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OMahaG: On the Road to Omaha supremacy

Hand History Reviews and breaking down my good and bad plays.
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I always feel like I need to look back on how I play, because I have always been a better visual learner than a pure math and stats guy, but that's just how I play and not necessarily for everyone. This is why I try to record a few of my sessions every month and just analyze my play to see how I am doing, because its hard to have a perfect session, but I am always striving for one. This is from a session about 4 days ago, 2-tabling PLO25 Zoom. Although I do play standalone tables at this level, most of my sessions usually involve at least 1 table of Zoom, although I have 6-8 tabled in the past, I feel most comfortable with just 2-4 tables open. Let's look at the setup first though.

1. I have no HUD: Yes, it may shock you to see a poker player playing without a HUD, but I feel it clutters my screen too much, I need more training on using a HUD because its too much of a distraction at the moment. 

2. I do have Pokertracker: While I am hoping to learn more about the value of a HUD, i do have a series of stats I look at in Pokertracker post-session so I can analyze not just my play, but how my opponents play and what they are likely to do again (Any patterns, etc.). Again, these all seem like valid reasons for the HUD, but I don't like it, plain and simple.

3. Session Length: I try to aim for between 30mins-1hour for each sessions, depending on the feel of the tables and my stack. This session is approximately 29mins and I will be releasing the 2nd video later on the week. I try to not allow certain hands impact my decisions for an entire sessions, but I feel like I make a terrible play or suffer a bad beat or two, I usually try to end my session and take a small break. I feel like I have had tilt cloud my mind before and make bad decisions in the past and that I need a break to continue to play my A game, so its just my way to relax. I have even gone so far as to take those 12 cooling off periods from pokerstars because I know I will just making bad decisions if I keep playing, and they have helped me in the past.

4. I "Run it Twice": Gotta increase equity on those coin flip flop boards and so i always have this checked.

Finally, this is a session review, but not a critical analysis of the way I played every single hand in this session, I only look at the few key hands that made it to the river and forget the rest, because minimal mistakes post flop can lead to massive mistakes by the river, but folding preflop with most hands is never truly bad, so I avoid analysis of that. With that being said, here is part one of the video with no audio (I may do some live commentary at a later date, but I keep it simple).

Hand 1 (1:30, left table) As7sKcKd: Suited Ace and big unsuited pair UTG+1, standard 3x raise, only BB defends. Flop is J95 rainbow and BB donks into me. At this point, its to early to release my hand with a backdoor flush draw and an overpair, lot of turns help me so I flat him. The turn jack is a pretty awful card however and he keeps firing into me. Although I am beating counterfeit two pairs, the fact that the jack doesn't scare him means he probably has one, so I release.

Hand 2 (2:11, left table) 9hKhJcJd: Folded around to me in the SB with a nice hand, straight potential, a good flush draw and a pair. Raise to 75 and BB calls. Flop is Q87, two spades, since its heads up, I feel like I can lead in here easier and try to determine his range with a 2/3 pot bet. He calls pretty quickly and an offsuit 3 hits the turn. We are ruling out most sets here on the flop who would want to raise on a draw heavy board unless they have spades to go with them and have me corked. Bet about 80% pot on the turn and get snap called again. Most two pair hands and sets would have spoken up by now, especially with my willingness to continue betting on the turn, so this feels like a draw. Spades appear more likely given that I have two jacks and a 9 in my hand as blockers for his straight draw cards that would call preflop. River is a J of hearts, completing a 910 straight but giving me a set. This feels like a standard check call spot for me, given I have showdown value but not the nuts and want to give my opponent the opportunity to bluff spade draws representing the straight. He thinks for a bit and full pots me, have to pay that off given the unlikely chance he has it and he had the blocker 10s with spades, so a good result.

Hand 3 (3:00, left table) AdJhQh9s: Probably was too happy from the last hand so I make a loose defend from a UTG pot size raise and flop trips. He can easily have AKxx or A8xx on the flop so I just call the pot -sized flop bet. When he checks back the turn, I feel I have him. However, I don't want to bet the river and have to check fold to his bluff so I check it down and he small values the river. I feel he would do this with any ace as well as full houres or comeplete air and he bets only 40% of the pot so I feel this is a snap call and he shows up with garbage so I take it down.

Raise with QhKh3dQd at 5:25 is pretty bad, I was looking to steal the blinds here got 3bet in position. A lot of these high pair hands with bad connectors get me to commit more money to pots than i should, and I know I have to fix. Although, if we look at this case in the extreme can just see the 88q flop before it fades

Hand 4 (5:49, right table) AdAh3sQc: Very bad aces UTG, could make an arguement but I make the raise with the intention of flopping a set or folding. Only the BB calls with 69J flop rainbow. Lots of straight draws on this board as he checks to me, one pair is not worthy of the cbet. 5 hits the straight and Im done with the hand, even more so with the river spade backdoor flush. Lucky to win this, although he could have bet his straight draw on the flop and won if he had done so.

Hand 5 (7:55, right table) AhKhKc8d: Good Kings here with the suited ace, UTG+1 min raises, and SB flats, I could 3bet here but mini-raise can mean aces wanting to induce, so i just flat. Flop is low pair board, 2 diamonds. OR min bets and gets flatted by SB again. I don't think anyone has aces here, but SB could have 3 in hand and wants OR to bet again on turn with his flat or could have flush draw, raise here would be too polarizing and could get 3bet so i would be forced to fold so i just flat again. Turn is offsuit 9 and i feel like I have the nuts when OR bets like an eigth of the pot and SB just calls again. I should raise turn here, this is a mistake in this hand just flatting because i let so many river cards kill me here, so I don't like how I played this. River is pretty good and OR bets a sixth of the pot. SB folds his flush draw and now I contemplate the raise but I feel the OR is too weak in this spot to call a raise so I just flat now to see what he has. He basically had nothing and i don't know how he has 47 dollars in front of him at this point. Another good result, bad decisions pot.

Hand 6 (9:40, left table) 8dKcQc10s: Make a play on the button here to iso the limper with a rundown hand, feeling he's pretty weak. Flop is 932 rainbow, easy cbet flop for a little over 3/4 to show strength, when he calls I put him on a 9 with straightening cards or a low wrap or just some floats with over cards. Turn is 5d, hitting a straight and potential for back door flush. He checks and I check to re-evaluate the river. River is offsuit 6 and he checks again, now I cannot put him on the straight because he would have bet river so I predict he has 9 with high cards or an over pair or even a bad two pair. Feels like good spot for a bluff so I bet about 3/4 pot again. I could have easily had a had like 98710 on the flop which could check the turn fearing a lower straight and hitting the nuts on the river as i would have played that hand in a similar way. Also, could have some a4xx suited hands or suited aces with a 4 trying to seek value on the river that can make it believeable, especially if he has only one pair. He folds and its a successful bluff.

Hand 7 (11:15, right table) AsAh10d10s: A good Aces hand, double pair but only suit. I play under the school of thought of hoping to 4bet Aces preflop, meaning I flat the raise and someone reraises behind me so i can get most of my stack in so I flat the CO raise. Flop is connected but rainbow JQ8. I check to the original raiser with the intention of check-raising but he checks it back. Turn is a 7 of spades giving me the nut backdoor flush draw, opponent showed post-flop weakness so it feels like a easy bet here of 2/3 pot which he calls. Hands he could have include some flush draws with straight draws or some weak straight hoping to call down or some two pair hands hoping for a cheap river. River is an offsuit 5 and I feel I have to continue my story of strength here given he just flatter. I would have checked the nuts on the flop hoping to induce a cbet so I could have a variety of hands here that have him beat so I bet 3/4 pot. He snap folds, which means he probably had 2 pair and wanted to see if I checked the river for a cheap showdown, but some good aggression takes it down. 

Hand 8 (11:20, left table) Kh4hQsQc: I already mentioned this is a leak I need to work on, suited king with a high pocket pair, I probably should fold to a standard raise size but CO min raises here so i call and BB calls. Flop trips, check to OR who bets 2/3 pot here, feels like a standard call here. A of diamonds on turn, he could have had aces and was trying to induce preflop so I check here and  he checks. I was betting most rivers here but backdoor diamonds come in so i check again and win when he checks (he had KJ910 double suited black in HH). Don't know if this is a bad defend or not in this spot, but we win in the end. I still im too loose in these spots, or may need to raise more here rather than just call.

Hand 9: (12:25, left table) KcKs8sJh: Decent kings with one suit and some straight making cards so i make a standard raise and the BB repots me. He only has 40 BBs to start the hand, so he may be more willing to gamble with hands like rundown straight cards and raggedy aces in this spot, so i feel like hes going to barrel every flop here. I feel like our hand is too strong to fold to his range here, so I choose to flat in position. Flop is J87 rainbow and he snaps pot here, this screams Aces now and given hes so short and we are crippling aces, I get it all in and he snap calls. Run it twice and the boards run out good and we scoop on his aces. Make a note to myself about this player, have to look if he only just short-stacks gambles in the future but a pretty standard hand.

Hand 10: (13:58, left table) KdQd3d2s: This is called playing the player, not playing the hand. dymarko stacked us in the last hand so I call with junk because I feel he is on a little tilt. Flopped gin with a straight and check for a check raise only to see him check behind. Turn is 8 of hearts putting a flush on board but I would expect him to cbet all flush draws he had so I play my hand as a bluff catch now and call his turn bet. Unfortunately, he checks river behind and our hand takes a smaller pot than I would have liked.

Some interesting spots in the first half session, and some other spots to come. Stay tuned for part 2 later in the week and I hope I can find some more hands to open for a discussion.

In Omaha We Trust


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