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My game plan

I'm gonna blog my game as I play it so I don't know if I'm gonna bust out early or win the ticket.



I'm playing  one table to get all the reads on my opponents.

I'm doing this to improve my game and read on opponent and play the best poker I can. Analyze the game's every action.

literally first hand of the game

MP1 - AKs - plan raise 3x and cbet if someone called me

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

cool, no action

BTN - AQo - raise 3x then cbet if someone called me

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

same result no action it's good better than losing

First big pot of the game but I'm not involved

UTG -  Andriuxaa limps in and M3-TALGOKET which is a SUPERNOVA so I know he's an experienced player makes it 6x(120) blinds are 10/20 and Andriuxaa called to see a flop

flops come QcTh8h and Andriuxaa min bets 20 which showed that he does not know anything about bet sizing and TALGOKET  made a pot size reraise of 270 and Andriuxaa called again

board QcTh8h Turn comes Qs and Andriuxaa checks it. TALGOKET bets a little more than 50% of the pot 420 in a pot of 810 and Andriuxaa called again which very easily comes into my own conclusion that this will go all in on the river.

board QcTh8hQs River 4s and Andriuxaa checks it again and of course TALGOKET as we all know shoves all in and Andriuxaa called a big raise pre flop, called a pot size bet post flop, called 50% turn bet definitely have to call river bet and he did it with JhTs for mid pair so TALGOKET wins the pot of 2970 chips.

This is the hand

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

Conclusion: Andriuxaa is a newbie don't know about bet sizing post flop and became a calling station until the river

TALGOKET on the other hand a SUPERNOVA which already shows us that he's an experienced player played his COWBOYS very well. Pre flop he attacked the limper by raising it 6x then followed it up with a pot size bet. The turn bet is crucial he just bets 50% of the pot because if he made it pot size bet again on the turn his opp might fold it. He set it up perfectly to get it all in on the river. Very well played.

M3 - 22

UTG - BOOGANDEHAH limps and I limped behind to set mine HJ sined42 also limped in and the BTN AfraocOG raise it to 165(blinds 30/60). Everyone folded except me, I called to set mine with the plan of snap folding to a cbet if i did not hit my set.

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

standard play, normally I don't like to call 5.5x raise just to set mine but I thought if he was this strong if I hit my set I might get his stacks and 165 will not do that damage to my stack.

BB - 88

CO BOOGANDEHAH(1437 chips)raise 3x 150 and I'm on the BB(1365 chips) with 8's with blinds 25/50

with blinds 25/50 normally I already love to gamble here to get a good stack going into level 4

Read on BOOGANDEHAH - played only one hand which is a limp then fold to a reraise so basically he's not raising light here just because it's open to him in CO.

I have 8's and thought ok if he have AK AQ he might fold and he called I'm ahead and I also thought if he was ahead so be it. We need to gamble at some point and I thought this was one of it.

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

I won the flip so a good double up for me. This is the 2nd big pot of the game.

another big pot of the game won by TALGOKET


M2 TALGOKET raise it 2.5x blinds are 25/50 HJ elev8ted called SB Schmelzer called and BB AfraocOG

We are going to see the flop 4 way with a pot of  500.

flop comes 8h4c6d normally with a flop like this and if I'm first to act I might check this flop and wait for someone to bet then I reraise it with my big hand in case I have a big hand.

but TALGOKET decided to raise it 200 into the pot of 500 which is slightly less than 50% of the pot and only BB AfraocOG paid to see the turn

turns comes Jh BB AfraocOG checks it and TALGOKET which now have position bets a little just 200 into the pot of 900 which makes this move a quite interesting. BB AfraocOG just called.

River comes 2c and the pot is 1300 and BB AfraocOG checks it again. TALGOKET bets 825 and again BB AfraocOG just called leaving him just 385 in chips which is roughly 7.70 bb's left and he showed 98s for just a mere mid pair.

and TALGOKET pocket jacks for a set on the turn which earns him 2950 pot

another great play by TALGOKET by taking the initiative on the flop even if it is 4 way and then when he hits his set he set it up by just betting super small in relative to the pot to set up a big bet on the river that made him opponent make a crying call.

Well played TALGOKET

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

M2 - Qh9h 2730 chips 50/100 blinds 27.30bb's

I decided to raise and if short stacks shoved all in like AfraocOG (335 in chips) and BOOGANDEHAH (219 in chips) definitely call and fold to others reshove all in

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

and wow 3 way pot I won it against the shorties

good pot shipped to me

BB Qs9c - CO elev8ted (1926 in chips) decided to attack my BB - I saw him raise in position a couple of times so I presume that this was a steal and I have a decent hand for a resteal if he called I covered him anyway so I decided to play back at him.

in a turbo sng middle stages I don't like to get bullied as much as possible I try to protect my BB because every blind count.

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

and I was right

SB 9h5c 3584 chips it was open to me

I have chips and my opp in the BB have 1255 which is 12.55BB's. 2 ways here shove all in or just raise 2.25x and I decided the latter.

Oh no I'm doomed BB called my raise. Now, what to do if I shove and he will only call hands that is ahead of mine so My plan is to just bet halft the pot and fold to reshove and good thing opp folded

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

UTG QhJs - with chips I decided to raise 2.5x with the plan of cbetting and everyone folded

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

BB QQ BB Magic loving it

HJ Schmelzer (965 in chips) - shoves all in easy call BUT...

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

arggggggg, we lost but standard cooler good thing we are not yet out

All in by opp

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

SB - 55 standard raise if he reshoves auto call

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

once again elev8ted (1976 in chips) use his position and made a cbet to take down the pot

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner


SB elev8ted (2376 in chips) which we all know loves to steal decided to just limped in the SB and I'm in the BB saw a free flop

flop 2dAc6s opp bets 200 so I tank. I have a runner runner draw which is absurd but knowing my opp loves to steal and I know he doesn't hae an ace becuase he will definitely raise it. I flatted with the intention of taking down the pot at the end if he showed some weakness.

turn 7s pot of 800. Opp bets 225 which smelled like a weakness so with a gutshot I decided to flat again in position with the intention of betting the river if he check it to me to take down the pot regardless of the river.

river As which completed a flush plus the A factor so this river card definitely helped me a lot to scare my opp's in a lot of ways

with a pot of 1250 i bet 800 and will definitely fold to a reshove

and the result

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

clap clap clap for myself very well played in position by ME


Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

BTN Ad3d - i decided to min raise and hope to take down the pot but was 3bet by the BB which is the first he did that so need to give him credit for that but he reraised it too small that I want to see the flop and hope to hit an A or Flush Draw and I will get it all in

but I missed so I folded

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

BB Magic 99 - again Schmelzer (1280 in chips) shoves all in in the same spot earlier but this time elev8ted (1426 in chips) called which gives me a hard decision

but I'm in the late stages so it's gamble time for me

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

weeeeee double KO

3 way BTN 66  2 to win ticket one opp is so short in the BB 1205 chips 4.02BB's can he still fold?

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

yes, he still fold - i guess his hands were that BAD

SB is so short auto call any 2 cards

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

and he doubled

Ac7s BTN standard raise and will call BB if he reshoves

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

short stack DU again

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

sensing a miracle comeback

4 pots in a row and now  3 of us are almost even

I just try to get out of the way as much as I can because I think kuklenoc wants TALGOKET so bad that they will clash that will have an easy win.

But of course if i have an opening I will try to shove also and don't want to get blinded out. I want to keep my fold equity strong.

TALGOKET using experience

and the last hand

what a comeback by TALGOKET

He did it by just having 880 chips 2.94bb's against mine of 6350 21.17bb's and the other opp of 6270 20.90bb's.

He did it with the correct aggression and of course luck.

He's a regular at this game so he knows what to do.

For my part I played my best poker game in terms of strategy and read on opponent and of course I need to win flips. Everyone does.

First Live Blog I Did and I win it not bad.

The purpose of my blog is to help me improve my postflop game to use my read as a weapon

analyze every action and analyze every opponent tendencies

will do this more often as it really helps my game

good luck everyone and thank you for reading













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