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Individual Maximum Number of Tables

Individual Maximum Number of Tables - Fri Mar 23, 2012, 09:22 AM
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We have recently started giving individual players a different maximum number of tables based on how quickly they act at the tables. We are rolling out this change slowly, and only a small portion of our players will be affected by this change. The default maximum number of tables will stay at 24.

The main reason for making this change is to make the playing experience better by limiting the number of tables that can be played by players who are consistently taking too long to act and slowing down the action for the rest of the players at their tables. We are also giving table cap increases to players who have consistently demonstrated they can competently play 24 tables simultaneously without slowing down others at their tables.

Any player who is in danger of having his Table Cap lowered will be given a month's notice to improve their playing speed before we will reduce their Table Cap.

This feature will be slowly expanded over the coming months, but it is not currently expected to ever affect a large percentage of players.

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