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Shame Train : Day 2

By: baud2death @ 04:07 (EDT) / 264 / Comment ( 2 )

Boom was more of a friend to me today so I have some results to show.




A quick summary.

I played the following games :

1 x $1.00 - 180-man Sit & Gos

4 x $2.22 - Sunday Storm Sat's

4 x $1.50 - 270man Sit & Gos


I did ok, out of a total of 9 games, I cashed 3 and made a $4.39 profit (about 30%)


Here is a summary of my bustout hands

180-man Sit & Go

100/180 - No cash -

>> Had seen this guy open light before, mainly small pairs, I had also seen him bully a pot and get caught with a bluff, Whilst JT is well within his range here, my read said he had a low pair and at best I had him beat already, at worst he would fold to the overcards. My read was right, a low pair but he just happened to have the one that made him a set.

270man Sit & Gos

3/27 - $6.19 cash -

>>I was short and it was fairly standard unpaired vs unpaired hand.

13/27 - No cash -

>>Good enough spot to make a play, put opponent on low pair or two broadway, something I can dominate, Ax low is possible too. Loved the KQ, hated the result

15/27 - No cash -

>>Opponent was raising a lot with this bet sizing and continously so looked like a steal, a resteal with QJ seemed good enough but either my read was off or he got lucky that time because I put myself in a heavily dominated spot

22/27 - No cash -

>>Short stacked from earlier bad hand ( and with this opponent, called light because he was consistently shoving with rags and got caught with 94o, Qto was ahead of his range and unlucky that he decided to run with an Ace

Sunday Storm Sat's

19/34 - No cash (ITM @ 7th) -

>>Short from an earlier hand where I got sucked out on with AK vs A5 and he caught a straight

10/51 - $3.00 cash -

>>Short here, but made a stupid move with ( not happy with

1/34 - $11.00 cash - No boom needed

15/33 - No cash -

>>Standard reshove here


I have some key hands I thought i would include as well, these are ones where I had a decision to make, sometimes the right one, sometimes the wrong one.

>>All the way through this hand, it felt like he had Jacks, Sixes or an underpair, I didn't feel a Queen here at all. Jx is fine but JT hurts me, any Ten hurts so when he pot bet it on the river, I thought about mucking for awhile and even used the Time bank but was confident I wasn't against a Queen here and I really didn't give him enough credit for having a Ten in his hand... I should have gone with my first instinct and mucked when he bet the pot on such a wet board. Not a good call.

>>Opp was very tight but being as short as he was, I was going into this knowing I would get it in vs just him, he won his flip and we still showing 17BB so not a big disaster

>>I was not expecting so much action with my KQ, especially out of position. The flop doesn’t hit so its check/fold 100%, opponent who bet it showed 99, it didn’t matter because King High wasn't beating anythere there

>>I was waiting to get a hand with this fish since first hand dealt, notes show that he led into opponents out of position with King high and built a big stack by doing this move twice in 4 hands to river the King each time! - I was commited to my move on the flop, stop and go and thankfuly he was fish enough to Double me up

>>With position a flat here was good enough for me although a 3-bet was close, I had good position. I decide to float his c-bet and if he checks the turn ill follow through, he shoves the turn so pretty much nothing I can do here, my only outs are a Gutshot, overs and nothing that can stand +pot sized shove

>>We re-raised preflop which he called, a shove here on the flop was automatic for me if he called since any smaller bet commits him regardless and a shove is much stronger. We have strong outs if he hit a pair, such as the Jack for the straight, or Aces/Queens for better pairs.. I really put this guy on anything at this point and considering  he led out instead of shoving with a short stack and flatted my raise whilst sort. In this spot he is showing massive weakness and, he is folding more times than not - he didnt and gambled with his straight draw.

>>Supreme suckout here… I don't know if this guy was challenging my early position bet because he suspected a EP steal, I hadnt really done any stealing this game unless he had  aprior read from me, either way the KK vs Ax tragedy plays on! , thankfully i sucked out for a TU 2 hands later with Ax vs a pair and KJ

>>Bad move here, was 3/10 when 10 spots paid $3, 1-9 spots pay $11 - this was a risk not worth taking 100% of the time, bad move

>>Dry board, I can comfortably C-bet here where I am only getting strong action from a King, a call here I put my opponent on Kx (low likely), 9x or 6x but possibly a call to float. He checks the turn, so not a float and if he had a King, I can't imagine him giving up another street of value. I have been representing the Kings from the start, so no point in giving up now. I now have officially no idea what this guy has, something that isn't fearing KK then KKK doesn't bother them suggest to me that they are either trapping with the King, were on a backdoor flush draw which hit on the river or plainly just like calling bets for no reason. - Happy to see the fish was willing to call down 9s all that way



I have added some aggression tactics to my game which was playing a little too nit before. This is relying on advice from others and education from articles/videos. I need to work more and more on this to remain aggresive whilst holding the ability to spot when I am not going to get a bluff past my opponents.

The goal is to play with good hands, when we flop strong we will be getting the very best of it, when we flop weak then our image will give us possible outs that were not available to us when either a) Our opponent misses completely or b) Our opponent hits but not very strong and can't stand up to our action.

More ways to win than just having the best cards, which if we think about it, is just a fancy form of Bingo.

My goal though now is to fine-tune my game, learn from the lessons, take a great deal of notes (especially for players that i can't bluff against), improve my reading ability and learn when I am ahead or behind (or more importantly if my opponent is ahead or behind)

IN ADDITION : One leak I seem to have with my new found tactics are that I will get too aggressive early on. Since my nit style was tight early on, opening up the tap for aggresive plays has left me stuck with some early bust-outs instead.

I am learning to adjust, mainly because one of the biggest factors of aggressive tactics would be fear, fear in your opponents that they can't withstand the raise. You are less likely to get fear from players early on because players who are usually bluff proof are also the players that have a poor concept of stack size and will gladly peel off 1/5 of their stack on calling bottom pair whilst you are bluffing AK that you didn't hit.

So the trick for me is to focus on being VERY tight early on and once there is more dead money in the middle, a lot less VPIP from the table and you can predict hand ranges a lot better, aggression comes into its own.



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