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Playing above your bank roll


How I play Single Table SNGs Part 3

By: la;yton99 @ 07:02 (EST) / 1 / Comment ( 0 )
I have had 3 messages on this so far. It is a struggle playing against some players at micro buy in.

General players

Most of the players that you play against are loose players or inexperienced just check the previous history and see the hands they play. Calling 6x blind raise with Q-9 suited from early position when the blinds are low for example.

This is where classification is difficult as there are a lot of inexperienced players and a lot of maniac players I wouldn't even say donkey/donks as most don't know enough of the game to understand this term.

Here is a general run down.

The inexperienced player
This player calls with anything raises with anything. Chases his ace when he called with Ace-rag. Can't be bluffed or bullied out of a hand, if  he has any kind of hand even ace high he will call you to the river. After all Gus Handson did that on the WTP.

 How can you play against this? Only bet and raise when you have a good hand. Not the best hand a good hand. A-K if an ace is on the flop. Most of the time this player is going to have A-x thinking he has the best hand. If you only have a pair be prepared to dump it when an ace comes. This player doesn't see flushes or straights so will not fold to a bluff.

The loose player
This player will call with any good or medium hand and try to hit the flop. This is the guy that knocks you out with a double gut shot straight that you never even thought about. He will raise you every single flop and fold if he doesn't have anything when re-raised. But if he goes all-in when you re-raise you know he has hit the flop hard or is bluffing. What did you say? Bluffing or has hit the flop hard? Right this is how the loose player gets rewarded. He bluffs all-in with nothing or goes all-in with a good hand NOT always the nuts but a good hand two-pair, second or third flush or a straight!

 DO NOT CALL ALL-IN WITH TOP PAIR ONLY! He will have top and bottom two or the flush with 10-2 clubs in his hand for example. He knows 9 out of 10 times he is going to have the best hand.
How to play against this player is more simple than you think. If you have the best hand . Example: nut flush. Don't reraise before the river. Call. If you bet and he re-raises CALL do not go over the top as you are saying I have a hand. You don't want to scare him off. Raise on the turn about half the pot. A lot of times he will fold (this is bad) But sometimes he will take a semi-bluff at the pot with second best hand and go all-in. This is where calling with top pair only gets you in trouble. Always have the best hand possible against these kind of players. PATIENCE! When you have the best hand go all-in on the river. Or not! I sometimes will bet bet bet when the river comes I will check. Sometimes this can work as it looks like you ran out of guts to bluff at it again. He goes all-in and gotcha! If you check and he checks. You show the nuts! He shows his middle pair. Next time make sure you do exactly the same thing when you have the nuts. Trust me on this.

Don't worry about value etc he expects a value bet. I don't bother value betting against these players. All-in on the river most the time. But only do this with the nuts (you have been warned)

The calling station

These players are annoying, they call your bets no matter what. I know some players will be saying what you are joking right? I love calling stations. I hate them I can't stand playing against them. You can't bluff these guys it doesn't matter what you do they will call with 2-2 in their hand no matter what comes. So what? Ask me that when you've bet and bet at a pot and one of these guys hits his 2 on the river and taken out half of your stack. The other problem I have playing these kinds of players is it doesn't change if they have 2-2 or A-A they keep calling until the river. Sure most of the time you have the best hand on the river but when they have called you down to the river with the nuts it is sooooooo frustrating. No hint to what they had at all. Next hand he calls calls calls again. Really does scare me when these guys get a hand to call with. Any pair any ace is usual with these players. If they go all-in you know they have a very very good hand!

How to play against them?
I've had a lot of trouble with these kinds of players in STng. Simply because they do call with any pair or any Ace. I've come up with a couple of ideas and tactics. Position is really important you want to be acting after these players. Patience is also important but you want to be in a hand with this kind of player as they call off their chips and you want those chips.
If you don't have a hand don't bet that simple. Check. No point throwing chips at this player. If you hit the flop min bet. If you hit the flop hard x2 bet. You want to build the pot and win it at the river like playing limit holdem. You will scare him off if you go all-in.

Example hand:
The station limps from early position.
On the button you have A-K raise 3x blind the calling station of course calls. The flop comes K-8-2 rainbow.
Checks to you 2x bet.
Turn is  7d
Station bets x3 blind (he hit something you know that right?)
You raise to x6 he calls.
River As
bets x3 blind. You raise x6 blind he calls.

He has A-8 you have A-K. If it had been a loose player all the chips would have been in the pot. But if you had gone all-in during any flop before the river he would have folded. Why not go all-in on the river? Because he may have been playing A-A, K-K or even 2-2.
For that reason these players are the death of me. They call call call. I've actually bet x3 every hand and one of these players called me all the way to the river with the nuts! He didn't reraise once just call call call.

The wannabe Poker Pro
We've all met them they annoy you. Call your plays while you are in the hand with someone else. Judge how you play. Call you a donkey when you get lucky. Raise exactly x4 the blind from early position and x3 in late. They've read all the books would be pro if they had more money or if not so many donkeys to suck out on them causing them to lose money.
(COUGH) Or if online play wasn't rigged as it is as he's won xxxx amount of dollars in real life against really good players etc etc (COUGH)

How to play against the wannabe?
Play normal don't change anything at all. Play your hands but be prepared when he goes all-in he is going to have A-A, K-K, A-K, Q-Q or J-J. if you call with a lesser hand and beat him be prepared to be Hellmuthized about what a bad player you are. I don't bother answering these players in chat. Right click ignore chat!
If he limps you raise, if he raises x3 from the button call or re-raise classic steal, classic limp with smaller pairs or suited connectors. Make him play looser, take him outside of his play and it is easy to beat these players. Another bad beat story to add to his collection.
These players over value top pair or over play hands when a bad flop is there. Most of the time they think too much and you can get them to call with hands when they don't have the best hand anymore. or fold hands when they had the best but a flush or straight is on the board.

They have A-A they think it is a bad beat when the flop comes 5-K-Q and someone called 4x the blind  with K-Q all their chips are going in right now. Raise half the pot and see what happens.

The super tight player
He doesn't play any pot at all no raise no calling nothing. When it has got to the river he has had the totaly nuts.

How to play against these players?
One word DON'T this guy is going to be 3rd with 1000 chips. He won't play a pot unless he has the best hand if he is all-in preflop he has exactly ACES! If he is all-in post flop he has the NUTS!
Raise his blinds. Wait until you are down to 3 before playing against this player. Limp when it is his blind and hope you both catch something. It is very difficult to play against super tight players in a 9 player sit n go because the blinds don't go up fast enough to blind them out unless you are playing turbo games.

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