PC on the stereo. It's a small compact device with large LCD screen. After trying musicmatch, windows media, and a couple of other upnp servers, I finally settled on Rhapsody, which on my machine has the least overhead. It's up and working great! Now something to do, while I listen to music... Jumped on an SnG and played well, then re-raised a limper at the wrong time.. crippled and out 4th. This was a pure donk move.. sigh. I had a healthy average stack, and even though attacking the short stack is almost always a good thing, Donking your stack on an unimproved flop is not. As I typed into chat. Note to self: Stop/Think. The 7pm Skill league tournament was PLO, so I joined up. This is not my strongest game by any means but, I saw several good players on the roster and that is what PSO is about, testing yourself by playing better players. Good field, starting players 35.$50 buyin and 1st pays $962.50 First round saw no hands to speak of, limped in late position with JT9x ds and tossed on flop. Blinds or 15/30 and starting stack is 2k. A couple of new players at the table that I had the opportunity to play in a HORSE tournament earlier this week. Both play a solid game, and I'll be looking for them on the felt. 2nd hand I played was TT66. Limped in, and folded to a pot raise from the blinds. They get called and bet pot on flop of Qxx. Caller folds and BB shows KK69. Blinds are now 20/40 and I have 1835. Wasted as many chips as I intend to on trash hands. Time to tighten up and find a money hand. The money gets fairly shallow in this tournament fairly quickly, and it really should be played with an SnG mindset. Lost some chips with QQxx Qxs calling a pre-flop raise after 2 other callers. Flop did not improve my hand enough to justify calling the pot flop bet. Down to 1615. A calamity of mistakes so far. Limped after 2 limpers with 7h 9c Jc Th. Blinds still 20/40. Flop 234 rainbow, so in the muck they go. 1575 chip count. Card dead and a trip thru the blinds drop me to 1500. Blinds have gone up to 25/50. Raised pre-flop with Ac Jc Qs Jh and took the blinds down. Next hand I limped with 6s 5c Kc Kh. Called a 270 raise and folded and an Ace high flop with a caller yet to act. 1170 count. I hate ppK but, I think I should of raised pre-flop here. My thinking was that I didn't want to risk all my chips yet. 20/20 says I played it weak/tight with calling station tendencies. Down to 19 players and I'm needing 'the hand'. Blinds are 30/60, it's amazing so many players are out already. Still no real blind pressure but, down to <20m some extra chippies in my stack would make me feel better. Dealer is unkind and I go thru another round of blinds. Blinds 40/80 and I limp with Th 8d Td Jh. Flop no help and I toss. Td Jh 9c Kc in the BB. FLop is 3c Qd Kh and I decide to make may stand. I bet pot at flop, turn is another Q and I win pot with another pot bet. 1610 count. I complete the SB after 3 limpers with 7c Kd 2d 4c, and no help on flop of 5c Jd Ah, turn is a magic 3h giving me the str8, pot bet gets called, and turn is a brick. 2530 count. I limp in on the button with Ad Ks Td 6d, flop is 9s 2c 7d and it gets checked around, turn is 8d giving me a non-nut str8 with a flush draw backup, I call 400 to see the river then do the stupidest thing calling his pot river bet without picking up the flush. count: 890. What was it I said earlier. Stop/Think. Blinds are 50/100, Break in 5mins, and I'm going to have to pay the blinds to make it. I get Qh 8c 3h Jh in the BB and am fortunate to get a walk, next hand 2h Kh Td 2d in the SB. and I complete. Checked to the river which gives me a boat and I pick up the small pot. 1240 in chips. I'm no longer shortest stack at table :) and move up to spot 12 in stacks. 15 left and it's first break. I have a paltry 1240 left in chips. Avg stack is 4666, so I need 2 doubles just to get back in the game. Fortunately there are 5 of us around the same stack size on my table, 3 of the bigger stacks are to my left, and one to my right. I should have a shot at the other 3 right after break. Hopefully, I'll pick up some cards and more importantly, not run into any. Blinds are 60/120 and dealer confirms he's going to deal me wrong :D. One thing about being card dead, is that the longer you go, the higher the probability you'll start seeing some good cards. Hush, TrumpinJoe, Lloyd and Wolson, that's my delusion and I'm sticking to it! Short stack picks up some chips and I drop to 13 in counts. He quickly takes a hit and I move back up but, facing the blinds w/6h 3s 6s 2d, flop is AK7 two spades, and I muck to the flop bet by other short stack. They get put all in, and double thru with a set of Kings. Back to 13th I go and down to 1060 after the blinds of 60/120. The good thing at least is that this finish should not hurt my skill league ranking. Unfortunately, the link is broken still, and the old site has been taken down so, I can't check my standing. I want to qualify for the $4k free roll, and hopefully fund my Bugsy account again. Blinds are still 60/120 and I pot it pre-flop with Kc Td Kd As. Other short stack pushes and hits 2pair on flop, I get runner runner 3's to put a pair on the board, and gives me the pot,putting the player out. 1790 count. Other short stack gets sandwhiched by two big stacks and we're down to 13. I'm 10th in stack size. Had the opportunity to attack the other short stack from the button, and potted it pre-flop, short stack called, and flop gives me an outside str8 draw, I pot and pull the pot in, count 2190. Hit the blinds (100/200) with 3c 4h 2d 6c and dump on the flop. Fold in the SB facing a raise. 1890 count and we make final table. Money spot is at 4th, and I'm 9th in chips avg stack is 7k. Dump a couple of hands pre-flop, I probably would of played with a bigger stack. Push it pre-flop with 9c 5h Ac As and take down the blinds. back to 2190. Small stack makes their move next hand and doubles up. I'm now the table beer beatch. Toss a good run-down hand in the BB 6789ds, facing a raise/re-raise. Raised out of the SB by the button and down to 1830. Blinds 120/240. Getting some hands in the play zones but, table has turned aggressive and I can't afford to 'call'. The true playing avg is around 4 to 5k for most of the players, with 2 very large stacks, so a double would give me a fighting chance again. Dealer has decided to teach me patience, so I wait for a hand. Contemplating whether my FOPSO membership has been diluted by so many other members, and should I join Friends of Jane to gain the extra edge needed. (looks lustifully at PSO thong underwear background on pc). I mis-spoke earlier, and located the skill league leaderboard. I'm currently ranked 49 numerically but, in 77th place counting other folks in the running. Points are 1546.07 Blinds are 150/300 and again, I get raised out of the BB, this time by UTG player, so I lay down my 6789s A truly pitiful hand in SB and I'm now down to 1400 in chips. Absolutely no service this round that I'm ready to play for all chips with, I get 9d 6h Kd Ah UTG, and limp in. Flop comes As 7h 3s, and it gets checked around, turn is 4d and the blinds check to me, so I push the rest of my chips in. BB hit 2pr on the flop, and I didn't improve, out 10th. I'm surprised really by my fairly deep finish. I did not play well. It goes to show that patience will pay off and I escape with possibly some improvment to my ranking, but take a small hit to the bankroll. If I hadn't of donked 1.6k on that one hand, I could of had a chance to finish well. The music was good tho, and I'm going to enjoy my new toy :) Enough poker for me tonight. Till next time.
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