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Sleepy's "HOT NOW" List for July 2012

Sleepy's "HOT NOW" List for July 2012 - Wed Aug 01, 2012, 05:26 AM
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Since: Oct 2011
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Sleepy is still missing although Pentire reports the he has heard from him and he is still having internet problems that hopefully can be rectified soon. So you are stuck with me presenting my 2nd HOT NOW list. This also happens to be the 12th month list. Yes it is 1st anniversary time for The Premier League. Watch in the next 2 or 3 days for a summary of the first year of play.
This month 59 players made the list (down 6 from June’s record number) scoring a total of 297 FT’s (333 last month) or 28.4% (33% in June) of the 1044 total FT’s available.
I have changed the format slightly since I think recording all the points for each FT as time consuming and not very useful. I have replaced this with the number of tournaments played to attain the 4th and if applicable 5th, 6th etc FT.
So for the unfamiliar, the lines read as ; User name, Position of finish for each FT achieved in order, Date and game time of 4th and each FT attained thereafter, Number of games to achieve 4th FT and each one after, and any streaks that each player may have run. Four FT’s is the requirement for inclusion on the list.
First into the club in July was superk666 on the 10th, followed by kekec24 on the 12th and Dolphin23594 on the 14th.
Congratulations to all included and please watch for my year end summary coming soon.


DocNomis-16116241 (17thG2,22ndG2,23rdG3,26thG3,27thG3) (16 plays,24 plays,27 plays,33 plays, 35 plays) btb plays came 1st (16thG3,17thG2)

adyvoy77-72328366 (18thG1,19thG2,21stG4, 23rdG4,30thG2), (44 plays,48 plays,54 plays,59 plays, 64 plays)

Pihvazavr-88774178 (23rdG3,25thG2,28thG2,29thG4,31stG2) (53 plays,58 plays, 66 plays, 72 plays,76 plays) btb plays (15thG3&16thG1)

rikkieofzo-2568455 (17thG2,19thG4,20thG4,30thG2) (28 plays,32 plays,34 plays, 53 plays)

Atlanteg-2861253 (26thG1,26thG2,29thG1,31stG2) (44 plays, 45 plays, 51 plays, 55 plays) btb games (26thG1&2)

Jonas.87.DK-3648962 (22ndG3,28thG4,29thG4,31stG2) (18 plays,29 plays, 31 plays, 35 plays)

IQ_Styl3-3693131 (16thG4,25thG3,26thG4,31stG4) (23 plays,38 plays, 42 plays, 53 plays)

TIGGERKINGG-332987 (17thG2,18thG1,20thG2) (37 plays, 39 plays, 43 plays) btb plays (9thG1&3)

kekec24-986267 (12thG4,18thG4,21stG4) (29 plays,44plays, 53 plays)

Gramm koksa-695785 (19thG4,25thG4,26thG4) (49 plays, 61 plays, 63 plays)

nan560130-434749 (21stG1,21stG4,26thG4) (30 plays,32 plays, 45 plays) btb games
(20thG4,21stG1), 3 of 4 plays19thG4,21stG1), 4 of 6 plays (19thG1,21stG1), 5 of 8 plays (19thG1,21stG4)

21011950-535875 (16thG2,26thG4,27thG3) (29 plays,60 plays, 63 plays)

cris1964-444258 (24thG2,28thG2,29thG1) (41 plays, 50 plays, 52 plays) 3 of 5 plays (22ndG2-24thG2)

Maicoshka-586886 (24thG2,28thG1,29thG2) (43 plays, 51 plays, 54 plays)

ROCKERS888-717391 (25thG3,29thG1,30thG4) (53 plays, 62 plays, 68 plays)

aiso cawa-723632 (26thG2,29G3,31stG1) (46 plays, 49 plays,54 plays)

antonnnn6-211771 (30thG2,30thG4) (49 plays, 50 plays,51 plays) btb plays (9thG2,10thG1), btbtb plays (30thG2&4,31stG1) btb games (30thG4,31stG1)

Dragoah-565569 (27thG4,28thG4,31stG2) (66 plays, 69 plays, 78 plays)

Acex0fSpades-142495 (29thG1,30thG4,31stG2) (73 plays, 79 plays, 81 plays)

Dolphin23594-16631 (14thG4,19thG1) (18 plays,26 plays)

syle_bab124-15241 (21stG1,21stG2) (38 plays, 39 plays) btb games (21stG1&2)

RspoofN-33281 (19thG1,20thG4) (21 plays, 26 plays)

Serg506-11255 (22ndG2,23rdG1) (65 plays,67 plays)

Burashka Che-65523 (24thG1,24thG2) (53 plays, 54 plays) btb games (24thG1&2)

TarekGG-99454 (21stG3,26thG4) (29 plays, 43 plays) btb games (21stG2&3)

AKjozsef1981-52564 (19thG3,27thG3) (37 plays, 56 plays)

nikolya987-82866 (23rdG2,28thG2) (44 plays,51 plays)

bfkerek-86553 (27thG1,28thG3) (71 plays, 75 plays)

leopard85858-19159 (28thG1,29thG2) (59 plays, 62 plays)

Tilt_Release-87534 (22ndG4,31stG2) (51 plays, 61 plays)

dumsyn-96343 (25thG3,31stG3) (51 plays, 65 plays)

Hanno Dammer-96448 (27thG4,31stG4) (58 plays, 69 plays)

superk666-3261 (10thG2)(14 plays)

1010101q1q1q-4546 (15thG1) (33 plays)

AnimeWatch-9193 (16thG1) (17 plays)

TeTeuEx-4112 (16thG4) (26 plays)

TitanPoker80-9498 (17thG3) (44 plays) btb games (7thG1&2)

Grade b-4699 (18thG4) (9 plays) btb games (10thG3&4)

aleorte-7482 (18thG4) (23 plays) (?4 of 34 at 27thG1inc)

shefGG-9279 (21stG1) (37 plays) btb games (8thG1&2)

buchhopper-4425 (22ndG4) (23 plays)

monerck-7552 (22ndG4) (30 plays) (? 11 of 150 at 27thG1inc)

Baydus-6791 (22ndG4) (45 plays)

Olechka_Shch-5881 (24thG4) (38 plays)

Scrach face-5383 (26thG3) (17 plays) btb plays 24thG4,26thG3)

MARIUSAKE007-9992 (26thG4) (35 plays) - btb plays (19thG3,20thG4)

lykahios-1391 (27thG4) (49 plays)

gandola1972-5616 (28thG1) (40 plays)

artol-1114 (28thG4) (43 plays)

dehati20-7275 (30thG1) (51 plays)

Lioha499-6533 (30thG1) (47 plays)

Freius-8351 (30thG1) (64 plays)

bakreni12-1451 (30thG1) (61 plays)

dodder brain-7646 (31stG1) (94 plays) 10 2nd tables

adysinik23-9513 (31stG1) (40 plays) btb plays (16thG1,17thG1)

demo_ev-3881 (31stG2) (31 plays) btb plays (25thG2,26thG2)

maveric8673-3529 (31stG4) (30 plays)

strahilius-3314 (31stG4) (42 plays)

Dgoblek24-9132 (31stG4) (41 plays)

Angina678- btb plays (17thG2,18thG2)
s286- btb plays (14thG3,18thG3)
Dutchleo- btb plays (18thG3&19thG1)
jumperrrrrr- btb plays (23rdG3,24thG2)
nele1109- btb plays (22ndG3,25thG2)
alex_sk87- btb plays (25thG3,27thG1)
mmto2002- btb plays (28thG2&4)
Sergey120873-btb plays (28thG3,29thG3)

Top 20 by FT’s- 8,4,7,7,7,6,6,7,8,6,4,6,4,6,2,3,2,1,8,6 : 108 of 1044 available spots : 10.345%.
Wed Aug 01, 2012, 07:39 AM
IQ_Styl3's Avatar
Since: Oct 2011
Posts: 12
thank you grampex, nice work as usual
Wed Aug 01, 2012, 04:11 PM
TarekGG's Avatar
Since: May 2012
Posts: 157
To be very honest I didn't understand anything. I can blame it on me playing poker atm and not being concentrated fully but would you help me understand this please?

99454 thats the final tables right?
TarekGG-99454 (21stG3,26thG4) (29 plays, 43 plays) btb games (21stG2&3)
But I don't get the other numbers, I've tried figuring them out, help pls )))
Wed Aug 01, 2012, 10:25 PM
Deanihilator's Avatar
Since: Mar 2012
Posts: 95
Good job G you're keeping up your end of the bargain for sleepy and I'm sure he's very greatful

Sadly I missed it by that much , but I feel good knowing I did better overall in the month than 1312 others

Think I've said this before. I have a job and can't play 60-70 tournies like some out there
Not sure how these guys do it
See what August has in store
TY and help for Tarek - Wed Aug 01, 2012, 11:57 PM
grampex's Avatar
Since: Oct 2011
Posts: 37
Thank you Dean and IQ for your nice comments and good luck in the August Premier League.
For Tarek, I appreciate your interest and will go over your line in detail so you can translate all the entries.
99454 means you had 5 final tables during the month and finished 9th, 9th, 4th, 5th and 4th in those 5 tournaments.
Entry or inclusion to Sleepy's list requires at least 4 final tables (one per week average or better) by sleepyolman's rules.
Therefore the times and dates of the first 3 have no relevance.
The next bit (21stG3,26thG4) are the date and game (there are 4 games daily) that you attained the 4th and 5th Final Tables. The 4th was attained on the 21st of the month in the 3rd game of the day (1400hrs EDT), and the 5th was attained on the 26th of the month in the 2nd game of the day (0800hrs EDT).
The next bit is a new addition to the list which has benn posted for all twelve months that the Premier League has existed.(29 plays, 43 plays) means that you got your 4th Final Table in the 29th tournament that you played in and your 5th Final Table in the 43rd tournament that you played in for the month.
The btb games (21stG2&3) is an extra entry to note that you made the final table in consecutive tournaments. In your case in the 2nd and 3rd games on the 21st day of the month. If the line read btb (back to back) plays instead of btb games, it would mean that you made final table in consecutive games that you played in but not consecutive games that were available.
Hopefully this clears up the ambiguity for you and any others having difficulty reading my notations. Please do not hesitate to inquire further on any aspect of the list or the league that you find puzzling. You have made a very good start in your 1st month and I wish you continued success in August and beyond.
Thu Aug 02, 2012, 10:48 AM
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Since: Jul 2011
Posts: 8
Thanks again for your work, grampex. And thanks to Mrs. grampex for doing the typing -- only one typo in two posts? wow!!!

I'm surprised this month by the number of players new to the league making Sleepy's list as well as the first page of the leaderboard. Congratulations to DocNomis for the win as well as the others that are gonna have to buy bigger wallets. I'm especially happy for my good friends; superk, IQ_Styl3 and Pihvazavr. 21011950 continues to impress -- seems he's on the first page of the leaderboard every month, or at least for the 9 months that I've been in the league. Nice payday.

I'm happy to get my $20 after all the big hands I got beat early in the month, but I'm kind of wishing that Acex would leave a little more for us poor people -- hahaha.

I'm still looking forward to seeing grampex on Sleepy's list. As the new month begins, I wish good luck to all.
Thu Aug 02, 2012, 01:48 PM
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Since: May 2012
Posts: 157
I understood the list now, thanks :p
Thumbs up
Fri Aug 03, 2012, 11:56 AM
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Since: Aug 2010
Posts: 389
Thanks Soooooooooooooooo Much 4 the help GP......
"I'll be Back "

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