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AQo: TPTK isn't good to win this hand

AQo: TPTK isn't good to win this hand - Thu Jun 09, 2011, 07:11 AM
kiroman68's Avatar
Since: Jan 2010
Posts: 113
In this hand I have done a wrong read as I though, villian hasn't call a raise with 45, 67 o a set as maybe he would raise the flop with such stength.

So I was give him a weak Queen ....

also, do I have the right odds to call the river even if I have the feel that Im beaten there?
Thu Jun 09, 2011, 07:36 AM
mtnestegg's Avatar
Since: Feb 2011
Posts: 1,336
imo after being flatted on the turn i probably would have checked fifth st. for more of a pot control line. and plan to just call his river bet (if he does) to minimize losses if ur beat .he could have been slow playing a set on the flopand turn hoping u'll barrel at him. i dont mind ur turn bet here (maybe a lil small) but once he still showed intrest, a river check was probably in order.. he flatted ur open raise wich didn't give ur TPTK type hand a favorable SPR. so i think the pot control line was probably correct. just MO for what its worth.... stack em hight! ... MT
Thu Jun 09, 2011, 11:50 AM
oriholic's Avatar
Since: Oct 2010
Posts: 751
If it weren't suited I'm honestly folding AQ early on in early position. This early AQ suited I'm playing mainly for suited/connected value. AQ off mainly makes top pair hands, which will just get you into trouble early on with implied odds (and in the case of AQ, reverse implied odds) so high. Still AQ suited has a lot of value, and I'm comfortable opening it here.

You get two calls, you're out of position and the flop comes all small cards, rainbow. Depending on tightness/looseness of the two callers, easy C-bet I think. You want hands like KJ to have to choose between calling you (getting a worse hand to call, +EV) or give up their share of equity in the pot (any two overcards to the board have decent equity against your hand right now, so getting a fold is +EV for you too).

Turn bet is way small. As is the river bet. You want to maximize value/fold equity when you bet. You also don't want to bet small for value and big for bluff, as that will cost you bigtime. I like a value bet here as you can get value from hands like KQ, QJ, JJ, TT. When you get raised, again, he could be doing this with KQ (terrible play, but hey). He shouldn't be raising his Qx hands here as nothing worse will call, but a bad player might be. Simply because it's a minraise you should suspect something's up, but honestly he might be that happy with KQ. I can't resist the 6 to 1 odds, and I'd have to call.
Thu Jun 09, 2011, 12:32 PM
JWK24's Avatar
Since: Jun 2010
Posts: 24,809
The thing to remember... it's early in a tourney.... so basically their calling range for a bet of only 90 chips is really ATC. They're not putting in much of their stack, so they'll call with anything.

For me, it's 50/50 as to whether I'll play it or not from early position, that early in a tourney. If it felt right, I'd have raised just like you did.

Flop: total whiff, so would have checked too.

Turn: I'd have bet more... probably about a pot sized bet

River: I'd have probably bet about 450 if they were still in... and called a raise hoping they didn't have two pair.

I wouldn't have been worried about a set as much, as with a straight draw being out there on the flop... a set should be betting to make someone draw at the straight.

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