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Playing above your bank roll


How I play Single Table Sit and Go games

By: la;yton99 @ 12:03 (EST) / 48 / Comment ( 1 )

I am not a poker pro nor do I claim to be. I am just a player I make more than I lose so that makes me a winning player! My MTT ROI is 24% according to the stats for 2009 my old stats on another site same ID without the ; I hit it by mistake when signing up to pokerstars lol.

Most of you will already know everything that I am going to blog about Single Table Sit and Go play. I am going to refer to  them as STng from now on as can't be bothered to write the whole thing out.

These games really are my speciality up to 2 table SNG's (18 players for those that can't multiply:-D ) two table games are pretty much the same as one. I've made most in one table games both on pokerstars and on the previous site I played.

Why play these games? First off they are pretty quick between 45mins to two hours max. Sometimes much faster depending on table dynamics. Usually the blinds don't get past 300/600. Secondly so many people have absolutely no idea how to play these games. And I am serious most are good poker players but this is a different game.

I don't play turbo or short handed with these games. Simply because it changes the whole game and breaks rule 1.
The double up at the beginning of the game when you have A-A against someone's A-K can put you in 2nd and in the money if you fold every single bad hand after that double up! (don't just sit out though as most people will just blind you out)

How many  tournaments can you get to 2nd place from one single double up on the first hand of the night?

It is such a shame that singles are not shown in stats. My MTT score isn't  high because I don't play many. And I would love to be able to check the stats of the players I am playing against.

The basics of playing Single Table Sit And Go have 5 basic rules:

1. Patience
2. Position
3. Aggression
4. Position
5. Refer to rule 1

People think short game not many players so all-in and all-in take the players out quick make quick profit. WRONG!!!

Starting hands

Play from any position. However you like to play them limp raise x4 blind etc. From early I may limp with A-A when it is a loose table or have a loose player that likes to raise limpers. Good tactic is limp with aces on the button or one before the button when two or more have limped before you. Button or blinds often raise to chase the limpers great re-raise here. 4 limpers + blinds + raise = nice chips even if player does fold to the reraise. This works great against ABC players.

If nobody raises and you get 3 other players in pot with you pray you hit the Ace or someone hits a King or Queen on the flop. Low flops are the death of Aces in this situation.

AK and KK. All-in. Don't worry about nobody calling too many bad players to be exotic.

QQ, JJ Usually in these games people play A-x, K-Q, K-J, K-10 and Q-J a lot and I mean a lot. Raise x4 or x5 the blinds from any position. I may limp and use like any other pair try to hit trips and fold if an over card comes. This goes back to patience!

2-2 to 10-10 Limp call up to 3x blind with 5-5 to 10-10. Min bet only for anything below be prepared to get out to overs. I see people calling all-in with 4-4 after the flop so many times! If you don't hit your set then get out. Only exception is with 9-9 and 10-10 when they are the over cards but then you have to be looking at straight chances etc on flop. Gets complicated!

A-Q to A-X limp in early position or call with it in late try to hit two pair! Later when down to 3 or 4 players these hands are a lot more valuable!

Rule 1. The unbreakable rule! Why is it unbreakable? Because near enough everytime I've broke it I've been busted out before the money.

Be patient there isn't long to go that is a part of the problem not the solution. You raise 200 with A-9 suited from early position  you have 1500 chips. Get one call. Flop comes KK9 rainbow (no two cards of the same suit)  You raise 200 again get a call. Turn is a Jack. You check the player goes all-in. Your stack is now 1100, You can't call. you are down to 1100. That is 20 big blinds wasted!!

You might need those! The attitude of I can make it back really doesn't work you have no big stack bully to come along and give you double ups. Most of the time you are going to be playing with about the same stack as everyone else. 5 to 1 chip advantages are rare, so one mistake can get you into a lot of trouble for later.

That 400 might mean the difference between busting out 3rd and getting your buyin back and 4th nothing. Who wants 3rd? I do!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd rather come 3rd and get money than forth and get nothing. More about this later.

Some players might go all-in soon as they see that 9 after all chances of him having a King are what? So you do and he calls with J-J. You now have 2 outs the turn comes Jack you now have 0 outs.

This is all pretty basic. Why get in when you don't need to when the blinds are just 10/20 a raise to 60 or 120 would have given you the same information. I'd have folded A-9 from early position this early in the game just not worth it.

Wait for hands or hands like A-9 suited in late position either the cut off or on the button.

What does this result in? It results in most of the players will see you as tight and try to push you off your blinds early. GOOD Let them waste their chips! Why are they wasting their chips you may ask?

Simple mathematics again. If the player to your right raises your blind 300 every single blind when blinds are 15/30 to 30/60 he has to do this 10 times when the blinds are 15/30 and 5 times when they are 30/60 to make his 300 worth it. One single reraise from you with a decent hand and you've earned back your chips. Any ace with decent kicker 9 and above any pair 6's and above. 

This is where rule 3 comes in Aggression in Stng play it is more important to be aggressive when you have a hand then it does when you don't!

I reraise if I have A-A, A-K or K-K not a call that often makes people suspicious. A min reraise they bet 300 I go 600 he has choices normal ones are, He will call and bluff on the flop or go over top of me. The best result believe it or not is for him to just give up and fold! He will think ok he caught a hand will raise him again next time. PRAY FOR A HAND ON TH|E NEXT BLIND!!. As all his chips will probably end up in the middle!

I am not scared of calling all-in on the flop with A-A no matter what comes out there in this position if he has me beat he does. A-K or K-K I will usually reraise him all-in preflop anyway. I am not scared of getting involved in a multi-way pot with A-A either.

Rule 2:

Position is one of the most important aspects of the game it is even more important when you are playing 9 handed and you all have the same relative chips stacks. It is a clear advantage and you will see people making wild plays from early position just to make up for it.  You act last, you can see what other players are doing and act. DON't GIVE UP POSITION UNLESS YOU HAVE THE STONE COLD NUTS!

 Some early position players think they can control the game through agression. It is true to a point. But then what if you do have the nuts? It's a scary idea to go all-in when you have a medium hand and the person that called your preflop raise has more chips than you. Sure it shows strength but it may also tell that person you have nothing or a weak hand and are trying to defend the chips you have invested or simply running over your opponant. Be very careful of this all-in move! If someone goes all-in on me from early position and I have more chips than him and top pair or better he is getting a call.

Sure he might have the over-pair, trips etc and sometimes they do and I double them up but 8 out of 10 times he has raised because he has no idea about position and is mistaking position play with aggressive play!

Ok that is enough for now I am a bit busy and my stomach is growling I might add to this later if I have time.
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