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General thoughts, opinions and questions I would like answered. I'm a semi-pro player meaning I derive most of my income from poker both live and online and am interested to hear others thoughts on a multitude of situations, circumstances and poker in general both as a game and community of people and players. I don't often get a chance to discuss poker in depth with others who are as passionate about the game as I am, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions and encourage you to share yours with me as well.
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Getting To Know Me And Heartbreak On The Felt

By: Thnks4StpnBy @ 21:49 (EDT) / 299 / Comment ( 0 )
Welcome to my first post on this forum. I am very excited to share my thoughts and feelings on this wonderful game we all love to play. I look forward to hearing any and all of your thoughts and feelings about any thing you read here and am open to any discussion you would like to pursue. Let me give you a brief background on myself. My name is Robert. I'm 32 years old and live in Colorado with my wife, 3 children and our dog. I was introduced to poker by my great grandfather when I was 10. He taught me to play 5 card draw and 7 card stud at his kitchen table with matchsticks for chips. I continued to play these games with family and friends until 7 or 8 years ago when I was introduced to Texas Holdem. I instantly fell in love with the game and drove my family crazy begging them to play. It was always, just one more time, just one more hour. From where I live in Colorado there are casinos about 2 hours away from my house. It wasn't until about 5 years ago that I found out that poker was played there. I knew about the slot machines but had never seen poker tables there. Upon realizing this I was constantly at the casino. In Colorado we had a 5 dollar bet limit and a $30 cap per street because of a ridiculous law on the books. I usually split my time between 2-5 cash games and mid level tournaments with buyins ranging from $30 to $250 and fields of 30 to 100 people. Over the course of a month i would generally average out to being a small loser in the cash games and winning around 50% more than my total tourney entrance fees. The $5 bet limit and $30 cap on each street in the cash games made for a very difficult game to consistently beat. With that limit on betting nobody ever laid a hand down. This made it impossible to protect your big hands but easy to chase on your draws. We called it no foldem Holdem or river bingo, meaning if you made the best hand not folding by the river then bingo. It was very frustrating to play in the cash games so I played as many tournaments as possible. After 2 or 3 months of playing at the casinos I began to try out some different forms of poker. This was not easy considering that most casinos had 10 to 20 tables and very rarely spread any thing other than holdem, both tourneys and cash. But on a busy weekend night I could find an Omaha 8 or better game and began playing this at every oppurtunity. Considering that nobody folded in the holdem games you can imagine how few people laid down hands in 8 or better. There were no Omaha tourneys offered so I was forced to stick to cash games and faired pretty well in them by being very selective with my starting hands and getting paid off by loose players with my made hands. As long as I could get my hands to hold up it was a pretty simple game to beat. Very rarely I would find a choice game where you could choose between Texas Holdem, Pineapple, Crazy Pinapple, Omaha and Omaha high low. I continued to play at the casinos pretty consistently for about 2 years until some personal problems arose limiting my playing time. About a year ago the law was changed in Colorado. There was now a $100 cap per betting round making for a much better game. I could now play cash games ranging from $1-$2 spread limit to $10-$20 spread limit. I had reached a point where my personal problems were settled and was super excited to play this new breed of poker that had come to town. I went to the casino for the first time after the law was changed wondering what the new limits would mean for the game I had grown so used to. Let me tell you it was great. I got to the casino and found a $1-$2 spread limit game with a $100 cap per betting round and was ready to go.This game bore no resemblence to the game i had formerly played here. I could now protect my big hands and bluff an amount that was ample to force my opponents to lay down weak hands. I loved this new limit. I went home the first night up $1740. Of course I could not wait to get back there and the next night found me at the same game with similar results. I went home a $960 winner and I was hooked. The wins continued to come. One night it would be $400 the next $250 and so on for my next 10 sessions. I was invincible .Every big hand held up. Every draw came in. Every semi bluff or bluff was successful. I could do no wrong. I was a God. I was untouchable, above reproach. This game was mine I couldn't lose with these new limits and felt as though it would never end. It did. I went on a run of 12 out of 14 losing sessions. Granted my average lose was $150 but i was losing nonetheless. I was still up around $4500 under the new limit but it sure didnt feel like it. If I had kings they had aces. If I had two pair they had trips. If I had a straight they had a flush. It even went as far as me four times having a fullhouse and losing. Twice to a bigger fullhouse made on the river to my flopped fullhouse. Once to a straight flush that was very well diguised on the turn and once to quads made again on the river. In the hand with the quads I had Ace-King of spades. The pot is capped with 3 way action meaning there was about $320 in the pot before the flop. The flop comes A-A-K. I bet out $60, get called by player A in middle position and check raised to the limit of $100 by Player B. I call, player A lays down and we are heads up to the turn. The turn comes Jack of spades. I now have Aces full of Kings with a gutshot royal flush draw. Not wanting to lose my customer I check, he bets $100 and I call. The river comes Jack of hearts. Now it never even crosses my mind that I'm beat. All I can think about is getting maximum value for my fullhouse. I make a very weak $40 bet into a pot of about $720 and get instantly raised to $100. I instantly call quite confident that I will be showing down the nuts. Not so. Player B turns over J-J and the dealer pushes a $920 pot the wrong way across the table I was in total disbelief. Unfortunately this was not the end of my run of bad luck. Three nights later I'm back at the casino. For the first time in weeks things were actually going my way. I'm up about about $250 when the following hand came along. I once again had A-K, this time unsuited. the pot is capped 5 ways, swelling to over $500. The flop comes A-K-K with 2 hearts. I check knowing that the pot will be capped. Player A checks, Player B bets $100, Player C calls, Player D calls, player A folds and I call. The pot is now over $900. I am positive at this point that I have the best hand. The turn is a Jack of hearts. This is the perfect card for my hand. It completes a broadway draw. completes the heart flush. It was beautiful. I've got Kings full of aces and 3 other players in the pot. I once again check to make it look as though I'm drawing or weak, Player B again bets $100, player C calls and so does player D. The pot is now a massive $1300.The river's an offsuit duece. There is absolutely no doubt that I have the best hand now. There are a few hands that beat mine but I know that nobody has them. I choose to value bet the river and am called by all three players. The pot is the biggest I've ever played topping $1600. My heart is racing, adrenaline pumping... It's time for the showdown and I know I have the winner. My hands are shaking with excitement as I go to turn my cards over. Then disaster hits. I watch in slow motion as my Ace lands on the felt and my king on the rail. The King pauses briefly before falling to the floor. I look at it in horror knowing that my hand is probably dead. The dealer confirms this and the remaing players in the pot turn over broadway, the nut flush and second nut flush. Sick to my stomach over the disaster that has befallen me I slowly exit the table, then the casino and make the longest 2 hour drive home of my life. These are just a few of my poker experiences with many more to come. If you've ever found yourself in a similar situation to these, enjoyed the stories or have any comments at all feel free to reply. I would love to hear your feedback. Also, if you have any suggestions, this being my first ever post, I would appreciate them. Bye for now and I will see you at the tables.
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