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From Ace Rag to Riches

Building a Bankroll from Micro up!
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Micro Management

By: baud2death @ 19:25 (EST) / 85 / Comment ( 1 )

So how did I do?



Today was a quiet day, not much poker playing but between my last post and this one, I did manage 10 micro games.

I only managed 1x of my 2x $10 45x man freerolls and didnt get ITM.

I managed to pull out a 1214 / 21,255 + rebuys place for a cash of 51c in the 100K Freeroll.. i wish i could have done better but made a bad move against the big stack that put me out and if i had been more patient and not too risky in that spot, i could have placed much deeper since my stack was quite healthy and i was easily 20-30BB.

Gambling is good in MTT, it helps in the right spots but you need to accept that when you are up against the big stack you really need to have the goods because although they can call you with not a lot, it doesnt matter since if you don't double up through them you are out and that risk should be weighed against the strength of your hand. Going all in with TT can be profitable vs someone down to 8BB but someone who has you covered 3-4x over, they could have less but if they dont you are the one that suffers more not them.


Getting onto to the Micro Managing

With the stake provided to me by a fellow PSO friend, I have 20 games of 25c 45x man games to play.

I am 10 games in, $2.50 spent in buy-ins and 3 cashes (2nd 3rd and 6th) with $4.54 in cash so far and $2.04 profit over this run so far. I still have 10 games to go, plenty to improve on and at this rate of performance I can expect more cashes.

Overall my average placing out of the 10x  run so far is 14 and whilst I would prefer this number to be much higher, I was averaging a much poorer number in my last 20x session.

My goal here is to get this number to at least 7, since this would mean that I would be ITM, on average in every game... its a lot to aim for, I know but this is the number I need to improve more than any specific buyin:prize ratio since this will help me improve my overall performance in these micros.

Where you place on average, ITM or not isn't a stat most poker players will bother to use. Since ITM is the only bankable place people care about, that figure is often used

However, for managing progress through these Micro's. Sometimes the prizes claimed, the ITM achieved or the losses you run through can become a blur if you play the same game regularly as a grind. The best way to know you are improving more is watching your average stat here.

It is VERY easy for us to tell people "I made FT 4 times in 20, got 1st, 3rd, 6th and 7th" but when they ask... "What position do you finish in for the other 16?" you don't want to tell them it was in the high 30s for all of the non-cashes because it makes your achievement seem slighted. In these spots it is better to be honest to yourself with your skill level so you know where you need to improve.

IE : If you average over 20 games at 30th on average, although 1 or 2 could have been cashes, the rest brought your average down and based on you playing the same way each time you could possibly expect to finish 30th most times like this

If you take this stat and realize it is important and notice that as your ability improves your average goes up over the run you are doing now compared to the previous one, you know something you are doing right is working however if it goes down perhaps something is not working with your play and you need to re-evaluate.


I highly recommend anyone reading this and also working through Micro grinding to consider, over a specific sample size (say a 10 or 20 set run) of games what your average placing was. Focus less on the really bad finishes or the spectacular ones and see where your game lands overall.

Use this to then gague how you should approach your next set of games. Focus on things you did better or worse than last time so you can improve for the next time.



Back to the 10 games played so far:

I feel that I still have impulse control problems with certain types of plays. I rarely get into a hand unless i catch cards within my range. I will then find myself in the hand, staring at the board and I hit nothing. I have a high card or perhaps bottom pair but I am beat by so many hands, there really is no reason to be in this hand... its at this point i should get out cheap but often I find myself prepared to bluff my way through and whilst this works sometimes... it stings when it doesn't work and is a really really poor play for me.

The classic one is AK, you go in strong and then its all low cards. You for some reason don't want to walk away from the pot you pumped up and you bet it... you have nothing here and a pair of 2s has you beat. It might have been a coin flip going in from the pre-flop but now the flop hits, 2 overcards are giving you only 6 outs - with 2 cards to come and using the 2/4 rule, thats a 24% chance to improve.

Walking away from AK unmatched here is the right move yet so many people (me included) justify feeding chips into the pot at the hops of catching something. So if that is the case.. why not come in on any 2 cards then? 72o would be fine since if you can hit a 7 and a 2 on the turn and river, you have 2 pair right?

Its an easy walk away and although betting AK strong from the pre-flop is smart, it must be treated just as speculative as KQs might. If you don't hit something and have a good sense you are beat and worse still perhaps even out of position - get away from the hand because it is trash.

The above is very easy for even the tightest player to get stuck with anytime but can happen at the one weakest spot in every orbit, the Big Blind... If you are allowed to check your hand for free, why not see a flop right? But then you end up being in a hand that is far outside your starting hand range but perhaps you place yourself on middle pair.. your opp doesnt want to bet it so you do, he calls and since you really have no plan in this hand and didn't come into it on your own steam, you could misread him to be playing the low pair... next few cards come and you end up playing a poor hand to the river because you got stuck in the hand with your BB check.

Here is how you get past this problem...

When you get checked into a hand for free from the Big Blind, treat it just like any other speculative hand (45h, 33 etc) and you are looking to hit a monster on the flop or get out quick. Don't forget... if other players are in the hand they got in cheapily by limping in without any raising going on so the range of cards in play here could be stupidly vast and unless you are dominating on the flop, its a waste of time and needs to be thrown away!

A good trick to stop yourself getting caught here is quite easy. If you don't hit something nice - fold... don't even check to see if the table will check around for a turn card so you can continue for free and then quit if nothing happens - - just fold here.

This might sound stupid (its a free card, why wouldnt i take it) but getting involved in a large man, small pot hand with a poor hand that needs to improve will get you knocked out more times than you will hit a monster 1 or 2 cards further in. If you can condition yourself to check then fold if raised, no problem but you will end up losing more than you ever gain by staying in here and getting out cheap is your best bet overall.

Getting this factor under control and remaining within my play style is important for me. Patience is important and success at these micro's involves a LOT of patience. There are really only 2 successful ways to get chipped up in these 45 man micros.

1) You play super loose, hit a good match or two and luck out when someone else in the hand does the same for a good all-in type payout.

2) You play super tight, get a few nice hands and if lucky get some people to pay you off


The first type of player will find their variance in these types of games extremely wide. They will cash sometimes but easily bust out early other times.

The second type of player will run into less playable hands and only some of those will be opportunities to chip up. They will get further in but without the right strategy will end up blinded out within a table or so of the bubble.


There are of course players that can do both and they do very well if they do it right. I am not going to say one play style is better than the other but for me at least, a tight game where you choose a range of hands you like and stick with them, playing less flops but when you do, you have a plan and when it pays off, you get paid off. I dislike the loose type of play, it relies too much on luck than strategy but i don't doubt that the pottential to chip up with such actions quickly is quite impressive... just unfortunately not sustainable over a longer run of games.


I will continue with the remaining 10 games and report my progress back here.

I am just about breaking even at the moment, at the point where I am not really adding anything substantial to my bankroll but at the same time am not running behind.

It is my hope to show further improvement and improve my average finishes to the point that I am cashing more often and my ROI improves alongside.


Day : 2

Bankroll Summary : $3.06 / $100 (3% done)

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