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Day 3 - Monday 7/7

By: TheLangolier @ 22:40 (EDT) / 500 / Comment ( 0 )
Day 3 – Monday 7/7 7 am comes early when you’ve been drinking and up til 3, especially for a lightweight like me. lol Somehow I manage to get myself into the shower and down to the poker tournament area in time for the start of the PSO tournament. I also manage to get a large Seattle’s Best coffee on the way, which is kind of like taking a squirt gun to the fireplace as far as my head was concerned, but it was the best I could do. Somehow during the first hour I manage to increase my stack to decently above average, stealing a couple pots that were purely situational plays, and otherwise managing the pot and playing small ball with most hands I got involved with. Sojourner is on my right and amasses a large stack… every time someone raises his blind, he seems to have KK. A kind of weird hand takes place early on. There’s a bunch of limpers, and then Sojourner in the BB puts in a decent size raise (with what would turn out to be the first of about 4892 KK holdings, give or take a thousand). RiverC, who had started the limping from EP now reraises solidly. It mucks around to Sojourner and he calls after some deliberation. The flop comes down raggy with a paired board. Sojourner checks and RiverC bets really, really small, like 200 into a 2K pot. I can’t figure out what that means. AA hoping to induce a raise? It would fit the limp-reraise pre. Sojourner makes the pretty easy call, and checks the turn which is another rag. Now RiverC makes a huge bet, about the size of the pot. I can no longer figure out what he’s doing, AA is safe on the raggy board vs. what must be a big pair at this point, he’s risking losing TT-KK IMHO. Sojourner goes into the tank, obviously concerned about AA. After much deliberation, he makes the call and checks the river card. Now RiverC checks behind and turns over JJ. I’m a little shocked. It was a cooler catching JJ vs. KK for sure, but it never should have gotten to the point where this much of the money went in, especially early in an event with a good structure. Play drones on, and so does my head. I’m not even sure how I’m making good decisions being this tired and hung over, but it seems to be working. When we hit the 2nd break I think it was, the one where we race off the T25 chips, I buy up all the green chips from my table. The floor comes over and asks how many I’ve got, and I’m not even sure I’m so out of it. “500?” I tell him. He looks at me and says “I don’t think so”. He counts down 1500. LOL – told you I was not with the program. I go on break and really shake my head back into it. The structure was set up nicely with plenty of play, so we got a lot of action in. I had planned on playing the noon Orleans Open event, but was still with a healthy stack in the PSO event when noon hit, so that was a no go. Down to 4 tables, then 3, then 2, I never had to move from my original seat. The escalating blinds are finally catching up to me, and with an M hitting the red zone, I shove ATs from the cut off trying to steal the dead money. Mustang77 reshoves from the SB and shows me KK, but the dealer shows her an ace in the door and I double up (sorry Maura :wink: ). Now she’s short, but goes on a tear and quickly builds it back up. A little while later I’m again in that got to gamble zone… MasterBuzz limps in (I think it was 800-1600 with 200 anties), he’s playing very loose and not folding much, and I look down at 44. I decide to make my stand here and move all in for 9K. I estimated my fold equity vs. MasterBuzz was not very large as he was calling loose since he got moved to my table, maybe 20%. But I was pretty sure the other 80% was a coin flip, and coin flips are just fine with me when my M is 2. Mustang, now with a big stack, reshoves all in from the blind to isolate me. Oof, I don’t like 44 any more. MasterBuzz calls. Much to my surprise Mustang turns over AQ, and MasterBuzz turns over AJ. (MasterBuzz, this was not a good call of a shove and reshove… there’s pretty much nothing AJ is beating and it’s probably dominated up against AK or QQ+). The flop comes out ten high and I’m realizing I’m a favorite to more than triple up and have 30K, which puts me right back in the thick of the final table hunt. Turn adds a straight possibility putting T98 on the board, and the Q on the river completes MasterBuzz’s straight and eliminates me in 15th place. MasterBuzz won a 50 Sponsorship Point bounty that PSO placed on my head for this event. After he busts out from the final table I congratulate him again and let him know Al Spath will hook him up with the sponsorship points. He was pretty excited about the whole deal, and admits to me he’s very new to poker/hold’em. He had played many years ago in the Army (sorry if I got that wrong, don’t remember the branch of service now) but was just getting back into it was is new to hold’em. A couple people were critical of his call with the AJ, and it wasn’t a good play, but we all make mistakes and a lot of them when we’re new. He struck me as a really nice guy with genuine enthusiasm for this game he’s just getting back into. Poker needs more people with his refreshing attitude! I hang around to watch the end, as well as the heads up matches with TJ for a while. Buschman beats TJ for a 10K score, WTG Marion! TheCounselor isn’t so lucky and TJ splits 1-1 vs. PSO. The final table of the PSO event is a pleasure to watch, a very tough battle all around. In the end a good heads up match between Sailor Moe and CLVR ends in a victory for the Sailor… vwp Leon. Realizing I haven’t eaten all day yet, I go grab a bite to eat with Jeff85257. I head back up to the room and call Hector, since we’re supposed to go play somewhere that night. He’s just getting out of work and comes to pick me up, and we decide to go over to the Bellagio and play some $15-$30 limit hold’em. We get ourselves on the list, which is a mile long and only 2 tables going. GG Bellagio. Deciding not to wait, we head over to the Rio to check out the cash games there. They don’t have any limit going above 4-8, but there’s a bunch of 2-5 blind NL tables, with open seating. We each take a seat in a different game. After a few hours of play I’m up and down without much that’s eventful. Towards the end I get donkified yet again. Poor playing LAG open raises to $20 after a limper. I’m in the SB and look down at AA. I make it $75 to go. All muck back to the LAG, and he announces he’s all in… he’s got about $400 total. Nice overbet sir, I call. We don’t turn our hands over as it’s not required in a cash game. The flop comes out K-rag-rag and he says “damn, you got me”. I don’t know what that means, he thinks I called off $325 more with AK? He might think that, because he would (he did earlier in the session actually). Turn is a baby card… “yeah, you got me, nh”. River comes off a jack… “Ooooh, I got lucky”. You’ve got to be kidding me... JJ. Lesson to be learned, his shove with JJ is absolutely terrible. Only a complete donkey is going to call this big an overbet with a worse hand. Basically, you’re turning your J’s into a bad bluff. You’re only going to get called by the bigger pairs, and all worse hands will fold. I don’t mind losing the hand, that’s poker. Any time I can get it all in preflop with AA, I’m happy to live with the results, even though I know some of the time an individual result won’t be to my liking. Hector has to get up early for work so we rack up and take off. He tells me his game was loose and wild (mine was good but not as good as what he described). He relates an amusing hand to me, I’ll try to recant it here. A new player sits down with a max buy in of $500. He’s in the UTG spot and straddles to $10 to come in. As the action starts around the table, he announces that if no one raises, he’ll raise to $50 dark. There’s a few limpers and true to his word, he caps his cards and raises to $50. He gets a couple callers, and the flop comes 789. The blind checks to him and he bets $100 dark. Only the BB calls, and the turn comes a jack. Now the BB bets $100 into him, and the maniac raises to $200. The BB says “have you looked yet?” The maniac replies “maybe”. The BB tanks a bit, and the maniac says, “tell you what, if you call, I’ll check it down with you on the river.” The BB really looks confused now. “If I call and check to you on the river, you’ll check it down?” “Yes”. Ok he says, and calls the $100. The river pairs the board and they check, the BB tabling JT for a flopped straight. The maniac looks at his hand and mucks. 1 hand in and he’s stuck $350 just like that, and reloads to $500, continuing to raise and gamble. Hector picks up JJ, and limps with it since the maniac is on his left and he’s expecting him to raise. The maniac does raise, gets a couple callers, and then the BB puts in a really big reraise. Hector tanks, he was all ready to repop big himself and now this. He knows the BB is just isolating the maniac, but it’s too tenuous and too uncertain to call this much preflop with JJ, so he reluctantly lets it go. The maniac and one other player calls, and Hector is sick when the flop comes KJx. He’s later relieved to find out the BB had the goods he was representing, in the form of KK, so Hector saved a bundle on that hand. Over all the Rio was not good to me thanks to a jack on the river, I end the session stuck $300, and lost $120 in the PSO tournament buy in, for a total of -$420 for the day. Trip total now -$925…
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