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Playing above your bank roll


How I play Single Table Sit and Go games Pt2

By: la;yton99 @ 08:45 (EST) / 671 / Comment ( 0 )

I have a bit of time before lunch and shower etc.

I've already gone through the basic rules but here is a recap.

The basics of playing Single Table Sit And Go have 5 basic rules:

1. Patience
2. Position
3. Aggression
4. Position
5. Refer to rule 1

Rule 4: Aggression

Being aggressive as any good poker player will tell you is very important. I am generally not an aggressive player unless I have a good hand to be aggressive with. What do I call a good hand? Top Pair with top kicker. A-K when hitting the King or Ace. Two pair, Top two or Top and middle NOT middle and bottom or bottom two. (unless short handed 2-4 players then these values go up) Three of a kind (set, trips,,) Nut flush etc MADE HANDS!

How to play with aggression? In normal tournaments we use aggression for two or three reasons. Most important is being aggressive when you have a hand and getting chips with that hand. Second is when you don't have a hand and are fooling people into thinking you 
 Same with playing weak with strong hands so when you are not strong your opponant is worried in case you are slow playing a good hand. Everyone should know this but it is just a recap.

In STsng (single table sit and go) you don't have the tells and reads on the players because the game is short. You can't play aggressively with A-A then play the same way the next hand with J-2 offsuit. YOU WILL GET A CALL!

I know this is what we were all told to do in books but it simply does not work in ST games. I know I've actually tried this play quite recently. I ended up out everytime I made a play I got a call. Even after only showing A-A, A-K, K-K people still played back at me with K-Q or Q-J. A-x. I hate ace rag I really really do!

So now you have a decision. There are some good wasy to use aggression that work well in STsng games.

1. Only be hyper-aggressive with the best hands A-A, K-K, Q-Q A-K Jacks, preflop, post flop, turn and river.Hyper aggressive I mean ALL-IN as soon as you get a raise or a call. Either you are all-in to the raise or all-in on the flop. Limp with smaller pairs and smaller Aces A-Q, A-J, A-10 and A7-9 in later positions. This play induces a lot of folds and a few re-raises and calls. read note below!

 Note:  If you play like this you do not want to play like this with inferior hands. You will get played back at when people have folded three or four times they think this guy is are just trying it on. If you are playing medium or marginal hands you will get called with one of them not with the superior hand GUARANTEED!

2. Call or raise x3 blind with all your best hands. This does actually work as people generally play ABC poker 4 limps you raise x3 from button, blind re-raises. How is this aggression? Soon as you get that raise you've been working for it's time to be hyper aggressive. You don't want to see a flop you want the chips. ALL-IN! But make sure you have a hand!! A-A, K-K, Q-Q (up to you with the Q-Q I don't push all-in usually with it)  Why not A-K or A-Q? Because so many people in these tournaments will call your all-in with 2-2 and up. I try not to call any all-in with an ace unless I have two of them.

Advantage of this play is you are going to get called 1-3 times with hands like A-Q A-J A-9. Q-J and smaller pockets. The other advantage is you can also play low/medium pairs and suited connectors. .

3. Be aggressive with everything, bluff, raise, check-raise etc. I do this sometimes when I see notes on players at my table and they know how I play. Is good up until to 4 or 5 players then cut back to ABC poker so you can get in the money.

This is all about the most important rule: PATIENCE!

You have a maniac at your table going all-in and saying BAMMMMMMM! in the chat when hitting 2 outs on the river. Let them do it. Why should you care? You want to end up in the money 1st-3rd. I want 1st only just doesn't work in single tables. You want to be in the top three simple. If that maniac player knocks everyone out accept you and a mouse next to you. You've made the money. No matter what happens. This doesn't mean go all-in with 7-2 but it does mean you have some freedom to play. If very short stacked go all-in.

This bit is boring and about bankroll and placing as placing in the top three is very important to you.

I will use $1 games as the examples. Currently on pokerstars there are two types of Single table games.

Standard at $1.20 and Knock-out 1.40

1st. $4.50
2nd. $2.70
3rd. $1.80

Knock-out game you get 25c bounty for every player you knock out. It does make the play a little wilder believe it or not.

Taking this into account. Your bank roll should be 25-50 buy-ins. I prefer closer to 50 just because it makes me feel safer and I can jump up a level if I so please.

To be profitable you need to win at least 1 in 4 games and place 3rd once. This is where not playing back at the maniac and getting knocked out comes in.

Buy-in 4 x $1.20
= $4.80

1st $4.50+3rd1.80= $6.30

Profit= $1.50

Very basic stuff. If you place four times in 3rd then you have one-buy in back. The combinations are endless but I stick to if I win one and come third in one then I have made a profit. If I do better than that then all is good. Can drive yourself crazy if you get 2nd 2nd 3rd 2nd out etc and try to work it out..
Two second places is a profit. One second and one third is a loss.

I do play the knock outs but have started to avoid them recently as people will do anything for that 25c with the attitude if I knock out one player at least I get 25c which is nuts. And it really is difficult to knock out every single player at the table so don't go in with that attitude.

Anyway folks I've bored you long enough. Ignore everything if you want add to it if you like. etc etc. This is my own work I didn't read it anywhere is just what I've learned while playing and listening to others.

The 1234 guide is from the poker conferance tour.

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