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KK v's Aks (opp decission correct? help to know.)

Mon Jan 02, 2012, 05:32 PM
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You didn't call, you went all in...

And yes, this is the thing to do.

You only had 10BB left, and held the 2nd best hand in poker.

That makes it an auto-shove for you in most spots.

The fact he got lucky and sucked out doesn't make it any less right for you to shove. Afterall, you cannot predict the future...

Hope it helps.


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Mon Jan 02, 2012, 06:34 PM
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you can't tell and can't always do the same thing here. The play by the opp will be dependant on the players at the table, their chip stacks, and the reads on those players. What may be a call in one instance may be a fold at another table or situatiion.

in this case, 7 cash and if the opp loses, they still have 4 stacks smaller than them and another basically even with them. If they think you're shoving light (which you weren't), then I'd call in a heartbeat. If they thought you were only playing JJ+, it's questionable.
In this situation, they will still be left with a stack that they can cash with if they lose.

If the situation or chip stacks are different, you will get different answers on what to do each time.


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Mon Jan 02, 2012, 08:33 PM
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still no hand replayer for you?

did you try mozilla browser already?

you need to use hand replayer to make life easier for those who want to see your hands also
Mon Jan 02, 2012, 08:37 PM
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Well played and unlucky.
Tue Jan 03, 2012, 03:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Deleted user View Post
I htink you mis understood. Fact is i want to know if i am always calling his hand in his pposition with his chip lead. Not worried about my hand. I was a nit, and he has Aks, shouled he call? Should he risk 1/2 his chips mp with rest of the table to play. This is what I want to know. Because when I have stack, aks and a shove on my left i want to know if i am to call.
AH! Ok...I get you now...

Actually, the villain did not call, he raised all in over you.

And yes, much more often than not he should do this when holding AKs here.


The villain has more chips than you, but his stack is still only 23BB. This means he too need chips.

His hand, AKs, is a premium holding.
He is dominating any un-paired holding you might have moved your short stack in on, and he is RACING with ant pp you may have moved in on expect AA/KK; and even against KK he has about a 28% chance to draw out on you.

He should not be putting you on 1 specific hand, but rather working to put you on a RANGE of hands that you might move in on here.

Your opponent has 49.1% equity versus you as long as you are moving in on even a range as wide as just 4.8% (REALLY TIGHT!), and if you are such a "maniac" (that is sarcasm!) to be shoving as widely as a 5.6% range, he has about 50.1% equity versus you.

Obviously, with a 10BB stack, you SHOULD be a lot wider than that on what you'd move in on...

Just as obviously, the villain has to expect that a good bit of the time he will be ahead of you here, so whether or not he is actually ahead when the cards are shown doesn't matter...the fact he had every reason to think he might be ahead is enough to make it a good decision.

As for CALLING, instead of raising, by the villain...

That would be major spew by him.

Your all in is for over half his stack.

He cannot put that amount in on a call, and then fold to a bet by any other live stack who may call along.

Since he cannot fold if someone else comes along, he benefits by ending his decisions pre flop: if someone wants to call, his AK has a good chance to be ahead of even a pretty tight call range here.

The benefit of moving in pre is that if he gets called he MIGHT create a size pot that could potentially off-set the loss to you (if he does not run you down).

so the bottom line is:

the villain did exactly what he SHOULD do her eon his stack size; he moved all in.

calling your all in would have been a mistake.

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