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watching those videos

watching those videos - Thu Dec 29, 2011, 12:30 PM
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Since: Jul 2010
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as far as videos here go

if you follow
spacegracvy on his s+g's
and follow xflixx on his 6 max it will make a better player instantly

when you play MTT's and S+G's
just say to yourself what would spacegravy do here
especially if you have to think a bit
I guarantee your profits will instantly climb
at least in the next 100 s+g's
got to allow law of large numbers to kick in

my months take

Score: 6532
Level: 6
Total cash awards: $231.50
Total number of prizes: 2
Current cash balance: $231.50

basically playing the equivalent of 45 and 180 mans

I find that when I mix in my way of playing with " what would space gravy do " I improve my win rate or ITM by about 5%
In other words I am 20% plus in the money

my profit in one month is $201.50
I only played hard about 7 days of the month many days I did not play at all .
By hard I mean 12 or so s+g's per day

by mixing Xflixx's thoughts and spacegravy's thoughts together
I had a mental breakdown
I mean it improved my poker
now there are 3 peeps in my head !!!!!
Boku87 left ...

I also think the hands of the day should be watched over and over
all of them
once you can begin to state the concepts of hand of the day videos without looking at them
you will be a better player by far

one such concept is betting or making a thin value bet
a thin value bet is so important

for instance
you have position
player checks flop to you
you make value bet
player calls

turn comes
player checks
you make thin value bet
player calls

river comes
player checks again

you have

88 flop is 556 JT
or maybe
88 ..... 5h5s6s JdTs

player checks
a lot of players are afraid to make a thin vlaue bet on river
mainly they are afraid of a check raise since Ts completes a flush
any scare card on river tends to stop players from making a thin value bet on river
however when you have position and its been
flop chk call
turn chk call
river chk

you need to make a thin value bet because it allows the other player to call you with weaker holdings

88 ..... 5h5s6s JdTs

on that board the player could easily be calling with
A6 suited
46 67
AK or AQ

so numerous hands player could could be check calling with that are weaker than your 88
so on river you have two choices
check behind due to scare card
or make a thin value bet

I say make a thin value bet
the many times that you are paid off out ways the few times that you are check raised

thats a concept behind one of the hands of the day

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Thu Dec 29, 2011, 12:31 PM
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Since: Jul 2010
Posts: 1,512
in other words when you have position and its checked all the way to you
even when the river is a scare card
go ahead and make a thin value bet on the river

if you do it this way 10,000 hands in a row same circumstances
then X times player folds
Y times player calls
Z times you are check raised with a bluff
...A. you call chk raise bluff + win extra
..B. you fold to chk riase bluff and lose
K times you are check raised by a winner on river and you lose

well if you never bet the bet river for thin vlaue you lose so much money that you dont make the profit required to make up for players xwho do get a river out on you
the thin river bet in fact makes the over all 10,000 hands profitable

why do I know that ??

because the players who made the video make a few hundred thousand dollar profit and none of us do
so they have to be right
Thu Dec 29, 2011, 08:15 PM
Deleted user
Ive read it twice now,you good or you need one of my special cookies?
Thu Dec 29, 2011, 09:01 PM
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Since: Jul 2011
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Think i need a cookie to understand some of that.. haha
Thu Dec 29, 2011, 09:08 PM
Deleted user
I bug Chris but its all in fun.

He feels unappreciated at times and I can understand why he feels that way.
Thu Dec 29, 2011, 09:18 PM
Austerror's Avatar
Since: Jul 2011
Posts: 85
haha nothing wrong with some friendly banter.. for the record I'm now watching spacegravys videos..

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