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Skill League Team effort?

Tue Apr 17, 2012, 04:08 AM
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I think we may be getting our wires a bit crossed here guys.

The original poster is talking about the Open League and PLaws is competing in the Open League too. As far as I can see JWK's figures are for the Premier League and Pentire is off course referring to that as well.

To finish in the top 20 in the Open League playing ONE game a day is in my opinion virtually impossible.


Tue Apr 17, 2012, 08:17 AM
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It is impossible, maybe if you make the final table on a regular basis, but you have to be super lucky to do that, like lottery-winning type luck.

Even playing 2 a day it's not possible to make the top 20.
Tue Apr 17, 2012, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by LeadFoot46 View Post
I am trying to figure out how the league leaders ( today it is wiessrut ) can play 6 Open Skill tourneys a day, each and every day for the month, they must doing it with a team of at least 2 maybe 3. How can a legit player compete for the big payouts when they are doing twice the tourneys of the average player. PSO should / must limit the number of times a player can enter each day to make it fair for the honest players that have to eat, sleep and work for a living.
To come back to the OP.

By the end of the month the league leaders are unlikely to have played 6 games per day every day in the PSO Open Skill League. That would be a maximum of 174 games, (in a long month), starting on the 3rd, for 29 days at 6 per day, assuming no cancellations.

They are likely to have played somewhere in the region of 80-120.

However a lot of people will 'play' six per day for the first week to ten days. After a couple of days rest they will be fresh, plus they can 'actively' play 3-4 and safely register and sit out the others knowing they will blind down into the top 15-20% for some additional points. Or they can 'actively' play each game ('actively' here meaning actively playing passively! 'actively' time clocking and playing only super strong hands) for say, 1hr to 1hr 30mins, hopefully win a few small pots or double up and then sit out and blind down, to a similar overall points finish.

I fully believe if an older player like me can still make 100+ tourneys in a month (on necessary occassions) then others could play every available tournament without too much trouble. I often have the time but not the will, concentration or stamina to do it every month.

Of course there may be team play, but it is impossible to police without visiting peoples homes or asking detailed security questions every time someone registers to check they are the account holder not a family member, friend or flatmate.

You need a certain volume - it might be interesting to see the lowest number of games that ever won the OSL - I doubt it is far below 80 - but you also need a specialist strategy, a decent game and some run good.

There is, never has been, and I suspect never will be, any desire by PSO/PStars to limit the number of members who can enter OSL games or the number of games they can play.

Those who 'specialise' in OSL by playing alternate months have good strategies to get near the top, but it is difficult and time consuming to be near the top 20 every alternate month. However one good month makes a big difference to most low-stakes players bankroll.

The other point to make here is that PS put in a potential $11,800 in prizes to the OSL. Look at the payout table.

Open Skill League Payout Table
Rank <20VPP 20+VPP
1st $150.00 $1,500.00
2nd $100.00 $1,000.00
3rd $75.00 $750.00
4th $50.00 $500.00
5th $30.00 $300.00
6th $25.00 $250.00
7th $20.00 $200.00
8th $15.00 $150.00
9th $12.00 $120.00
10th $10.00 $100.00
11th $9.00 $90.00
12th $8.00 $80.00
13th $7.00 $70.00
14th $6.00 $60.00
15th-20th $5.00 $50.00
21st-40th $2.00 $10.00
41st-79th $1.50 $7.50
81st-500th $1.00 $5.00
501st-2000th $0.50 $2.50

Less than half of the pool goes to the top 20 - and I expect a fair proportion of that is cashed out as few of these players are playing high stakes - though some may increase play volume at low stakes, move up a level or shot-take a big tourney.

1,960 players take prizes of $0.50/$2.50 to $5/$50 depending on their VPP level.

I would suggest most of that money gets respent at the tables pretty soon after.

The big prizes are the incentives for those 100k+ players to turn up regularly to try to win and then spend their small wins from cashing in the tourneys ($10 prize pools) or taking the small monthly prizes.

Those players may never play cash games other than when they are also in an OSL game, so for that cash to be recycled it would presumably be bad for PS to limit their OSL table time.

If you cannot compete in the OSL due to to time - you need to make the Premier Skill League.

You can get out of the OSL to the Premier Skill League on 1-3 games per day, without even playing 'actively' in many of them.

In the Premier Skill League volume still helps, as volume will always help overcome variance in large field MTT games with a limited number of tournaments, whatever the league structure. However I believe it can be won on less than 1 tourney per day.

Good luck all

Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan

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