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I'm a fugitive from justice

By: overpast @ 15:26 (EST) / 653 / Comment ( 0 )
So I played the two $20-ish FT games. I know I said I would play the first one on Friday and see what happened – I play the 6-max 1-3 table sit and gos at lot but can’t remember ever playing a 6-max MTT before – and if I didn’t disgrace myself too much I would do the Sunday one as well. As it turned out, I kind of did disgrace myself in the Friday one, but I think that there is a gap in that there are not too many $10-$20 MTTs – I know there are some of course but not a lot – and so feel like you have to get involved when they come around.

On Friday I started okay. Both days you started with $5,000 and the blind structures seem to be slower. So I won a few here and there, then more or less doubled up when I hit a flush and some non-believer paid me off with a straight. But I think overall, the main problem was thinking it was deep-stacked and 6-max and with an early double up, I got sucked into calling way too much out of position and I ended up losing it all. Then I ended up feeling bad about myself and slightly randomly shoved A9 in early-ish position, got a call from a medium-ish stack, then the chip leader shoved over him as well, so this is clearly not good news if you’re sitting there with A9. The first guy had QQ and the second guy had AK and we flopped an A but did not get any better, so I also felt bad in that I felt responsible for knocking the other guy out as well! He might have got away from it without me sticking my oar in. 

So then I told myself I was in this one from a $6 satellite, so almost free and had some definite thoughts about improving for the next one, so I paid for myself into the Sunday one with a solemn vow to call a lot less. 

Things started slow, the guy on my right was very active, so I folded a lot even though he must have been opening with a whole bunch of stuff. Then I got AT when it was still $20/$10, raised to $50, and got one call. The flop was all low cards, I think 964, something like that, so I continued, about half the pot, and he called, then there was another 6 on the turn, so I bet about half the pot again and he called, then I can’t remember the river, some low card again and I’m not too excited about this but feel like I don’t have much choice other than to bet again and he thought about it for a bit – maybe he was making a drink – before finally digging deep and calling with KK. Still, if you’re going to get yourself into these things, I suppose it is better to get it out of the way early when it is relatively cheap and there is time to get it back, plus I don’t mind the table seeing that I will triple barrel. 

Then I did start to get it back. The only problem I had was the guy two to my right raised my big blind from the button pretty much every time it folded round to him. On the early levels, I am happy to just fold, I don’t really care, but in later levels, I started getting some marginal hands in the big blind like A5 or KJ, say and given he is raising the button near enough 100% of the time, these are obviously likely to be better hands than his and of course we are trying not to call out of position. This is probably a weakness in my game, but I don’t really like re-raising out of position here either though. Once he has raised the button, if you re-raise with say A5 out of one of the blinds, I think all you are doing is playing a bigger pot out of position with a marginal hand. If you re-raise, I think he will call a lot and you don’t know if he is doing it because he has a good hand, or a marginal hand, or because he is too stubborn to fold, or because he is thinking meta-game and does not want to fold his button raise to a re-raise, or because he rates himself to outplay you in position with any two, or some other stuff I don’t even know about. Then once you have re-raised, you are more or less obliged to lead out at the flop no matter what, even though you have absolutely no idea what he has and I don’t really know why you would want to do this. 

Anyway, I kept it turning over – I was all in and called only once with AQ vs 99 and won. On the subject of luck, pretty obviously it evens out over time but in the short term, I played through the first 200 or so hands of this with exactly 2 pocket pairs. Admittedly the two pairs were AA and KK, so I don’t know if that makes it good luck or bad luck since I guess I am way ahead in one sense and way behind in another. Then the blinds started to go up and someone got moved to our table with about $60,000. The chip leader had about $90,000 and I had about $10,000 and the average was about $12,000. So he was opening nearly all the time and I started to get blinded down. Eventually I got QQ in the big blind and he opened again and I had about 12 big blinds, so I think shoving is pretty automatic and he had A3, so I was quite happy about that except he flopped a 3 and turned another one and I was out about 4,500 from nearly 18,000 with 2,100 getting paid. 

Overall though, I thought I did okay, much better than on the Friday at least, so that’s good. I think I could have been more aggressive against the button raises I talked about, but I mostly succeeded in not calling much, and I guess the AT thing didn’t work out too well, but I don’t think it was ‘wrong’. You’ve obviously got to raise when it folds round to you, then continue on a 9 high flop and now you’re half way in already, then he is just flat calling all the time and he didn’t exactly snap me off on the river even with KK, so presumably he is folding a lot of other hands. 

This was just before the first break in the Quarter Million, so I signed up for that to no great effect. I don’t really like signing up late but had been planning to give it a miss if I stayed in the FT one. About 5 hands in I got J5 in the small blind. The button had played pretty much every hand and limped, so in spite of the no calling rule, I called, the big blind checked and the flop came JJx – I can’t remember what, something low like a 3 or 4, not a 5 obviously. So I’m a bit against slow playing in general, but I think it is justified here and check, the big blind checks, the button bets, so I call. The turn is a 9, opening up some vague draw possibilities, but I’m not too bothered and check again, the button bets and I call again, the turn is a 7 completing some very vague draw possibilities, but I’m still not bothered and I lead out this time, which is pretty horrible as I think my jack is near enough face up, but I’m worried he will give up on the river anyway, but he re-raises instead. So it is pretty obvious he has me beat, or at worst he is pretty sure he has me beat, I can’t really think of any bluff that makes any sense at all. I know it seems unlikely but it kind of looks to me like he has a better jack, so I call anyway and he has T8. It is my own fault of course, though once he is open ended on the turn, I doubt he is folding (this whole hand is completely standard Quarter Million stuff!), so probably my only chance to make him fold is leading out or re-raising the flop which looked very safe to me, so I think it was always going to go pear shaped. 

So I got knocked out of that not long after and usually by now I would be completely miserable and would go to bed feeling sorry for myself, but I played a $6 6-max sit and go and came second for $32 which covered my losses for the last couple of weeks (not counting the FT money) and this is what happens most of the time. I don’t really have a lot to say about the sit and gos. Sometimes you make a mistake, sometimes you get outdrawn by somebody worse, sometimes you run KK into AA or whatever, but most of the time tight/solid/not completely stupid will win you plenty of money in $6 sit and gos.

Oh and the police are trying to prosecute me! I squeaked a red light by about a second a couple of weeks ago and set a camera off but I'm in my usual state of denial about the whole thing and refusing to fill in a form, which is basically a confession. Probably photos of me are being posted all over town right now.
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