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Alke-Challenge 2012/2013

Alke-Challenge 2012/2013 - Sat Apr 07, 2012, 06:56 PM
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Since: Jan 2010
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“Alke-Challenge 2012”

(Road from $0.00 to $10000-NLH MTT)

Dear Fellows,
I am launching a challenge that I will propose myself to achieve by the end of this financial year (April 2013).
Many challenges involve a bankroll therefore I would like to encourage many of our community followers that is possible to beat the odds, and create your own bankroll with no risk and no investment, but this doesn’t mean that is an easy road, effort and commitment to the game is paramount.

Rules for the Challenge:

1. You only can play freeroll buy-ins, that will award real money prizes all the tournaments that can be played :
1.1. Hubble’s, Open Skill League.

2. As soon you cash and you have enough bankroll, you can play any game that you want, as long is a NLH game.
2.1. Bankroll Management-After cashing, you can start playing real money buy-ins, however your investment can not exceed 1% (Buy-In) of your stack for big field tournaments and 5% for cash games.

3. You need to track your progress, you can use a poker software or a simple excel sheet can do the trick. However if you using an excel sheet ensure that you register the following information: tournament ID, Place finishing and buy-in if used, prize awarded if any.

4. You need to open a thread named Alke Project followed by your name: eg: Alke Challenge-Dr.Kauffer.

Challenge Considerations : Bankroll Management

Why is bankroll management important?

The reason why you should choose your limits carefully in poker is due to the variance. Variance is a term used to describe the "ups and downs" of poker where you fluctuate from having bad runs of cards to good runs of cards, resulting in varying profits and losses.
If you play poker for long enough there are going to be periods of time where you will consistently lose money, not because you are playing badly, but because the cards are not falling your way. This means that if you do not have enough money in your bankroll to absorb these big downswings, it is likely that you will lose it all.

“Every player, irrespective of ability, will experience variance in their game. Bankroll management is in place to deal with this variance and allow you to continue playing without going broke”.

Therefore every time we sit down at the poker table, whether it be live or online, we want to give ourselves the best opportunity to win a maximum amount of profit whilst keeping the risk of going broke minimal. This is where the rules of bankroll management come into play.

Best Of Luck
Sun Apr 08, 2012, 05:24 PM
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Since: Jan 2010
Posts: 127
PokerStars Tournament #540028079, No Limit Hold'em
Freeroll Super Satellite
9000 players
Target Tournament #540027581
72 tickets to the target tournament

Tournament started 2012/04/07 19:22:00 ET
Tournament finished 2012/04/08 0:37:46 ET
1: pokerfryk (Canada), (qualified for the target tournament)
2: pap000 (Argentina), (qualified for the target tournament)
3: miha682 (Ukraine), (qualified for the target tournament)
4: Lusiya1mill$ (Russia), (qualified for the target tournament)
5: de platense (Argentina), (qualified for the target tournament)
6: Max Padawan (Brazil), (qualified for the target tournament)
7: c0laca0 (Spain), (qualified for the target tournament)
8: Nagy ed92 (Hungary), (qualified for the target tournament)
9: youpikeyou (Mexico), (qualified for the target tournament)
10: ojicharms01 (Canada), (qualified for the target tournament)
11: INTW (United Kingdom), (qualified for the target tournament)
12: Piratta007 (Spain), (qualified for the target tournament)
13: ana_janeiro (Portugal), (qualified for the target tournament)
14: JORGE220580 (Mexico), (qualified for the target tournament)
15: Vendetto777 (Mexico), (qualified for the target tournament)
16: rmf_368 (Mexico), (qualified for the target tournament)
17: uLasBaHar (Vietnam), (qualified for the target tournament)
18: levikbkhian (Armenia), (qualified for the target tournament)
19: mexikos666 (Czech Republic), (qualified for the target tournament)
20: seri192 (Romania), (qualified for the target tournament)
21: darkiler (Colombia), (qualified for the target tournament)
22: Rodhette (Portugal), (qualified for the target tournament)
23: peposkic (Spain), (qualified for the target tournament)
24: Dimon83151 (Belarus), (qualified for the target tournament)
25: patapalo69 (Spain), (qualified for the target tournament)
26: g8sonpoker (Venezuela), (qualified for the target tournament)
27: KGJamieson79 (Canada), (qualified for the target tournament)
28: guiret2000 (Argentina), (qualified for the target tournament)
29: hurak (Brazil), (qualified for the target tournament)
30: francolp36 (Argentina), (qualified for the target tournament)
31: suitedtom90 (Canada), (qualified for the target tournament)
32: maricarimen (Spain), (qualified for the target tournament)
33: victo20014 (Venezuela), (qualified for the target tournament)
34: sárgalap (Hungary), (qualified for the target tournament)
35: Sirvinha (Portugal), (qualified for the target tournament)
36: taltakower (Spain), (qualified for the target tournament)
37: MICA.BBCA (Argentina), (qualified for the target tournament)
38: diablo3386 (Slovenia), (qualified for the target tournament)
39: leoyflor2011 (Argentina), (qualified for the target tournament)
40: Rambo_nvd (Belarus), (qualified for the target tournament)
41: Fadini BR (Brazil), (qualified for the target tournament)
42: anizera (Brazil), (qualified for the target tournament)
43: slapnutsjj (Canada), (qualified for the target tournament)
44: kabe8 (Argentina), (qualified for the target tournament)
45: FITOYGLORY (Spain), (qualified for the target tournament)
46: dou_boy888 (Canada), (qualified for the target tournament)
47: menelik54 (Argentina), (qualified for the target tournament)
48: greg0513 (Canada), (qualified for the target tournament)
49: Chelovekvolk (Russia), (qualified for the target tournament)
50: blackkburnn (Portugal), (qualified for the target tournament)
51: duce_seven27 (Canada), (qualified for the target tournament)
52: Rodrigo MSR (Brazil), (qualified for the target tournament)
53: deltoorsaba (Argentina), (qualified for the target tournament)
54: canam53 (Canada), (qualified for the target tournament)
55: Fedur (Spain), (qualified for the target tournament)
56: Cláuda (Portugal), (qualified for the target tournament)
57: Pralex25 (Mexico), (qualified for the target tournament)
58: SoyElPatron (Mexico), (qualified for the target tournament)
59: aligipsy360 (Iran), (qualified for the target tournament)
60: NadinKa_Il (Russia), (qualified for the target tournament)
61: kido1952 (Denmark), (qualified for the target tournament)
62: Rancid Cardz (Canada), (qualified for the target tournament)
63: PITUCHA (Brazil), (qualified for the target tournament)
64: sharp99906 (Canada), (qualified for the target tournament)
65: rialopez (Spain), (qualified for the target tournament)
66: zurininja (Switzerland), (qualified for the target tournament)
67: peluk133 (Uruguay), (qualified for the target tournament)
68: numibar (Portugal), (qualified for the target tournament)
69: MARCFG66 (Spain), (qualified for the target tournament)
70: ursolino x (Brazil), (qualified for the target tournament)
71: manel46 (Portugal), (qualified for the target tournament)
72: mitkus (Lithuania), (qualified for the target tournament)
73: karadeniz616 (Germany),
74: LaloVic tamp (Mexico),
75: azmawag@ (Uruguay),
76: kokopk2 (Argentina),
77: Deadly Bloom (Germany),
78: P@rnisha (Russia),
79: gena babaev (Germany),
80: Amary nalas (Ukraine),
81: Noshenko (Ukraine),
82: dogonscrap (Canada),
83: benson170 (United Kingdom),
84: serega180273 (Russia),
85: rexbanner133 (Canada),
86: vlad tepes19 (Spain),
87: vicvic531 (Argentina),
88: clambc79 (Canada),
89: 123squire (Canada),
90: NDK2 (Spain),
91: ALLINZNOW (United Kingdom),
92: Champneys (Canada),
93: kenttypoo (Canada),
94: julietas77 (Argentina),
95: kause (Canada),
96: Arleypapi (Colombia),
97: HUMBERT06197 (Panama),
98: Tigerpof (Canada),
99: pollovlc (Spain),
100: PANTANEIRO9 (Brazil),
101: peterano (Canada),
102: pluffman (Canada),
103: Chaos-Ralle (Germany),
104: nick bosco (Costa Rica),
105: La Colon (Argentina),
106: shoma4444 (Russia),
107: El_Laudista (Spain),
108: capafrican (Tunisia),
109: KELLAR-JK (Thailand),
110: DON Ruslan77 (Russia),
111: Leo Gubert (Brazil),
112: MESSILIFE. (Brazil),
113: fralk (Spain),
114: Larralacha (United Kingdom),
115: buren14 (Netherlands),
116: Fernando_053 (Argentina),
117: monocava (Argentina),
118: enzym (Norway),
119: paulos8 (Portugal),
120: artaxxxas (Bolivia),
121: mocrotjelli (Netherlands),
122: chicospace (Spain),
123: ageb285 (Romania),
124: carapinha630 (Portugal),
125: alish206 (Russia),
126: rupal2005 (Spain),
127: WEEWALEX777 (Russia),
128: Mikegonand (Spain),
129: CARDCRACK689 (Netherlands),
130: 4t9r (United Kingdom),
131: nympho771 (Canada),
132: kira0071 (Chile),
133: JUNUSIK (Russia),
134: luisraimun23 (Portugal),
135: SVATT (Russia),
136: andrioleto69 (Portugal),
137: elcole71 (Argentina),
138: WendersonBRA (Brazil),
139: KIMRAVI (Brazil),
140: tdonovan_9 (Canada),
141: Tininff (Spain),
142: GermansPro (Germany),
143: Comandos72 (Russia),
144: mueroxriver (Argentina),
145: SOROSTAR (Colombia),
146: jogoagrega (Brazil),
147: nibz66 (Canada),
148: AdamBIG-A (Canada),
149: grumpyflat (Canada),
150: ripp477 (Canada),
151: hab2010 (Argentina),
152: Deonisiy7777 (Russia),
153: SR_POKER_AA (Mexico),
154: sparta petr (Czech Republic),
155: CAPSUS (Colombia),
156: timotron (Mexico),
157: máximo99 (Argentina),
158: canadianron (Canada),
159: naza277 (Argentina),
160: karetta10 (Mexico),
161: igor1987365 (Croatia),
162: mackies533 (Canada),
163: malucoblz999 (Brazil),
164: TypkMeH777 (Russia),
165: ole3939 (Russia),
166: chelzea_23 (Mexico),
167: FAK73 (Argentina),
168: Diana_$h88 (Belarus),
169: andersongome (Brazil),
170: BordolinoCAI (Argentina),
171: luicho22 (Argentina),
172: DiooDi88 (Brazil),
173: Munay83 (Peru),
174: sito0715 (Spain),
175: Shortygirly (Netherlands),
176: alady666 (Netherlands),
177: PinkJája (Czech Republic),
178: pelmen.9 (Russia),
179: Coyo94t (Paraguay),
180: ivko_75 (Bulgaria),
181: Ruben.M1993 (Portugal),
182: Stelist71 (Romania),
183: jaimeelbueno (Colombia),
184: ada 1122 (Israel),
185: MuschiBär84 (Germany),
186: redjimboh (Canada),
187: victorn660 (Canada),
188: Peripoquer (Spain),
189: MAJA 6666 (Serbia),
190: FSAKQJT (Brazil),
191: toku8266 (Portugal),
192: ivana.d77 (Czech Republic),
193: kgalbraith (Canada),
194: Felipq2 (Brazil),
195: midnitedawg (Canada),
196: zkvntl (Russia),
197: seannaugle (Canada),
198: tburden969 (Canada),
199: szerket (Hungary),
200: oarly (Austria),
201: aztoklecio (Brazil),
202: Marky_all (Slovenia),
203: moy91 (Andorra),
204: germancito69 (Argentina),
205: korol3600 (Russia),
206: grmesoj (Spain),
207: tokamadera (Spain),
208: Idek90 (Poland),
209: gamerok90 (Ukraine),
210: @eltalavera@ (Spain),
211: Hjalo (Peru),
212: dima33366699 (Russia),
213: OoohFranke (Sweden),
214: roninwdz (Poland),
215: BUCKSR888 (Canada),
216: andrepokerrr (Brazil),
217: RJPoeiras (Portugal),
218: Plum_John (Canada),
219: DimaX11 (Germany),
220: Mcro25 (Brazil),
221: nekaman (Ukraine),
222: marihuna25 (Spain),
223: mike198165 (United Kingdom),
224: ererer1989 (Latvia),
225: Itoes (Netherlands),
226: hurlydolph (Canada),
227: 18051952 (Canada),
228: dawnsboyrich (Canada),
229: coode83 (United Kingdom),
230: mahkesesboy (Canada),
231: marymack08 (Canada),
232: A J CLUBS 69 (Canada),
233: Bon27115 (Germany),
234: sharon5577 (Israel),
235: __LuH25__ (Brazil),
236: HIPOTEIK (United Kingdom),
237: vayron80 (Russia),
238: Beastly669 (Netherlands),
239: Ma4eTe_S (Russia),
240: cowgirl147 (Canada),
241: prokop000 (Ukraine),
242: djmoney1956 (Canada),
243: bizkit11978 (Slovenia),
244: maclor1972 (Spain),
245: habsfan551 (Canada),
246: YOOO101 (Netherlands),
247: 4EverOnTillt (Czech Republic),
248: silenced88 (Hungary),
249: jagothemago (Portugal),
250: wopi66 (Germany),
251: Ira6669 (Ukraine),
252: vette_427 (Canada),
253: perfect drag (Australia),
254: velikapolana (Canada),
255: destro1920 (Poland),
256: wietgriet (Netherlands),
257: redsox415 (Canada),
258: smart1962 (Netherlands),
259: Amoura44 (Algeria),
260: hhbeni (Spain),
261: cdfiuza (Brazil),
262: radenko68 (Bosnia and Herzegovina),
263: KJB1611 (Australia),
264: aEROplan-JR (Ukraine),
265: Lofty69er (United Kingdom),
266: Tömcraft (Belarus),
267: Janne420 (Norway),
268: dustman75642 (United Kingdom),
269: beerhoarder1 (Canada),
270: CharxxxLee (Spain),
271: domitil (Spain),
272: Jaszbro (Canada),
273: 33nowork (Canada),
274: rukukuku22 (Israel),
275: atletic00 (Spain),
276: serranisim! (Spain),
277: eugenioaul68 (Spain),
278: nejaba (Russia),
279: cororingo (Argentina),
280: Churruskis86 (Spain),
281: ahacra (Peru),
282: J K offsuite (Canada),
283: guarrino22 (Spain),
284: inti_boggian (Argentina),
285: saleca80 (Portugal),
286: keandawg_86 (Canada),
287: MeGeSTaTiK (Russia),
288: Maxovik (Russia),
289: Rig 06 (Canada),
290: 1eliboy1 (Bulgaria),
291: carlitoslolo (Venezuela),
292: Leonardo5425 (Canada),
293: Javips1 (Spain),
294: ¡jipilon (Spain),
295: LuisFat (Argentina),
296: antontanev (Bulgaria),
297: EAGORA564 (Portugal),
298: pmendest (Brazil),
299: Jolly Wild (Russia),
300: alain007007 (Canada),
301: fericelli (Venezuela),
302: CañitABrabaS (Spain),
303: sylvia allis (Canada),
304: markiz2006 (Poland),
305: jenteslekk (Norway),
306: tsyren1000 (Russia),
307: ryancaitlin (Canada),
308: InessaB (Russia),
309: moratero (Spain),
310: coollems (United Kingdom),
311: Termis Kerpo (Peru),
312: Mr F Pig (Australia),
313: antoniolp8 (Spain),
314: jesilizi (Germany),
315: h3ld3R777 (Portugal),
316: melvins52 (Venezuela),
317: manoci.31 (Hungary),
318: mowreee (Bulgaria),
319: RODDWINSOR (Canada),
320: SAMUEL399 (Chile),
321: G7C7L (Canada),
322: edg2012 (Portugal),
323: apc0 (Bulgaria),
324: brandruger (Germany),
325: fernan373 (Spain),
326: lucrecia.xxx (Chile),
327: RICARDORSD (Brazil),
328: FreakJokeR19 (Kazakhstan),
329: evaganu (Spain),
330: tatajeje (Spain),
331: TADAVCHICH (Ukraine),
332: grigorash973 (Russia),
333: GOUVEIA2.0 (Brazil),
334: Pubaj (Poland),
335: jesu1945 (Venezuela),
336: orense96 (Spain),
337: davepdotsens (Canada),
338: GraM1220Wygr (Poland),
339: Rubenzin (Mexico),
340: Yellow Cabbi (Canada),
341: CHJ2010 (Argentina),
342: alejandro390 (Argentina),
343: Denis423.227 (Ukraine),
344: granpa2002 (Canada),
345: Coortez13 (Hungary),
346: bloodbath808 (Canada),
347: Wainos1 (Canada),
348: greatpapa256 (Canada),
349: Westwin Won (Canada),
350: slvrwlf350 (Canada),
351: Thornylius (Canada),
352: jiggabain (United Kingdom),
353: reddog960 (Canada),
354: jjjbiguk (United Kingdom),
355: MZ85 (Russia),
356: grabber88 (Canada),
357: ToddM#1 (Canada),
358: Tobies-Fun (Canada),
359: embarco (Germany),
360: lstp30 (Canada),
361: CHECA71 (Spain),
362: Kanchelsis74 (Australia),
363: TXORY.ES (Spain),
364: gigateck (Germany),
365: guru868 (Luxembourg),
366: Nordredred (Brazil),
367: Alexxx150 (El Salvador),
368: ADG.PUIG (Spain),
369: IvanLata7 (Spain),
370: spooks1234 (Canada),
371: Fernstein (Portugal),
372: jmabel1 (Spain),
373: pijachuca (Honduras),
374: StereoVega (Ukraine),
375: bvmir964 (Lithuania),
376: pizzawellat (Canada),
377: JJ_WST (Brazil),
378: PokerAce558 (Chile),
379: olja001 (Russia),
380: Batutto (Spain),
381: biggie159 (Romania),
382: pluutus500 (Estonia),
383: oleg1319 (Ukraine),
384: 0rotting0 (Portugal),
385: beanz4888 (Canada),
386: c69mj (Argentina),
387: buckbuck252 (Canada),
388: Felden888 (Germany),
389: igru930 (Russia),
390: che popeye (Argentina),
391: Mr.Ofic (Slovenia),
392: SjefvanBuul (Netherlands),
393: torrente6 (Spain),
394: pacolucia000 (Spain),
395: Parra Eel 50 (Australia),
396: evgenie58 (Russia),
397: caramaik (Germany),
398: 111lamela (Slovenia),
399: Mayrejp (Spain),
400: TURGI-MAFIA1 (Switzerland),
401: ytt90 (Romania),
402: uncleEE110 (Canada),
403: MINGOJN (Brazil),
404: UchihaJunior (Brazil),
405: the-ijsmen (Netherlands),
406: capebreto977 (Canada),
407: Sylvinho225 (Brazil),
408: Agva86 (Mexico),
409: Brettwins (Canada),
410: elcampeon305 (Spain),
411: Elrick MT (Brazil),
412: ahtziri (Costa Rica),
413: TamMonkey (Germany),
414: max120903 (Ukraine),
415: Eiswolf68 (Germany),
416: Garra_Power (Mexico),
417: vitinblack (Spain),
418: Utkuch (Kyrgyzstan),
419: traslapo00 (Spain),
420: buchbrasil (Brazil),
421: trmiky (Venezuela),
422: ejdelgado (Peru),
423: junior_saan (Brazil),
424: strekoza910 (Russia),
425: pacoarkonada (Spain),
426: samboastuto (Ecuador),
427: mazit631 (Russia),
428: karen-dja555 (Russia),
429: Dr.Kauffer (United Kingdom),

My first tourney for the challenge.
Sun Apr 08, 2012, 06:00 PM
Ovalman's Avatar
Since: Feb 2011
Posts: 1,778
I've done the freeroll to $100 on several sites, I played the Boyle IPO built up from a £14 freeroll win and for years, I was like yourself, a freeroller. Pokerstars however is a notoriously difficult site to win from freerolls. The Hubble games that you're playing pay out 72 places from 10,000 players and it's not even a cash prize you win but a ticket to another freeroll where you have to beat another large field.

I suggest you bite the bullet and deposit £10 (you can now buy a voucher at any paypoint, handy although maybe too handy for some). With the £10 deposit you get to play in the $1,000 depositors freerolls that take place 3 times a day. You could play these without ever touching your £10, and afaik you can withdraw your £10 at the end of the month, redeposit and do it all over again.

This might be an easier freeroll route for you.
Sun Apr 08, 2012, 07:24 PM
Dr.Kauffer's Avatar
Since: Jan 2010
Posts: 127
Dear Ovalman,
Thanks for your comments, however thats, the beauty of this challenge, i have proposed myself to do it, so i will give it a shoot. I have indeed the bankroll for that, but i want to try to beat the odds, and show that i can do it, in a regular basis.

So in this note, i want to challenge every one to try it and beat the odds, and win a large amount of money just by freerolling.

I now i am a 1 to 2000 shoot, but i still want to do it, and beat variance, i know i might be not successful, but my fighting spirit is high and i will give it a go, even knowing that is tough to beat two large fields, of players to cash. but just imagine someone who doesnt have the economic power to do a deposit, but want to successed in the poker world, thats perhaps the way he has to follow.

Mon Apr 09, 2012, 07:56 PM
joy7108's Avatar
Since: Jul 2010
Posts: 2,287
It can be done, but it takes a while. You have to play a lot for very little reward in the beginning. Once you get a little money, you can try the occasional .02 990 for variety. When you have no actual BR, PS will occasionally gift you with a few bucks to help you on your way.

Good luck with your challenge.


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