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PLO8 sat

PLO8 sat - Sun Oct 20, 2002, 02:30 PM
Deleted user
In PLO8 satellite.

Blinds $300/$600, I think.

5 left.

I am the SB with KK38 suited.

UTG, BlackAces, raises pretty much all in.

BA does not have to have AA. I put him on A,2,low,x

My reraise will leave me with $2000 or so.

[Note: One player, a very good player, is playing extremely aggressively. I have folded some pretty decent hands against her raises.]

I reraise. I catch a top FH. There is no low and BA had A234.

He tells me he thinks I made a very questionable play. (I have asked him to do this to improve my O8 game, thx BA)

My thinking was: I want to win this sat. I need some chips. I want to take on the short stacks, not the big stack. I figure I have very good chance to win high (is this flawed thinking?), and 40% of time there is no low (is this correct?).

[I am NOT playing this way at the beginning of a satellite. ]

Did I:

1) Screw up completely?
2) Make a questionable play?
3) Make a good play based on stack size considerations?

Sun Oct 20, 2002, 02:36 PM
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IMO, the biggest mistake made was playing PLO8 in the first place :roll:
Sun Oct 20, 2002, 03:06 PM
Deleted user
5 left in a PLO8 sat???
There is no sanity clause.

Assuming no other players, you get approx 15-6 for the call/tiny reraise.

If he flops a A to make a better pair, it could bring your miserable 38 into play for low. Plus there are still K's,3's +8's in the deck.

Also, short-stacked he could be semi/stealing. Would he make that play with QQ25? I think so.

We're all mad. You want to make sense of that game, short-handed?? 8O Gimme a break. :wink:
Sun Oct 20, 2002, 03:36 PM
Deleted user
Normally I would not call an allin (BA was commited) player with KK38, especially a solid player like BA, UNLESS I had a huge stack.

As for the hand itself, the only hand BA has preflop that you really HATE is AAK2. Of course, you can't love the hand that he had either (A234 I believe)!

In most situations with a player of his caliber you can (at least I did) put him on either AA with some decent low potential, or Ax suited probably with another prime low card (345)(which is what he had). That said, your call is marginal because you are unlikely to get the low even if an ace flops, so you are basically hoping the kings holdup.

So now that we have established that strictly hand-wise it was probably not a good call, do your other factors sway the balance? I think they do.

You already have 600 in the pot, and BA (being a good player) might have something like A5QQ in that spot (don't forget, he is looking at putting a big portion of his stack in the BB on the next hand, which expands the range of hands he may have played here)and might be attacking your BB because you were folding to a lot of raises.

So although you can pretty much assume you're an underdog the high majority of the time, I think you made the right play in that particular hand if your goal was to win the sat.

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