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2nl Zoom - 99 UTG+1.

2nl Zoom - 99 UTG+1. - Tue Sep 04, 2012, 06:55 AM
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Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

Pre flop I call to set mine, I'm getting amazing implied odds and I have position on the OR. The flop comes down pretty good for two nines and the UTG player c-bets around half pot, I think he will likely c-bet a lot of his range here. Although he has TT+ in his range, he also has lots of missed broadways such as AK/AQ/AJs/KQs. I think calling is best here as I am ahead of a lot of his firing range, but if I raise i will fold out worse and get called by better.

The 7c hits the turn and then he barrels again for around half pot. I think this line looks pretty strong and I actually think I should of folded.

At the time my thinking was, I still have an over pair to the board. He would likely take this line with TT+ which I'm behind to; but he would also fire a lot of other pairs thinking he could get me off overs; he may also take this line with AK if he is a bit attached to it and he also would fire hands like AQs in clubs that picked up equity on the turn.

I again decided to call and then he fired the river again, this time pretty big. He was telling a consistent story of an overpair or some big hand however his bet sizing grew larger on the river. It felt to me like he didn't want to be called and this was why he bet bigger, however was I just reading too much into it. What do you think should I fold or make the hero call?

Thanks for any help.


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Tue Sep 04, 2012, 09:04 AM
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Wow another tough spot here.

He could have TT+, possibly hands like AK, AQ. To be honest any ace if he thinks a 7 and a 3 really isn't in your range (which is extremely likely in zoom as that's just a fast fold. Two pair with an A kicker could be a thin value bet to some people. He could have 22 and have hit the house. Or quads but much less likely.

The bigger bet on the river seems like value to me, you've called 2 fairly decent bets already, he seems just to be trying to squeeze as much value as possible from his hand on the river.

If we think any Ace is in his value range here then its a call, if not its a fold. That's the main problem I have with zoom, I have no idea where I stand in situations like this.
Tue Sep 04, 2012, 01:08 PM
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Hey Oliver

I think this river is a fold. Some stats that can help us out in this spot, UTG raise 1st%, flop c-bet %, turn c-bet %, AF by street and total. The lower each of these numbers the easier a fold this becomes.

In general though he is representing all better hands than yours and not many weaker ones. I would not think he is betting bigger because he is not looking for a call. This is pretty dangerous thinking and you should be careful where you apply it.

Consider the fact that, when you call a larger bet with a worse hand, he makes more money with his strong hands. This gives him a good reason to bet larger should you be willing to pay it off. He doesn't know why you are paying it off, he just wants to be paid more.

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