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Hero (AQ - UTG) loses - a pair of aces wins over high card ace and a pair of deuces 0

Fri Mar 09, 2012, 06:09 PM
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Hi i'mJigJig.

You have 12BB at a 4 handed table. A shove is fine in my opinion.

As the blinds are worth 2700, AQo is a plenty strong hand to stand on at a 4 handed table with 12BB.

- The short stack is short enough to call off lighter than your AQ; this adds value for you.
- It takes a TIGHT range for either larger stack to call you, so they will fold far more often than call or raise. (you have about 50% equity vs a 9.8% range with AQo)

The risk you incurred (a bit under 10% of the time being called by a hand with better than 50% equity vs your AQo held by a stack that can cripple you) is fine to either stack the short guy and move up, or just to pick up the 2700 in blinds and antes.

It is just bad luck the SB woke up with a hand he could confidently call on.

Hope it helps.

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Sat Mar 10, 2012, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Deleted user View Post
sure it is just an affirmation of my feeling. Thanks. Nice to know that it's only about 10% that I'm getting dominated or in as a sllight underdog. Would that be true for any 2suited connected to 45hh for example and all Pocket pairs?
Hi again!

You are confusing topics again (at least a little bit)...

If/When you shove all in, you are either going to be called, or you are NOT going to be called, by the stacks who might cripple you.

That means a shove by you carries a certain amount of "fold equity", and that fold equity is a function of what the OPPONENT thinks you are shoving on, and what hands he is willing to call that shove on.

As such, your relatively large stack will probably shrink up a call range by the other large stacks simply based on the threat your shove represents.

If an opponent will only call you on a 5% range, it really does not matter if you shove AA or 72o, he is going to fold 95% of the time.

The point I made about AQo is that if the opponents who can cripple you will fold 90% of the time, and call you 10% of the time, you are about "break even" in equity terms versus that call range. If they will only call TIGHTER than this, you will tend to be a dog when they call, and if they call WIDER than this you will tend to be a favorite vs their call range.

The same is not true if you hold any pp or any suited connector...

If your opponents are on a TIGHT call range, they will still fold a lot no matter what hands you shove. If they are on a LOOSE call range though, the weaker the hand is that you shove, the more danger you are in because you WILL be called more often.

Since the short stack at the table is probably on a very loose call range for an all in by you, you want to hold a hand that will give you +eV if/when he calls at the very least. since the big stacks are probably on a TIGHT call range, it matters far less what hand you shove on if only they are left to act in the hand.



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