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My road towards success on Pokerstars.

My way to the top. Building the bankroll working the lvls
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Do you know what it takes to become a pro? One thing is for sure, only with knowledge of the theory around poker you will never get there. Through this blog I will write a small book, in which I will cover fundamental topics of ideas, thoughts, patterns which you as a person need to use and adopt as habits. Applying these chapters and the challenges I’ll present to you is guaranteed to improve your poker career.

Are you competitive and ambitious in poker? No matter how much you try, you seem to stay at the bottom levels? With this book this will change! Hopefully I can inspire you to do and achieve more not only in poker but also in your real life. Making you grow as a person and as a poker player is my ultimate goal, which I intend to accomplish through this book and us communicating aside.

I’m going to ask a question towards you personally and I want you to be honest with yourself. 
Has poker been going good for you the past year(s)? Do you feel that if you would repeat your last year(s) into the future, that you would be a very good poker player? If so I’m thrilled and excited for you, but most of you would want to do better and achieve more in the future. “If you want the future to change, you’ve got to change. If you don’t change, else the next few years will be the same as your last.” – Earl Shoaff. And that’s exactly what we are going to do. Why wouldn’t you? You are a smart person, you got the potential, and you certainly have the ambition! Let’s do this together!

Over the course of my blog I will provide challenges for you. If you truly want to become a better poker player you will start with them immediately and do them as good as possible. And while or after you succeeded in the challenges, you’ve got to write down everything for yourself. As a reminder of what you achieved and to show you, you are capable of doing whatever you put your mind on. Then also share your thoughts and successes to the others by writing in a comment about it. You can even private message me and I’ll be more than happy to help you and reply.

Nothing that I will tell you is 100% true or a fact. It is merely my belief and with sharing this belief. This could also become your believe and improve you and your life as it is improving mine.

1. Desire and faith.
Everything starts with a desire. This could be the desire of someone else forcing you to do something. This could be your mother who wants you to clean your room. However in these scenario’s you’ll notice the eagerness of doing it is extremely low. How often didn’t you procrastinate these simple tasks? Now compare these tasks to tasks that come from your own desire. This could be the desire to eat an ice-cream on a hot, sunny day in the city when you see the ice-cream truck ahead. How often didn’t you go do that immediately? Probably the only reason that would stop you from getting that desire is if you don’t have enough money on you.

But there are also other desires that come from within you. Isn’t one of your big desires to become a professional poker player and earn lots of money by playing it? It doesn’t necessarily need to be money, maybe the competition is what you are after combined with the love of the game. However the point I want to make is that everything is done by a desire. If that desire is from your own, being a little or a big desire will determine how much you want it. If the desire is extremely high and you think of it every day, the chances of you doing it are practically 100%.

But as you will have experienced before, not every desire will become a reality. Sometimes you will have the desire, but it will require for you to do something you don’t like. For example you desire to become a poker pro, but you are too lazy and you don’t want to read and study for it. Then you are never going to accomplish your desire. (I will cover more about this subject and how to motivate and get yourself into action immediately in a future chapter.)

That isn’t necessarily the only reason for you not achieving a desire. Maybe you desire something that you believe is impossible. I’m sure you have some desires, which you believe are impossible to achieve. Well then you will never realize them! “He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right” – Will Smith.

Think about this for a second. Do you believe you can become a professional poker player? Or is there a little voice in your head that keeps saying I can’t, no matter how hard I try. I just can’t become a professional poker player.  If this is the case you won’t become a pro, however there is hope! There are ways to make you start believing that you can become a pro. After all you are the master of your mind and your body. Below I will share a way through which it is possible to start believing that you can.

Challenge 1: If you truly desire to become a professional poker player or anything else around poker for that matter, you will NOW write in a comment below and on a piece of paper. “I am a professional poker player by…” By doing this you declare to everyone else that you will, but more importantly you give an order to your subconscious mind that you belief you can and that you will. (I will be adding a chapter on goal setting and its importance, but this small commitment statement will do for now.) If however you feel like it is more private, make sure you write it down for yourself on a piece of paper and lay it near your bed so you can see it every day! Also mail it to me! I’ll be the guy keeping track of your commitment and will be there to support you or push you a little harder to achieve more and more and do better and better.

“I help you out as long as you desire for me to help and support you. I will share all my knowledge and commit my time in helping each and every one asking for help.” – Sentras

Faith in yourself and what you do is of grave importance. If you don’t have faith in yourself the outcome you desire will probably never happen. Important for you to realize is, is that faith is a state of mind. And as mentioned above, YOU are the master of your mind and body. Is it then not possible to create and have faith in yourself and what you do, basically to believe in yourself? Of course there is!

Now how can you develop faith? The idea is to make you believe that your desires are possible, which they are! People thought it was impossible to get a large metal thing flying over the seas, until one man believed it could and actually invented it. Now it’s just an airplane, which we all came in contact with. Henry Ford delegated his men to invent the V-8 motor (entire 8 cylinder cast in one block). Which they claimed was impossible to make. After more than a year of trying they finally succeeded only because Henry Ford believed it was possible and he desired it so badly. There are thousands of examples to find, I am sure you can think of some yourself.

Challenge 2: Think of something that people thought were impossible, but never the less was invented or made afterwards. This can be way back in the past or even more recent. Write them in a comment below, which demonstrates that something is made possible if you believe in it.

Maybe this did not help you yet to believe in yourself that you can become a professional poker player.  I will now explain a method, which will make it possible if you take action from this moment on.

“When men first come into contact with crime, they abhor it. If they remain in contact with crime for a time, they become accustomed to it. If they remain in contact with it long enough, they finally embrace it, and become influenced by it.” This is a quote of a criminologist. What we can deduct from this is that through repetition we can get used to things, in this case crime/violence. This is obviously something we want to avoid, but we can also do this with positive things like sharing and caring for example.

To make or enforce your belief, that you can become a professional poker player you can reach your subconscious mind by repetition of affirmation (by yourself or others) mixed with emotions.

Challenge 3: Repeat to yourself out loud every day your challenge 1 statement. “I am an expert in poker and I am a professional poker player by X” At that point imagine you are in the shoes of your favorite poker pro and live his or her life. Mix this with happiness (which I bet is hard not to be, as it is what you want and desire.) and over a period of time you will start believing that it is yours to take. The challenge here is that you say that or something similar every morning when you wake up, every evening and preferable also when you are about to start something with poker. Do this for one whole month and then share it in the comments or through a private message to me. Hopefully you keep on doing this after a month and also in other areas of life.

This is what I say every day about poker: “I am an expert in poker by the sixth of March 2018.” I welcome you to follow or challenge me to beat me in the race!


This is my first chapter of my book and I would love to get some feedback from you. Is it long enough or would you like to see longer chapters? Is it interesting and why? Give me all the feedback you come up with so I can improve towards it on future chapters.

What‘s to come: goal setting, discipline, how to cope with money, failure, decision making, persistence, fears, personality and much more. If you have a subject that pops in your head don’t hesitate to message me and I’ll see whether I can’t cover that subject aswell.

Also I’ll be adding more challenges, which will be harder and ask more effort from you. I’m curious whether you have what it takes to complete every challenge I will give you.
Remember every challenge here, I did or I am doing as well! And if I can do it, so can you! Don’t you ever forget it.

Hopefully I can see you reading my next chapter which will come soon. I’m sure you’ll learn at least a few things or pick up good ideas over the course of all chapters.  Even if this chapter might not have meant much to you (this afterall is the introduction and basic start), I’m sure some will.


Looking forward to hearing from you,


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