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Getting the most out of KK / 11BB stack

Getting the most out of KK / 11BB stack - Fri Mar 09, 2012, 02:23 PM
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This is a deep stack (20K) tourney, blinds advance every 3 minutes (super turbo), with a monthly leaderboard. Leaderboard stats are for most points; highest point average (30 game minimum); and most wins. The top 1/3 of entrants get points, which increase exponentially starting at around 1.7 up to around 9 (depending on the amount of entrants - usually 75-110). Places paid... 1/10 of the entrants (rounded up). The games last at most two and a half hours.

There were 78 entrants, 48 remain. The point bubble is 26. The money bubble is 8. The average stack is 32.5K. This is level 36 (7K / 14K antes 1.75K) – next level in 1 minute is 8K / 16K antes 2K.

Names below are not their actual names – this hand was edited (I couldn’t get a HH – play money home game)

Reads on 1-Poker-best: He likes to play pots, he will open/limp and call a normal PFR (not sure how he will react to a shove). He’s been a calling station post-flop as well. Overall weak opponent that will get his money in bad. He’s been playing loose / passive.

Reads on MowgliSF11: He’s been at the table for 3 orbits, he has folded his BB twice to a PFR, and once he called in the BB for a min raise (3 players), then folded to a cbet. Don't recall him being involved in any other pots. He’s been playing tight / passive.

1-Poker-best open/limps, and is followed by MowgliSF11 in the SB.

I’m the ‘effective stack’ with 11BB’s (<5M) in the BB. If I shove I’m not sure if I’ll get any action; I need to at least double up (and soon). I’m pretty sure 1-Poker-best will call a PFR of 4X - 5X, this will set-up the pot nicely for a flop shove. I chose the lower end (raised to 5785 to go) to make sure 1-Poker-best calls (maybe it might seem like I’m less pot committed to MowgliSF11). MowgliSF11 will only call with a strong hand like AQ+; TT (this may even be a bit loose for him), not sure how he’ll react with lower pairs. He may even shove his upper range if 1-Poker-best folds, not really sure.

My plan is to shove AI no matter what the flop is.

Click the rightmost replayer button to update the action:

Do you feel that I should use a different line, and why?

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Fri Mar 09, 2012, 04:55 PM
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Hi king_spadez1

With 11 bb's and KK in the bb vs an open limp from mid position 'which we assume is a very wide range of hands as we have seen the villain do this a lot ' and the small blind completing, the standard play here is to shove it in vs any half capable players as we will be called wider.

However were looking for max value vs the weak player so I like making a standard raise here as I would assume the weak player would not click onto the fact that we are only doing this with big pairs.

I think you raised to much preflop, i'd like to see you make it 3500 - 4k. The reason being is because were a lot more likely to have the open limper come along. I expect the small blind to have a garbage hand and fold to any raise so im not concerned about him... if he comes along to then that's fine.

So firstly I would be raising to 3500 ( 3x the bb ) and betting 3500 again on ANY flop to look weak... and jamming any turn if we are called. If our 3500 flop bet is called then the pot will be significantly more than what we have behind which sets us up nicely to shove all in on the turn.

GL at the tables !

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