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One year at PSO

One year at PSO - Sun Oct 20, 2002, 04:59 AM
Deleted user
October 20th marks the end of my first year as a
paid member of PSO...

I am amazed at some of the experiences I have had
because I decided to join this community...

I was one of the first to join as an annual member.
I did that because I believed Mark had a vision and I
wanted to be part of it. I had already qualified for "The
Big One." When the school first opened, someone said
it would be foolish to pay for an annual membership
because all the smart people would leave after the
tournament! Well, it seems like some awfully smart
people have stuck around!

There was another post early on about how you shouldn't
worry about what anyone says here because, after all,
"it's not real."

And this is where being a member of this community
has had the most profound impact on me. It has literally
changed my definition of reality. This should, if it's
worth discussing at all, have it's own thread, so I'm
not going to say any more about that now.

As for the poker significance of being a member of PSO...
When I first joined I had not played live poker in two
years, and pretty much thought I had given up the game
after having played "professionally" for some time and
part time (about 20 hours a week) during two other periods
in my life...
There is no question in my mind that being here has sharpened
my game. And I am confident that even though what I have
learned has been in a tournament format, the lessons will
translate to ring games.
I will be putting that theory to the test in less than two weeks
when i venture back to Foxwoods (where I lived and played
extensively for about two years) for the WPF.

I don't know if I will be here in another year. Life takes some
strange twists and turns. But I wish I could personally thank
everyone, individually, who has contributed ANYTHING to this
community, and of course you have done that just by being
here, no matter how vocal or non-vocal you are. This
community has become very "real" to me, although I don't
express that very often. I am overwhelmed at the intelligence,
wit, generosity, concern, caring, love that I see being shared
here. I have taken more of that than I have given. Maybe
the Universe will provide me with the opportunity to give
something back in an as yet unforseen way.

From the beginning there have been lively threads about why
people joined and why they play here. I have always been
squarely in the camp of those who argue that people can play
any way, and for any reason, they want to...In closing i'd
like to share a few of the reasons i have played here...

I've played because I was curious about the School...

I've played to test certain specific poker ideas...

I've played for a time in a manner calculated to improve
my ranking (didn't work!)

I've played with a strategy specifically geared toward
building a bankroll (did work!)

I've played when i was lonely and just wanted some

I've played when I've been around people too much
and just wanted to cover up the chat window and do
something with my mind that didn't involve people
at all...

I've played when I wanted to practice discipline...

I've played when I've come home from work feeling
stressed and wanted to let discipline go and play
like a wildman...

I've played when I just wanted to be around someone
else who was playing and didn't really care about my
own game at all...

I've played to escape reality...

I've played because this IS reality and I need to stay

All this for a buck fifty a shot! (I've played about 500
tournaments) I've had my 15 seconds of fame. I reached
as high as 10th on the rankings. I had a very brief moment
as #1 on the money list. (Literally a couple of hours!)
I wrote a funny little story (heh... not the Norwich one)
at a time when that hadn't been done and I didn't really
know what the response would be. (I am ever greatful to
Eva, wherever she may be, for providing the outlet for
some creative expression.)

That's it... I probably won't be this sentimental again in
a public forum.

A special thanks to James G... who opened my eyes
to a number of things... ...Aloha nui loa, Hukilau
Sun Oct 20, 2002, 11:41 AM
Deleted user
Well, I am almost there too HuK--my 1 year anniversary at PSO-- having joined 5 days after you did.

I joined solely to improve my game. I just started playing 2 years ago, and was surely a fish.

When I'd go to Las Vegas for a week or so, the locals grinding out a few extra bucks playing $4/$8 holdem or $1-$5 stud always seemed to welcome me to their games.

I thought: "What a friendly bunch."


I hope their reaction will be different on my next trip, with a year of hard competition behind me.


PS Did Eva go by way of the wind Huk? Do you miss her?
Sun Oct 20, 2002, 12:43 PM
Deleted user
Huk, Why woul'nt you :? :? :? want to join for another year for the same reasons you listed. I really think you should think about it, :roll: and I am pretty sure everyone in this school has gotten something out of your presence, so come on join for another year, what is $14.95 a month for sooooooooooooooooo much enjoyment, in a big outfit.
Seriously I do hope you reconsider and STAY :!: STAY :!: STAY :!: STAY :!:
Sun Oct 20, 2002, 12:54 PM
Deleted user
An absolute marvelous post!!!
Huk! You are an awesome guy, an awesome Player, and an Awesome Friend to many. I just like to see you in cyber space and can hardly wait to meet you in person someday in some live tournies.
Til then, the very best to you and hope to see you in PSO for many more years to come. The 'EVA' story has no ending, lol.

stkjk - Andy
Sun Oct 20, 2002, 01:51 PM
Deleted user
Awesome post Huk.

I was the first official member of PSO and from the time Mark announced he would be opening a poker school I was really exited and couldn't wait for it to get underway. I was sure it would be a success. I looked forward to meeting new people and having a chance to improve my game.

I turned out to be much more than I could have hoped for.

You can tell by the number of tournaments I've played that I certainly have gotten my money's worth. I like to think I have improved my game immensely but I think the biggest benefit of PSO is the intereaction with players from all over the world.

I've met some very nice people here at PSO and although I've probably (ok definitely) upset the odd one I believe the interactions have been very positive and I look forward to another year of the same. I truly hope the good people I have met will stick around and help to make the next year just as enjoyable. Of course there's always the influx of new people to look forward to aslo.

The forum has been a huge success and, although I don't get involved as much as I'd like to, there have been some awesome discussions and I have learned a lot. I'm certainly hoping to get involved more this next year.

Another thing that I was really impressed with is the number of people who went out of their way to help enhance the PSO experience by doing so much extra. People who have organized tournaments, created PSO Calc, and PSO Detail etc. I'm not mentioning names because I would probably attribute something to the wrong person and would also leave some out.

Suffice it to say that my heartfelt thanks goes out to all of you who have put yourself out there to help enhance the PSO experience for the rest of us.

Finally I would like to send a great big ATTABOY/GIRL!!! to Mark, and Tina, and all the PSO staff. You all have gone out of your way and bent over backwards to try to accomodate and address all the requests and complaints from the many PSOers who wanted the fixes NOW! I am a member of that list and I thank you for your patience.

Mark and Tina have created something pretty AWESOME here and I believe it can only get better. I hope their dream to someday send someone to the WSOP and have that person with the big event comes true. But if it doesn't you can still be really proud of what you have created.

OK. I'm done.

As geezer would say "love" all.....sarge

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