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Grinding the micro's


2012 End of the world? Best not be!

By: adsthepro777 @ 11:52 (EDT) / 548 / Comment ( 2 )

Haven't being doing a blog consistently for a while now since I first started here at PSO so I thought I would start one up here to post my results and let you guys know how things are going with me, poker and how I got to where I am today.

Didn't really start playing properly until the start of 2012, where after many losing rolls on Stars I thought I would look into some bankroll management videos on PSO, and haven’t really looked back since, I’ve made just one deposit in 2012 and has lasted me up to now

I started with a $30 deposit at the start of the year with the goal of using good bankroll management to make sure I never risked much of the roll and I never moved up in stakes when I started to lose. This was key for me and started working right away when I was grinding the $0.25 sit n go's for the cowboy challenge, I had a good run on the 100 games and made like $10 taking me to $40, in the meantime I managed to get some good runs in the cash tables to winning around $10 - $15 and also in that process clearing my bonus for another $10. This took me up to around $80 where I could have the right bankroll to safely grind the 2nl tables.

From there I went on to look at xflixx’s videos on PSO since I mainly play 6 max cash games which he coaches On one of the first videos of his I watched was “grinding through the micros – episode 1” on that video I saw this structure for the correct rolls to play cash games with, this was the standard 40 stack strategy and the roll I would need for each limit –

2nl - $80

5nl - $200

10nl - $400

16nl - $640

25nl - $1000

50nl - $2000 

This is the graph from my first few sessions, could call it beginners luck but was real happy with how I was playing and got some real good results and quickly got my roll over $100 and was ready to quickly push on to the $200 roll and 5nl

I really felt like all the videos and reading in the forums on PSO had helped me to improve my game a lot and get max value out of all my hands. Was good to get off to a winning start and the goals at that point were to keep on grinding and moving on to try and make some big profits.

As for sit n go’s I carried on with the $0.25 games still making good profit off those with the odd good run giving me a whole load of profit and helping me push the bankroll further. Here is a graph of one of my challenges –

Starting Roll ID Position Profit/Loss Closing Roll

$6.25 554535222 18/45 $-0.25 $6.00

$6.00 554535926 7/90 $+0.62 $6.62

$6.62 554538196 14/90 $-0.25 $6.37

$6.37 554541947 14/90 $-0.25 $6.12

$6.12 554607137 40/90 $-0.25 $5.87

$5.87 554609153 49/90 $-0.25 $5.62

$5.62 554611092 61/90 $-0.25 $5.37

$5.37 554619125 76/90 $-0.25 $5.12

$5.12 554621150 74/90 $-0.25 $4.87

$4.87 555087365 18/90 $-0.25 $4.62

$4.62 555094042 13/90 $-0.25 $4.37

$4.37 555091037 13/90 $-0.25 $4.12

$4.12 555084565 23/90 $-0.25 $3.87

$3.87 557550972 9/90 $+0.37 $4.24

$4.24 557554937 10/90 $+0.25 $4.49

$4.49 557559292 13/90 $-0.25 $4.24

$4.24 557562368 4/90 $+1.71 $5.95

$5.95 557882143 88/90 $-0.25 $5.70

$5.70 557883986 54/90 $-0.25 $5.45

$5.45 557886113 50/90 $-0.25 $5.20

$5.20 557903007 20/90 $-0.25 $4.95

$4.95 557969776 72/90 $-0.25 $4.70

$4.70 558814995 17/90 $-0.25 $4.45

$4.45 558818533 65/90 $-0.25 $4.20

$4.20 558821396 12/90 $+0.25 $4.45

$4.45 558823268 55/90 $-0.25 $4.20

$4.20 558828809 12/90 $+0.25 $4.45

$4.45 558833866 5/90 $+1.19 $5.64

$5.64 558865464 1/90 $+5.53 $11.17

$11.17 561094402 3/90 $+2.64 $13.81

$13.81 561098075 25/90 $-0.25 $13.56

$13.56 561100832 2/90 $+3.82 $17.38

$17.38 561103356 11/90 $+0.25 $17.63

$17.63 562286628 61/90 $-0.25 $17.38

$17.38 562290730 72/90 $-0.25 $17.13

$17.13 563893229 9/90 $+0.37 $17.50

$17.50 563895728 65/90 $-0.25 $17.25

$17.25 563902031 20/90 $-0.25 $17.00

$17.00 563904497 21/90 $-0.25 $16.75

$16.75 563950491 29/90 $-0.25 $16.50

$16.50 563965735 54/90 $-0.25 $16.25

$16.25 564019249 18/90 $-0.25 $16.00

$16.00 564021396 88/90 $-0.25 $15.75

$15.75 564023898 67/90 $-0.25 $15.50

$15.50 564026349 6/90 $+0.83 $16.33

$16.33 564030440 4/90 $+1.71 $18.04

$18.04 564034301 13/90 $-0.25 $17.79

Was really happy with how the poker was going at this point and was happy with how these sit n go’s were going for me, making over $10 in the 100 games really helped my roll along with the extra $5 from cowboy himself for completing the challenge.

At this point my roll was around $150, $120 was my cash roll and the other $30 was for sit n go’s. From there I decided to keep my roll split so I could set myself some different SNG challenges always found it was better and more fun to have a challenge rather than just grinding the sit n go games with no goals.

As you can see it took a loooooong 100k hands to make it with some regular 6 max variance kicking in as I pushed on but I scraped over the mark in the end and was ready to take on the new challenge of 5nl. At this point I was really looking forward to moving up just for a new challenge since the 2nl tables were getting repetitive and also was looking forward to racking up some more points

So here’s how things went when I moved up

I think it’s safe to say the transition didn’t go too well, I think it was a mixture of not really studying the new level enough and playing more of a 2nl game which didn’t work at all well in the end, and obviously there was a lot of bad luck in there too, I could have played out until I was back down to $80 but decided to stop when I went down to $120 just so I can hopefully build myself back up to 5nl faster. The next time I go up to 5nl I will definitely look to study and adapt my game to hopefully get some big profits.

I just haven’t really been able to get anything going on the cash front, I think it’s more being on a downswing than anything else but lately after seeing some of my hands being reviewed by xflixx I know there are areas I need to improve for sure and I think if I can get the leaks sorted I can really make some quick profit and get back up to that 2nl level. 

Right so that’s where I’m at right now, my cash roll is on around $110 and my sng roll is up to like $60, so if I’m looking at where I am now from where I was at the beginning I guess that my roll is looking really good or I could look at it the other way and think of what could’ve been :L

The good thing about this new strategy I’m using is that I haven’t really tilted anywhere near as much as I used to even when I was on that big losing streak I didn’t really feel tilted because I knew I could afford it and safely move back down. I advise anyone who wants to make a good roll to use this style of BR management The key to it is to keep it challenging, keep setting yourself new goals for each day, week, and month and you’ll find the game fun and challenging whilst improving at the same time.

I’m gonna wrap this up for now, I’m currently taking part in the second version of the full ring vs six max challenge participating for team 6 max and I hope I can get back of track and book some good results for the team.

I will be updating whenever I can to keep you guys updated on how I’m doing Just a last thing would be to say thanks to PSO and for all the help it has given me to improve my game and teaching me so much more about the game.

Great community, great fun and making some money while I’m at it

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