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If this isn´t a bad beat lol

If this isn´t a bad beat lol - Mon Jan 13, 2003, 10:52 AM
Deleted user
I Will Leave The School :idea:

:h: Just kiddin :h:

But anyway here it is :!:
(And i who promised to myself to never again post in this forum)

Ok promises is after all made to be torn apart :roll:

My Bad Beat Tourney

I played in a No Limit Tourney yesterday there i got a good start climbing from 1000 chip to something about 3000.

Then after about 30 minutes or something i get 33 and have 5000 in chips and someone named "T-R" raised (A wise raise) 600 or something.

:idea: I decided to call.

Then the flop is what i was hoping for :!:

Flop= 3 ? 9

I guess he had something like Ak or something and that i was ahead of him and i was certianly right about that :roll:

He have A9: he bets half his tack (1500) and i call or i raised him a little before he raised half ihis stack...sorry i can´t remember but this is not the point after all.

Ok the turn is what he now needs...9

I am still ahead of him since i have 33399 and he have 999A*

Then he bets all in

Then river is the needed A (or 9)

Ok ok ok this is a bad beat you can live with it hapens... :h:


Well the bad beat post i do here is not made because he managed to get 2 needed cards on turn and river once...No no it hapend again :lol:

After that bad beat i was thinking i still had 2000+ in chip and i also manage to win some here and then till i had 3000.

Then the same guy bets big when i have 99 and i call him because i have spot some of his play and think that it is not a bad call to make this call.

Hoping for the neccesary 9 i watch the flop = 9 K 7

Ok ok i have him i think 8)

(He have 5/5, i have the 9/9)

So what is the odds here that the guy will do the same thing again :?:


Well to add he did the same thing in a pot before :!:

8 on turn and 6 on river made his straight 5-6-7-8-9
and my hand was beated.

*Blackaces is right it could not be the 9 of club if i had it in my hand :lol: but i remember i had a flush chance after turn.
Sorry my misstake.*

This is a bit funny because this player said he played good...
But ok i didn´t say anything till he stated that it was good play.

This is my bad beat post and MY LAST (hmm a new promise)
Since i can´t get a worse bad beat than this.


Now what is the odds that the same guy will hit 4 needed cards in totall when counting 2 all in pots together :?:

Atleast he didn´t beat me out but he manage to survive and later i finsihed in 13th place.

//My Bad beat Story :h:
Mon Jan 13, 2003, 11:39 AM
Deleted user
Pretty bad beats post flop there mats. Very unlucky. Personally, I think you should probably have avoided the first one by folding preflop.
Mon Jan 13, 2003, 02:15 PM
Deleted user
Something's wrong with that second story. You couldn't have had a flush draw if the 9 of clubs was on the board.

Still, it's 59-1 that he outdraws you (either by pulling the 6-8 or runner-runner fives).

I would've folded the 33 preflop as well.

Mon Jan 13, 2003, 05:41 PM
Deleted user
Blackaces: Yes how foolish of me...you are right it can´t be possible but i also had a flush possibility after the turn.

Everything is correct but that wasn´t right :!:

Noodles and Blackaces: I understand and agree with your point and i usally fold my 3/3 to such a bet in that stage.

But not that time...for a reason.

Thans for the replyes :P
Thu Feb 06, 2003, 12:04 AM
Deleted user
I got a bad beat story too.. I was in some NL tourney or another...
I had around 4000 or something, and some guy named pokermats (sic) had around 6000. Table is playing passive, I have JJ, and pokermats raises about 3X the BB, mebbe 600.. I think about it, and having played at this table with him for awhile, I am pretty sure he doesn't have to have much in this situation, probably a big A. So I raise him 2000, to blow him off the hand and discourage others from calling.. He thinks for a LONG time, and reraises me all in.. I call immediately, and he has the aforementioned big A, AQo.. Of course, with this caught bluff, he flops both an A and a Q, and I'm out.. I then proceed to question him about this move.. And he tells me he wanted to (and I quote) "Put me to a decision"...

And I think about this...... Put me to a decision... I have put in 2800 of my 4000, leaving me about 1200 at this point... There is now about 5900 in the pot.. And I have a decision??? Hmmmm.. My guess is Mr. Pokermats was on tilt for some reason or another, and just could not release his hand, even though he knew he was beat.

Mr. Pokermats should be wary of talking about his "bad beats" when he does harebrained stuff like this.. I never had an opinion of his play before.. But I certainly do now..


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