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Landmine - Fri Mar 30, 2012, 10:57 PM
ulric1551's Avatar
Since: Sep 2010
Posts: 50
$3+r after add on.

Maybe i don't bet enough on the flop.

Had him on Q10 after flop.

Sat Mar 31, 2012, 12:57 AM
JWK24's Avatar
Since: Jun 2010
Posts: 24,836
Hi ulric1551!

Preflop, I'll make my std raise here, 2.5BB +1BB for each limper, so I'll raise to 750.

The flop gives me 2nd pair and the opp checks to me. I'm going to c-bet the flop here, but I need to bet enough that I can price out both a spade draw and also a straight draw (or even combo draw). To do this, I want to make a pot sized bet. This will make the opp's call (if they do) have 33% pot equity, which is higher than the 9 outs (18%) for a flush, 8 outs for an OESD (16%), or 15 outs for a combo draw (30%). I'm using the equity for the turn only, as I plan to bet the turn if one of these cards does not fall.
By betting less on the flop, for a 1/2 pot bet, the opp will only have 25% pot equity, which may or may not price out their draw.

The turn completes the flush and the opp checks. I"m going to check behind here for pot control, as I'm not sure that I have the best hand.
The river is an overcard that can complete two straights. This is going to be another check behind, if the opp checks. If the opp makes any sizable bet, I'm going to muck to it as there are too many combinations of cards that are in their range that are ahead of me.

As played, the opp was priced out on both the flop and turn and should have mucked to the flop bet. I'd definitely be making a note on the opp saying that they will chase pots even if they're priced out of it... and value bet them everytime I get a made hand.

Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.

John (JWK24)


6 Time Bracelet Winner

All I can say is - Sat Mar 31, 2012, 01:49 AM
gmanwicksy's Avatar
Since: Jun 2010
Posts: 861
Wow, did that other guy play his hand bad,,,,whew,,,, I gave him too much credit and put him on ak after the flop bet call or a flush draw chase,,, and was ready to fold myself after the turn,,, he got real lucky and will be a long term losing player if he continues to chase hands like that,,, make notes on him and try to exploit his chasing habits with pot size bets or 125 per cent of the pot next time to try and shake him,,,,, just bad luck,,,,
Wed Apr 04, 2012, 11:30 AM
marvinsytan's Avatar
Since: Aug 2010
Posts: 6,453
hey ulric,

pre flop and flop your play is good

turn - flush draw completed you should checked behind because what else he be check calling for. You should be thinking about what your opp might have. Your opp checked called pre flop and called your cbet.

you lose to a flush, you lose to a K, you don't have a draw to improve

shoving is not right because the pot is 5417 and your opp stacks is 3129 so basically if your opp is a caller/gambler he will risk his life here to a draw which will definitely beat your 2nd pair. No need to balloon the pot here.

so rather check behind and fold to a shove all in if your opp decides to shove it in on the river because you will still have 5594 left which is still around 18bb's so it's still playable.

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