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2nl 6max K3s wierd line turnd set

2nl 6max K3s wierd line turnd set - Tue May 01, 2012, 01:49 PM
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ok first off my pre flop was terribile. i was distracted and well .... there you go
villain has just sat down and posted a dead blind

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

first off the min rasie on the flop was instant, like his mouse was over the raise button and he clicked it the second it apperaed. didnt look at the size of my bet or anything

it threw me a bit and i had to think about what to do i put him on a draw or a monster

when the river puts the flush i x just to try to see a showdown on the cheap and he jams, again pretty quick.
what would you do and what would you put him on
Wed May 02, 2012, 04:03 AM
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Hi Pokerpants.

My thoughts are:


Raising K3s in MP can have reason, but realistically those reasons would entail some pretty solid reads on the table you are playing. It is probably better to just say that if you do not have a real plan on what to do with your K3s to maximize your chance to win though, you probably shouldn't be playing it in this position.


C Betting on bottom pair can be fine, as the fact you raised pre allows you to represent a better hand than you have.

I can say that quick actions on draw boards do tend to indicate a draw of some sort. Still, you lack solid info on this opponent so you cannot really say for sure he is on a draw or not, or whether he is the type to use aggressive action on any flop to "test" your C Bet.

In my opinion calling here is quite "meh" without any real re-draw in your hand, and with no idea if your 3 is best. While your odds to call are about 4.8 to 1, you really only have 2 x Ks (K of spades may make him a flush) and 2 x 3's you are drawing at to feel you have made the best hand. You really need more along the lines of 11.8 to 1 to peel. You really cannot rely on implied odds to make up the difference, because you have no clue if the opp is loose enough to call on a weak draw if he misses the turn, whether he will stick with a 2nd/3rd pair hand, or even whether hitting any of your outs will be good enough to win.

3betting could be an option if you had more info on the opp, as a flush draw with 2 overs to your paired 3 is "math favorite" over you; you'd really not mind folding those hands out on a strong bluff, or betting for value to allow you to commit on a non spade turn. But again, you totally lack info on how light this guy might min raise, and how light he might call, and a 3bet on the order of making it 65c to 70c would be quite risky; a 3bet less than this would really have little chance of folding out a draw.

So in my opinion your only real option is to fold to the min bet.

You do not fold though...


You get really lucky and spike your 3 on the turn. At this point I feel your lead out is fine; you took a huge risk to peel and got there, so you may as well bet.

Personally, I think i would have preferred to bet pot to make my river decision easier no matter what comes. If I had the intention of folding at all to a river spade, I think I would have preferred to check the 3, and try for a check/raise to get the maximum in as possible.


The time is well past where I could think about folding, given that I would need to be right only about 28% of the time to call off the remainder of my opponent's stack. I probably just lead the flop for my remaining chips and hope he calls me on something like AQ or QJ, and if he has a flush, so be it.

...but in reality you really did not have to put yourself in this sort of spot had you recognized your precarious situation when your C Bet was raised, and folded at that point. If you were not going to fold then, well it is my opinion you got yourself well and truly stuck if this guy was flush drawing all along.

Hope it helps.


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