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I Hate The River !

I Hate The River ! - Thu Feb 23, 2012, 12:19 PM
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Hi there,

I have a question with regards to the river. Before I ask though, let me explain.

I haven't been playing poker for too long, about a year or so now. Up until now I must be honest and say I have pretty much been a losing player helping to build everybody else's bankroll.
I have played either loose/passive or loose/aggressive, so it's obvious why I have been losing constantly.

Up until now I have read a few books and a couple online articles but have to say that nothing has helped my game like PSO. Joining only a few weeks ago, I did the basic, core and the NLHE courses straight away. Wow, immediately my game play changed. I began playing tight/aggressive, my table selection improved, everything changed. I started implementing everything I have read, c/betting, semi-bluffing, bluffing and so on.

I was amazed how drastic my game had improved. Finally I have become a winning player, finally I wasn't a fish anymore, maybe not a shark yet but not a fish. I was the one now looking for the fish. What I had left of my bankroll ($100) jumped to $350 in just a few sessions playing 10/20c to 25/50c limits.

My stratagy was to find the "calling stations " or very loose players, play tight and make them pay when I got a good hand. And wow, it was working like a charm, I was over the moon. Until last night that is. I will refer to it as Blood River.

I played for about 6 hours last night, playing all different limits. If a table filled with tight players or fell apart I would just move to a different table. My problem came in with the river.
I would wait untill i had a good hand, at least better than what my opponent had and then start betting aggressively. I wasn't being loose. I waited for the right time, a dry board, against a calling station, normally against only one opponent, ect. I say a dry board because I find a calling station will call with any 2 cards that may land regardless of odds.

But last night I got wiped out everytime on the river. One example, I had JJ, opponent had 9 3
flop came 5 9 10. Opening raise was $8 ont the flop I raised $10. Everybody else folded but the opponent called. The Turn landed a 2. I checked, he raised $50 and i re-raised $100, which he called. The River landed a 9. I then went all-in with $60, and he called. The Pot was at $350, we showed cards and he had 999. This was my last hand after the 6 hour session. I don't tilt easy but after getting constantly beat on the river I had visions of throwing the computer through the window and had to just walk away very quickly, after even getting beaten by an opponent with a 7 3 landing 333 on the river.

So finally to my question. What am I doing wrong? How can this be avoided? If I only bet heavy on the river everybody will know that I have a strong hand and fold to me. The point is to bet through the hand to build a big pot, so how do you do that without constantly loosing so much on the river? Anybody with any advice or strategies will be more than welcome.

Sorry for such a long post but though this may help understand my problem.
Thu Feb 23, 2012, 01:37 PM
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Hi holdem135!

Welcome to the forum.

The streak that you ran into is what's known as a variance streak. They're going to happen and there is no way to avoid them. The thing that a player needs to do is to make the correct decisions at the table and making the best decisions possible is what we want to do.
Since these stretches of play are going to happen (and they can last days, weeks or months), this is why players need to use good bankroll management. This way we don't lose our entire bankroll during a variance run. Yes, it will be lowered, but we won't go broke.

Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.

John (JWK24)


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Thu Feb 23, 2012, 04:22 PM
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Since: Feb 2012
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Thanks for the reply.

Makes sence why it is suggested that you have 2500 times the big blinds at the level you are playing.

I understand variance and accept that it is just part of the game and must admit I do need to tighten up on my bankroll management, but it would have helped to loose to better players not a bunch of "calling stations" on the river for 6 hours.

Anyway, thanks again.

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