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André Coimbra coaches Profess Awe, Key Hands 3

By: Profess Awe @ 08:31 (EDT) / 289 / Comment ( 2 )

Third part of a summary of key hands from my coaching session with acoimbra


~01:08:00 T7

Failed hero call, but I think villain played this pretty horribly.
In the next hand I open SB with junk, just because the BB has folded to steals so often.

~01:09:00 AK

I played this one pretty well, although I obviously think villain is floating, given that it is multiway to the flop and good floaters will fire again on the river, doubt this is profitable. Also villain had been playing TAG but pretty straightforward post-flop, so don’t think this was the best spot, even if it looked good.

~01:11:00 55

Joy for the set and fine bet sizing until the river. I wonder how much bigger I make the river bet before he does not click back with two pair for value? I may have got close to the max, if say he is only calling 60% pot. I guess villain thinks we often have AQ, KQ and therefore it is a value rise, but sometimes those are going to be in the heart variety. I definitely am not betting KQ on the river, so think Q9 is a call for the villain.

01:14:00 77

This one is interesting as I do not think that opening raiser is likely to check JJ+ twice, even if it is a better line than betting turn. TT and 88 are possible and of course ahead of our 77. So I think this is a case of me betting for protection whereas Andre thinks I am getting TT-QQ off a hand and therefore should bet bigger.

~01:17:00 33 4bet!

I love the tone of Andre’s question ‘What are you doing here?’, no doubt he thinks this play is wrong! I should be happy calling and set mining. Again I think it is me seeing a spot because this guy had actually 3 bet a few buttons. But just because Vicky Coren likes to go aggressive with small pairs, does not make it right :p That said when 4 bet is called I am cbetting that board. I don’t think I have stumbled on a cool line to take with small pairs to reclaim initiative and still set mine though, a lot of villains are shipping flop over the cbet.

Andre gets his screen name joke in
Then T8s 3bet

The villain was opening 14% from MP and folding to 60% of 3 bets so I don’t mind this spot

Then 97s 4bet

As Andre says trying this the next hand probably looks tilty and I am showing opponents that I 3/4bet light given the folds. Here though the villain had 3 bet from BB frequently (16%)

~01:22:00 KJs

Andre gives good reasoning for a thin value bet that could get called by QJ, 99, 88. After Andre said this I was really pleased to see the thin value bet and villain called wider – probably because either he is bad or perhaps because he expected us to let him bluff if we had showdown value. I assume villain checks it back so we got max value I am sure.

~01:25:00 JT

Hate my call on the flop, prefer bluffing with more equity. But maybe I am still thinking about monochrome flops wrong. Also pre I would think UTG open should be strong as there are a few shorties who have re-ship stacks.

~01:26:00 KT

This guy is opening 40% from button. I like Andre’s suggestion of check raising the flop given that the opening range is wide. Again the villain played it bad, he must get two streets with AJ when he is opening button.

~01:28:00 A6

I had learnt long ago not to call off with Ace rag as too often they are dominated, but of course it makes sense that either villain ships enough that A6 is ahead enough, or he folds too much and it is profitable through folds. Also I expect SB to be snug given BB stack.

~01:30:00 55

In case it is not obvious the reason we are not going after this monochrome flop is that we have some showdown value, so don’t need to bluff at it.

~01:31:00 88

Could be one of the worst hands played, I fold because I used to think along the lines BB has a perfect stack for shoving I don’t want to get two thirds of my stack in versus the range that could do that. But it would be a profitable raise call. The shorter stack will probably shove wider and the big stacks will probably stay honest, rather than give the BB a bigger pot to shove over if they call. If they call they will likely be quite strong to induce the squeeze.

~01:33:00 99

We don’t talk about this hand, tricky spot with 25bb and a relatively tight EP raise. Because he bets so small on the flop I feel compelled to call once. Although I think that is debatable.
As an aside when we are talking about cash games around 01:34:19 I wouldn’t say grinding cash is anywhere near as interesting as tournaments!

~01:35:00 88 open shove

I’m guessing not too many would open shove 15bb with snowmen from early position. I prefer this to the other options. Do not want to open and get called, do not think opening induces shoves from worse pairs or A7 so why not use fold equity and get rid of a lot of hands we are flipping with. Good that Andre agrees. Its close to 6 hours into the tournament so I imagine we are well past the bubble, as that could have been a factor. We get there!

~01:35:30 A5

The villain was pretty active from SB both in general and stealing. So I agree we are well ahead of the open and ought to consider a raise Looking at villain’s stats he is opening quite a bit, not calling a lot pre but not too aggressive. Therefore I like the smallish 3bet and fold to shove. If we skip along two hands we see a similar spot where BB did raise and then call off with A3s :S

~01:38:00 K9s fold
Although I actually have a bit more than 30bb, the reason for getting tighter at this stack size is to maintain our stack above 20bb so we can look for profitable reshove spots once we are blinded down a little. Also 30bb is a good stack for 4 bet shoving so I am looking for those spots as we shall see soon!


With that teaser be sure to check out the next part where stack goes up, down and way up!

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