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KJ in late position my “idiotic” play!!!

KJ in late position my “idiotic” play!!! - Sun Sep 25, 2011, 01:16 PM
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OK this is a hand that I played recently in one of my Central & Eastern European Poker League tournaments.
In late position I got KJ off, and the UTG guy call’s so as the other in the middle position, now its action got to me and I decided to raise 3BB and after that button calls so as the original two limpers.
At this point I know that the button and the guy UTG have wide range of hands so I’m not to much worried about them, only problem is this guy in the middle position.

FLOP is:

After this flop I was quite happy, I know that my hand is good but still was little worried about guy in the middle position.
Now the guy UTG min raise and that tells me that he missed his hand (because in previous situations he was doing the same thing when he miss), middle guy calls and now at this point I know that the raise is the only option the only problem is amount that I want to bet.
And after some thinking I decided to bet something less then the size of the pot, after the button and the UTG guys folding and the player in the middle position calls me!
This was the alarm bell for me because I know that this guy don’t have that big range of the hands, and I was shore that he likes to play PP and Ax cards and some Kx combinations. So what hands can he have here?
To be perfectly honest I could put that guy at the pocket par 77’s or 88’s but also at hands like Ax with two hearts, maybe KJ (with K of hearts), QJ, TJ, and maybe A7 and A8 with the A of hearts.

TURN is:

Now this is rely scaring card for me, if he had hands like KQ or Ax with two hearts then he made his flush and not to mention if he had set of 7’s or 8’s that I’m drawing dead now!
So CHECK and at this point I decided to raise, which from my point now was bed decision, because in this spot there is no many hands that I can beat, only Ax with just A of hearts.
I decided to raise little less the half size if the pot, just to try to control size of the pot and he decided to min raise me!!!
After this min raise I was 99% shore that he has me! I put him on flush but ok in some cases he could have 77 or 88 (standard play for made sets, just call on flop and bet on turn).
And after some long thinking I decided to make SUPER BAD CALL!!!
Right play I think was just to fold here and I would still have stack that was at that point just little below average.
But my frustration made me to call here and the rest of the hands played by itself.


This river card was blank. And my opponent decided o move all in and at this point I’m 100% shore that he has that flush and again right decision should be just to fold and leave this 7000 to try to double up at some point but I was super titled that I just wanted to give him all my chips!
And I made one more time SUPER DONK CALL and as I know it my opponent did had flush on the turn and my hand was drawing dead before the river!
The only real thing that I could beat at this hand was some super sick hands like 7 or 8 or some donk hands that include A of hearts but all the other hands was beating me.
Now I would love to hear your thoughts about this hand and other possibilities how to play this hand.
Sun Sep 25, 2011, 01:40 PM
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Here's what I'd have done differently.....
First, with 2 limpers before you, I'd have raised an extra BB or even 2BB preflop.

On the flop, I like your raise and would do something very similar.

The problem is on the turn. When the opp calls your flop raise, they have one of three things... either a K or hearts or a set. The turn completes the flush and your opp check-raises you. I don't mind the bet by you to see where you're at in the hand, but a check-raise screams a made flush and that is where you need to muck your hand.

If you muck then, you still have 60+BB left, which is still a playable stack.

Some very good advice that I got before I played my first live tourney, "It's not knowing when to play a hand that will help you, it's when to fold". The more you'll play, the more you will see this type of situation and need to learn to fold to a better hand.
Sun Sep 25, 2011, 01:41 PM
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KJ is easily dominated...AK,KQ being 2 that I would worry about the most...if they had AA,KK, QQ they are probably shoving your bet.. dont like the bet when the Q hits... I would be thinking at worst he has KQ, and now probably has the flush.. I would have checked it down and folded to any raise.... anyways it looks like you have made your own analysis lol and realized the error of the play

Good luck man! you have half the battle won, you opened up your mind and are not making excuses for a poorly played hand!

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